31 Aug Cleanserve Extends TAMS to Kano & Kaduna

cleanServeBannerTAMS have unequivocally proved its efficiency in managing employee from recruitment to retirement with testimonies that abound. The management of Cleanserve acknowledged this which is what necessitated the need to extend TAMS to other locations to easily enable it holds all its employees’ data in one central place and ensure staff management was being approached consistently across their business. “Managers on different sites were all managing areas like lateness, absenteeism, leave and exemption, appraisal and other HR related activities in their own way, so a need arouse for them to get a software solution that would help harmonize and manage their structure from a central location.
Mildres Blackson HR Analyst at Cleanserve Integrated Energy Ltd said “we need a solution that will harmoniously and centrally manage our employees across all our locations, a system that will allow our employees sign in and out for the day at any of our locations, a system that will enable us monitor and generate attendance report of all our locations centrally from the head office, a system that will eradicate paper work to the barest minimum, hence why we contacted TAMS”
TAMS is a time-management focused human resources solution designed to help organisations of all sizes and in all sectors transition from manual systems and spreadsheets to a web-based, automated and customizable human resource information system. With over 1,000 clients in different parts of Nigeria and Ghana, TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use. It is interesting to note that attributes such as these have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.
Launched in 2012 as a time attendance management system, the introduction of the highly secured cloud service has made TAMS more robust by giving users the opportunity to monitor employees’ productivity on any smart device anywhere in the world.

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Human resource as it stands today is an organizational service area being transformed by technology.  Is your company moving along with this trend?

Rapid changes in technology have affected businesses in more ways than we can count, from globalization and organizational adjustments to a workforce clamoring for remote and mobile job opportunities. If the HR wants to continue to play a critical role in helping businesses anticipate and manage organizational change then there is no choice left other than swiftly aligning with the rising technology trend.

HR technology is playing a large and disruptive role in accelerating and strengthening organizational growth, bringing together sophisticated people analytics, always-on self-servicing, and greater social connection. It is a norm that employees expect much more out of work, and by extension, a friendly and accommodating environment, which is majorly part of the HR functions as the staff manager.

Technology has already made huge strides in changing the face of the modern HR department over the past few decades. HR technology has cleared the decks of the traditional workplace to make way for a more streamlined HR department. Human resources professionals are now better able to focus on front-burner and face-to-face tasks. Instead of shuffling through stacks of paperwork to find a single piece of critical information, HR staff members can use innovative solutions to access information quickly and easily.

Furthermore HR technology will enhance an HR manager with several locations and huge staff strength cut across these locations confidently from his/her desk remotely to manage end to end the organization’s workforce. The HR Technology will enhance the HR to manage employee from recruitment to retirement with functionalities amongst which are shift, leave and exemption, appraisal, Training, employee data management and also employee self-service solution where employees also have designated rights to carry out activities as due etc.

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18 Aug What to Know When Considering HRM Software

hr questionsWith the advancement in HR technology there are a number of software management out there for HR practitioners to easily manage employees, hence why there is a critical need for proper consideration before settling for a choice.

Some may seem “fully loaded” with features you may never use, and others may be too simple for your level of customizations. Above all, they each come with their own unique price tag that may or may not suit your organizational budget.

The search for “HR Software” can often become more burdensome than it needs to be if you’re not asking the right questions. Therefore, when settling for an HRM solution some critical conditions needs to be considered, below are a list of important factors to look out for:

Is The System Cloud-Based?

It is important to know if the solution you are buying is an online solution, that enables you use remotely from anywhere you are on any of your smart devices. An online solution enables organizations remotely manage her employee from a central location.

Does the system do what I need right now – and will it grow with us?

Your new HR system has to have the features you need today, but it’s also important that you find the balance between an older system and one that is based on new technologies, that may not be as complete, but it is agile enough to grow alongside you.

How easy will it be for you to add new users, change reporting relationships, adopt new processes, cope with expansion, or any of the other scenarios your business is likely to face in the next few years?

How well does the vendor understand your industry and HR challenges?

Any organization can claim that they know your industry, but a vendor that can demonstrate success with other companies in your industry would have already dealt with the nuances that your company requires. It’s important to question how many customers they have in your sector, or how many of their customers face similar challenges. The vendor’s expertise in your line of business saves you the trouble of educating them about how your industry works.

Can your vendor provide you with a custom guided demo over the Internet?

Many companies offer a free trial but leave you alone with the help button to navigate your way through the system. Ask the vendor if they can provide you with a custom demo over the web to walk you through how it’ll meet your specific needs. Request to engage with a real person as opposed to a “helpdesk”. You want the ability to schedule a demo in your own time and when it works best for you. A guided demo will allow you to ask questions, schedule a meeting with the key decision makers in your company, and get everyone’s opinion on whether or not it’s a viable option for your organization.

