29 Jun uFACE 800 Time Attendance Biometrics Device

Uface biometrics device
The uFace800 dual mode biometric time and attendance terminal includes both a camera for facial recognition and a fingerprint capture device for versatile and secure biometric applications.

The terminal supports up to:
• 1200 facial templates
• 2000 fingerprint templates
• Up to 10,000 cards
• Up to 100,000 stored punches


• Stores up to 1200 facial and 2000 fingerprint templates
• Multi-language capable
• Fast verification speed in either mode
• Advanced, user-friendly interface
• Battery backup, allowing approximately 4 hours of continuous operation
• New Framework firmware allows easily extended functions to customize to specific end user requirements
• Single facial template is registered per user
• WiFi Standard
• Presented photo detection: able to distinguish between live image and photo

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Managing employee in the hospitality industry is quite tedious considering the herculean task involved in managing employee from recruitment to retirement hence why one of the foremost hospitality company in Nigeria has since 2016 adopted TAMS into her operation to manage 11 locations across Lagos and has further added one of their newly location on TAMS .

Reputed for a swift customer centric delivery defiance, The Place Restaurant has 12 locations in Lagos Nigeria and run in her chain of business a night club, bar and hotel with a staff strength of more than 1000 employees; whose productivity has been enhanced by the TAMS application.

TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use; attributes that have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

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22 Jun Quick Tips for Excelling at Work


conceptual photo of a group of business people as they cross the finish line of a race

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. LiveCareer Staff Writer

  1. Learn how to perform your job well.
  2.  Work hard.
  3.  Act professionally.
  4.  Express a positive attitude.
  5.  Take initiative.
  6. Be a good team player.
  7. Know your boss.
  8. Understand your employer.
  9. Take (constructive) criticism gracefully.
  10. Cultivate relationships.
  11. Take opportunities to learn new skills.
  12. Be part of the solution.
  13. Avoid gossip.
  14. Volunteer for new projects.
  15. Mentor new employees and younger workers.

Culled from https://www.livecareer.com/career/advice/jobs/15-excelling-work-tips

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08 Jun Bukka Hut add More Branches on TAMS


One of Nigeria’s leading fast food restaurant, Bukka Hut, has expanded its usage of the TAMS web application by adding one more strategic business unit to the time management human resource solution.

Reputed for providing quality meals while focusing on exceptional customer service in a healthy and clean environment, with a staff strength of more than 100 employees; whose productivity has been enhanced by the TAMS application.  

With over 1,000 clients in different parts of Nigeria and West Africa, TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use; attributes that have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

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01 Jun EMEL Joins TAMS


Emel Building Materials, a one-stop-shop for all building materials, offering a wide array of high quality, competitively priced products for interiors and exteriors building solution has deployed the TAMS brand of workplace technologies .

With nine years of experience in the sector, Emel has emerged as a leading player in the building materials segment. Emel has services and products for construction of residential and commercial buildings, and cater to a variety of customers including dealers and end-users such as architects, developers, builders and construction companies.

With over 1,000 clients in different parts of Nigeria and West Africa, TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use. It is interesting to note that attributes such as these have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

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01 Jun Building a Workforce for National Development

Group of Multiethnic Diverse People with Different Jobs

The role of workplace in contributing to national development cannot be undermined for any reason. This is so because workplace efficiency gives robust boost to the economy of a nation. If it is so that workplace productivity is an essential factor to consider when yearning for national development, then it is worthy to build a workforce that would foster efficiency in the productivity of work done.

Building an effective and sustainable workforce must be a deliberate effort carried out by employee managers of an organization. Be it in house or outsourced, efforts geared towards improving the workforce of an organization should not be such carried out haphazardly.

To better achieve this, it essential to develop and have in place a workforce plan that is followed to achieve set goals. One of the ways to achieve this is by setting up a strategic plan. Since it begins with having a strategic plan, this will be best achieved by knowing the business annual goal and plan as well as what it is required from resources to achieve the set goals.

The next step is to analyse your current workplace profile. This is by looking at the present staff and their individual strength, and then compare alongside with the organizational goal to know where there are strength in the workforce and where you have weaknesses. Developing an action plan that will take into consideration all necessary findings as it relates to the business plan and the workplace profile is the next step towards having an efficient workforce.

After having designed an workable action plan, the next will be to implement the action plan by ensuring there all that needs to be done to achieve the strategic planning are being done appropriately. The last step of building a workforce that will be able to bring value to national development is to monitor,  evaluate the results gotten from all the efforts carried out and then revise the plan where necessary.

Building a workforce towards workplace productivity that will have a positive effect on national development has to be deliberate and well planned. Develop your plan today and make sure it resonates with your organizational goals and workplace profile.