Can the solution integrate with third party solutions?

Discarding a software already in use might not be an option rather you need a solution that has the feature of synchronizing with what you have to save cost.

What are the contract terms?

Most HRM software, especially online software usually have expiry period, as a prospective buyer you need to know the plan you are purchasing if it’s one off or requires recurrent payment

What does their support process look like?

How prompt a vendor is responding to customer’s needs is highly important in deploying a software as it takes time to understand.

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11 Aug TAMS Boosts BRT Productivity in Lagos

PRIMERO NOW ON TAMSPrimero Transport Services Limited, operator of the number one bus rapid transportation (BRT) system in Lagos has deployed the award-winning TAMS to manage employee attendance, which is a critical element of its operations in the metropolis.

A 24-hour mass transit bus system renowned for its affordability, convenience and punctuality, Primero is motivated by a vision to be the leading transportation and allied services provider in Africa. With a fleet of 475 buses plying 25 bus stops along the Ikorodu- TBS corridor, the company is fully aware that the actualization of its vision is predicated on its unwavering commitment to making its customer’s journey a peaceful and memorable experience.

From the foregoing, it is evident that Primero adopted an innovative technology like TAMS to demonstrate its strong belief in punctuality as a cornerstone of its operations. Undoubtedly, its customer-centric culture necessitated the proper tracking and optimization of hours that its employees spend on the job to detect time theft and curb unproductive behaviours.

TAMS is a time-management focused human resources solution designed to help organisations of all sizes and in all sectors transition from manual systems and spreadsheets to a web-based, automated and customizable human resource information system. With over 1,000 clients in different parts of Nigeria and Ghana, TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use. It is interesting to note that attributes such as these have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

Launched in 2012 as a time attendance management system, the introduction of the highly secured cloud service has made TAMS more robust by giving users the opportunity to monitor employees’ productivity on any smart device anywhere in the world.

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tams classic banner2Large or small, companies are beginning to see the benefits of HR technology. Recruiting software lightens the load of recruiting on HR teams. Instead of piles of papers, endless spreadsheets and overflowing inboxes, the right software will take all parts of the process and place them into one easy medium which in reality can reduce hiring time by as much as 20 percent.

Science proves that multitasking is a myth and a cluttered workspace can poorly affect productivity. Research shows that the more there is to process, both physically and mentally, the more likely your brain is to miss important details and take longer on a task. It’s probably safe to say that no one on the recruiting team has time to waste, so finding a way to keep all the clutter in a single place is important. Recruiting software enables users to keep documents, resumes, portfolios and candidates’ positions within the hiring process all in one place. Cloud-based software ensures that no information is lost, even in the event of an internal system outage.

If a task is being done again and again and in the same way, then automatization is a no-brainer. It’s a driving force behind technology of all kinds. A huge amount of the recruiting team’s time is spent emailing applicants, screening resumes and assigning and conducting interviews. A great recruitment software will minimize the time spent on administrative tasks and allow recruiters to focus on identifying great candidates.

Recruiting is an interaction between humans and there’s no way technology can take over the process completely. Each company is different and needs will vary based on position and industry, so the right recruitment software won’t disrupt your hiring workflow – it’ll enhance it. Communication and collaboration go hand-in-hand. When it comes to hiring, collaboration ensures that the entire team is contributing to the process instead of resting on the shoulders of one individual. From sharing notes to delegating tasks, recruiting software makes it easy for multiple members of your team to partake in the hiring process. When everybody has an opportunity to contribute, team members feel valued and diversity swells across the board. Not to mention, recruiting software ensures that each step along the way is documented, keeping the company compliant.

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10 Aug Unexpected Benefits of Donating Blood


While giving blood should be all about helping those in need, there are a few things in it for you. Here are four health perks to becoming a blood donor.

 When’s the last time you stopped to appreciate all the good stuff your blood does for you? Without it, oxygen would never reach your cells and carbon dioxide would be filling your blood vessels as we speak.

Every two seconds, someone – somewhere in the  world needs blood and more than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day. So while you may never worry about having enough blood to function, plenty of others aren’t as fortunate. We appreciate all the voluntary blood donors that joined us at our office on Wednesday, August 9, 2017  to donate.

While giving blood should be all about helping those in need, there are a few things in it for you. Here are four health perks to becoming a blood donor:

Your blood may flow better

“If blood has a high viscosity, or resistance to flow, it will flow like molasses,” says Phillip DeChristopher, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Loyola University Health System blood bank. Repeated blood donations may help the blood flow in a way that’s less damaging to the lining of the blood vessels and could result in fewer arterial blockages. That may explain why the American Journal of Epidemiology found that blood donors are 88% less likely to suffer a heart attack.

It’s not clear if there are lasting health benefits associated with better blood flow. (These kinds of studies can’t prove cause and effect—for example, blood donors might lead healthier lifestyles than the general population.)
“What is clear is that blood donors seem to not be hospitalized so often and if they are, they have shorter lengths of stay, and they’re less likely to get heart attacks, strokes, and cancers.”

You’ll get a mini check-up

Before you give blood, you’ll first have to complete a quick physical that measures your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and hemoglobin levels. After your blood is collected, it’s sent off to a lab where it will undergo 13 different tests for infectious diseases, like HIV and West Nile virus. If anything comes back positive, you’ll be notified immediately.

“If year after year your tests come back negative, then you’ll know for sure there’s nothing you’ve been exposed to,” Dr. DeChristopher says. The physical and blood tests are no reason to skip your annual doctor visit, but they’re good for peace of mind. But you should never donate blood if you suspect you might actually be sick or have been exposed to HIV or another virus.

Your iron levels will stay balanced

Healthy adults usually have about 5 grams of iron in their bodies, mostly in red blood cells but also in bone marrow. When you donate a unit of blood, you lose about a quarter of a gram of iron, which gets replenished from the food you eat in the weeks after donation, Dr. DeChristopher says. This regulation of iron levels is a good thing, because having too much iron could be bad news for your blood vessels.

“The statistics appear to show that decreasing the amount of iron in otherwise healthy people over the long run is beneficial to their blood vessels, and diseases related to abnormalities in blood vessels, such as heart attack and stroke,” he says.

Women who haven’t hit menopause yet may find it hard to donate blood, too. “Pre-menopausal females can be somewhat iron depleted with blood counts just under the lower limit,” Dr. DeChristopher says. If you have low iron and you still want to be a donor, taking an oral iron supplement may help you re-qualify, he says.

You could live longer

Doing good for others is one way to live a longer life. A study in Health Psychology found that people who volunteered for altruistic reasons had a significantly reduced risk of mortality four years later than those who volunteered for themselves alone. While the health benefits of donating blood are nice, don’t forget who you’re really helping: A single donation can save the lives of up to three people, according to the Red Cross. “The need for blood is always there, It’s important to recognize how important willing donors are.”

culled from http://www.health.com/mind-body/4-unexpected-benefits-of-donating-blood

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03 Aug Respecting Other Peoples time.

Businessman working at laptop outside office

Being habitually late for ’’owambe’’ or town meetings might be acceptable, but it is definitely not a good habit for the workplace or business appointments. Punctuality is highly important in the day to day life of an organization in relation to meeting up with clients’ needs as well as balancing team involvement.

When lateness does occur, its effects spread throughout the workplace which adversely affects team members with the same work relationship causing additional burden and late delivery of targets. Though, its importance may seem obvious, the impact of punctuality actually affects the individual just as much as it affects the workplace as a whole.

 What being on time communicates

Punctuality communicates overabundance of positives to your employer and your peers. It shows that you’re dedicated to the job, interested in the work and capable of handling responsibility. When you arrive on time for work or work-related activities, it shows that you are capable of honoring your word. Being punctual helps employees project a sense of professionalism and commitment.

What It Achieves

When employees are punctual, the workplace operates more smoothly as a whole. For instance, when everyone is on time for a meeting, the meeting is able to start in full stride. Punctuality may help you achieve advancement, fast delivery of targets and reduce workload on other team members.

Workplace Effects

Lack of punctuality does not only affect the “machine” of the workplace — it affects the people in it. It may lead to resentment, as coworkers who are on time compare themselves to late-comers. Being late throws you out of the loop, as you may miss important information. This causes a harmful division among employees. Leaders affect the entire workplace. When leaders are late, it sends an irresponsible message to employees, which may lower morale; when leaders are punctual, it exhibits a work ethic to aspire to.

Personal Effects

Lateness leads to stress, and stress leads to poor workplace performance. Being consistently late may cause you to start rationalizing your lateness. When this happens, you begin to blame outside circumstances and lose focus on potential solutions. Constant lateness can lock you into a pattern. When tardiness becomes the norm, your job might be in jeopardy. Your finances suffer as well.

Contact us today for free consultation on steps to curb lateness and tardiness at your workplace, call 08083846345, 08054539109 or email us on ebusiness@sbtelecoms.com.