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11 May Saving your eyes from smartphone strain


Your smartphone is a welcome sight. Literally, If you are one of those people who glance at their smartphone 150 times a day, chances are your eyes are paying the price for your screen addiction. Staring at your smartphone – or tablet, e-reader or laptop for too long can lead to tired, itchy, dry eyes, and even blurred vision and headaches. Think zombie eyes and you’re there.

Luckily, you can minimise inevitable digital eyestrain by blending a few simple, healthy habits into your smartphone-gazing routine.

Here are seven easy ways to give your eyes a break during your all those smartphone marathon sessions.

Blink, blink and blink again. Blinking often (and for more than a second) keeps your eyes moist and reduces dryness and irritation. We tend to blink about a third less than we normally would when we stare lovingly at our precious smartphone screens, which starves our poor peepers of protective tears. Keep your eyes wet by blinking about 10 times every 20 minutes or so and you should be good to go. Bonus: Blinking often helps refocus your eyes, too.

Minimise glare. Unless you have a smartphone equipped with anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass or use a matte screen protector film, you’re probably coping with a fair amount of annoying reflective glare. The fix is easy and inexpensive: Buy an anti-reflective coating and (carefully) slap it on your smartphone screen. You can find them on Amazon.com and in most mobile service provider stores. Bonus: Anti-glare screen protectors also fend off fingerprints.

Take breaks. It sounds scary, right? Nevertheless, your eyes will thank you. By now, you have probably heard of the 20-20-20 rule. The concept is to take a break from looking at your screen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds while looking at something 20 feet away. Doing so relaxes your eye muscles (and gives you ample time to contemplate which fun, new iPhone or Android app you will play with next).

Adjust your brightness. Having your screen too bright or too dark stresses your eyes out and can cause problems maintaining focus. To eliminate either issue in about a matter of seconds, simply go into your smartphone settings and adjust your screen brightness so that it will be about the same as the light level in your physical environment. Wait – that is unless you’re in the pitch black dark squinting at your smartphone in bed, which, by the way, can lead to insomnia and less sex).

Tweak your text size and contrast. Adjusting your smartphone text contrast and size also provides a little much-needed relief. It makes it easier to read web content, email messages, calendar appointments and everything else on your phone.

Hold your smartphone farther away. It’s okay. You don’t have to put it all the way down. We promise. Most people tend to hold their smartphones only about eight inches from their faces. It’s not good. Try holding yours at least 16 to 18 inches away from your eyes to give your eyes a break. It might feel funny at first but shouldn’t take long to get used to.

Culled From Punch Online

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11 May My role in National Development


Productivity is one of the drivers of sustainable development, and it is the prime of employee’s role in national development. An employer might also want to ask, what is my role in national development? Since productivity for employees borders on continuous learning, opening the mind to innovation and being ready to tap into the wealth of opportunities offered in this digital age.  

For an employer, the role to play in national development is to support and help employees attain their productivity goal. The best employers of all time has not always been credited to organizations that pay the most but by organizations that are compassionate about the wellbeing of the employees after having realised that the growth and the development of the employees brings great addition to the quality of the organization and the overall productivity result.

Regardless of being small, medium or large organizations, employers of labour must take note of government policies and work closely with the government to see to the compliance of business to governmental rules as well as promoting good work ethics including transparency, accountability, responsiveness and so on.

Since productivity is the nation-state development focus of the workforce, employers are to measure the extent of productivity of workers through talent management, improvement of workplace process with the right technological tools, and of course boost performance with compensation and benefits.

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05 May AASL Joins TAMS


Agrale AUtomated Services Limited, specialised in automotive services with two offices in Odunlami and Broad street in Lagos, has joined the TAMS brand of workplace technologies.

TAMS as a time-management based human resource solution that helps organizations get more productivity for less in terms of cost. The award-winning integrated HRM solution is designed to help organisations of all sizes and in all sectors transit from manual systems and spreadsheets to a web-based, automated and customizable human resource information system.

With over 1,000 clients in different parts of Nigeria and West Africa, TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use. It is interesting to note that attributes such as these have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

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05 May Preventing Malaria


In his recent twitter update, Bill gates tweeted “In 2016, sharks killed four people in the entire world. Diseases spread by mosquitoes killed more than half a million people.” This is to show the deadly nature of malaria. Here are some tips to help you prevent malaria.

  •         Controlling mosquito breeding;
  •         Preventing mosquitoes from biting people;
  •         Killing adult mosquitoes before they bite people;
  •         Killing malaria parasites in the blood before they can cause malaria. This is referred to as chemoprophylaxis;
  •         Early diagnosis, timely and adequate treatment of all Malaria cases.

Prevention of malaria can aim at either:

  •         preventing infection, by avoiding bites by parasite-carrying mosquitoes, or
  •         preventing disease, by using antimalarial drugs prophylactically. The drugs do not prevent initial infection through a mosquito bite, but they prevent the development of malaria parasites in the blood, which are the forms that cause disease. This type of prevention is also called “suppression.”
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