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03 Aug How Much Water is Enough?

woman_drinking_waterWater plays an important role in your life. Just like a plant will wilt without water in just a day, so will your body. Water is not only thirst-quenching but has many health benefits for your body and vital organs. Some of them are:

  • Prevents dehydration
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells
  • Provides moisture to the skin and other tissues
  • Helps prevent constipation
  • Cushions joints
  • Helps strengthen muscles
  • And, what’s more, it contains no calories, fat or cholesterol, and is low in sodium!
  • How much water is enough?

While you probably know the health benefits of drinking plenty of water, drinking enough of it is another story. An average healthy adult needs to consume at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis and this quantity should be increased during the summer and when exercising. If your water consumption is lower than recommended, here’s what you can do to drink more:

Tips for drinking more water

  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up everyday.
  • Add slices of lemon, lime or orange to your water for a hint of flavour if you do not like to drink plain water.
  • Use straws, add ice and get fun to go containers.
  • Enjoy water breaks at work.
  • Replace other drinks with water at meal times.
  • Take water bottles with you to work or college.
  • Always have cold water on hand ready to drink.
  • Keep a cup of water on your desk to sip on while you work.
  • Whenever you pass by a drinking water fountain, take a drink.
  • Instead of a soft drink or soda, reach for bottled water in the convenience store as well as from the vending machine.
  • Drink sparkling water instead of carbonated beverages at parties or restaurants.
  • Pack bottled water in your carry-on luggage when travelling by plane.
  • Drink water before, during and after physical activity.
  • Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water; stay hydrated all day long.

Good to Remember:

Did you know that drinking a glass of water before you eat helps to curb your appetite? It is easy to confuse hunger with being thirsty; so try water first. Drinking water makes you feel trimmer and it’s the best choice for quenching your thirst between meals. Getting in the habit of drinking more water may take time, so increase your intake gradually and eventually you’ll easily consume what you need.


culled from https://www.nestle-family.com/pure-life/english/change-habit.aspx

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03 Aug Payroll Technology Made Easy With TAMS

TAMS is a time-management focused human resources application that helps organizations manage their employees from recruitment to retirement. It has functionalities like attendance management, payroll management, leave and shift management and a full bouquet of human resource management modules.

Integrated with 20 commercial banks, 52 microfinance banks and all pension fund administrators in Nigeria, the TAMS Payroll Management system helps in saving time by reducing the hours spent producing payroll information and preparing payroll registers monthly, quarterly and year-to-date payroll reports.

A time and energy-saving tool, TAMS also guarantees prompt preparation of monthly salaries and remittances by eliminating time spent balancing and cross checking for errors. TAMS payroll will allow you process the following:

  • Salaries & Deductions.
  • Tax and Remittance.
  • Export Reports to Excess and PDF.

FAQ on TAMS Payroll

Q: Can I upload users to the payroll management?

A: Yes, users can be uploaded using the user management module, which is integrated with the payroll module.

Q: Is TAMS integrated with banks in Nigeria?

A: TAMS payroll is registered with NIBBS (Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc). TAMS is integrated with 20 commercial banks and 52 microfinance banks in Nigeria all Pension Fund Administrators in Nigeria.

Q: Can staff generate individual pay slip

A: With the aid of the employee self-service package, employees can view their pay slip for the month and for selected period.

Q: Can reports be generated and exported?

A: Yes reports can be generated and exported to excel or PDF.

Contact us on 08083846345, 0805439109 to get started.

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1471441425536The major scenario painted by the HR is the difficulty in identifying and disqualifying casual workers who were relieved due to theft or other demerit activities from an ongoing construction site from gaining employment at another construction site owned by the organization.

Verifying the authenticity of individuals or intending employees is paramount in every organization because the cost of a bad hire is estimated to be between one and three times the salary. This fact alone makes pre-employment screening not only cost-effective, but necessary for the financial health and the integrity of the company. According to Harry Poll Survey , in fact, fully 58% of hiring managers reported to having previously discovering a candidate misrepresenting, hyperbolizing or downright lying on their resumes during the hiring process.

TAMS Verify a robust end to end cloud based identity management solution that fully help with the storage and preservation of employee data base which can be extracted from anywhere on any of your smart devices when verifying an individual or intending employee through the TAMS verify software.

TAMS Verify is needed by organizations to verify the eligibility of individuals and can also be used to ascertain where an individual is coming from and why he left where he is coming from such that if an individual has a case to answer he is denied employment.

Furthermore, at the point of enrollment, rules can be set such as authenticating the identity of a user, information and actions they are authorized to access and/or perform.

Contact us today for free consultation on how to get started.

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