09 Aug Ways to Empower Your Teams to Boost Productivity

Ways to Empower Your Teams to Boost ProductivityAs quoted by F. Robert Salerno, CEO Avis: “Early in my career, one of the first business lessons I learned was this: It’s impossible to win the hearts and minds of people unless you clearly establish goals and values and reward people if they act in a way that leads to the fulfillment of those objectives. It quickly became clear to me that if you want to make sure your customers are treated well, you have to make sure you treat your employees well and recognize their efforts.”

A motivated staff is a loyal staff and a motivated staff will ensure that he is timely, will complete designated task to time, will be consistent to complete task excellently, will surpass designated task, due to healthy competition as the employees build cordial relationship to achieve same goals.

Here are few tips on how to empower your teams to be more productive:

  • Give your team members ownership

When you make a team member accountable for his work, this induces a sense of responsibility in him regarding his work.

  • Set communication expectations

Communication plays a big role in helping team members to understand their job responsibilities. And, if there is any communication-gap, it can lead to multiple confusions within a team, which for sure will impact the overall productivity of a team.

  • Know your team members strengths and weaknesses

Thus, it becomes the duty of a manager or a team lead to discover those talents and keep them in mind while allocating tasks to them. Knowing their skill-set is the backbone of producing a productive team.

  • Incorporate some team building exercises

If the team members get along with each other, are aware about the strengths and weaknesses, the workplace automatically becomes a happier place. If the team members are happy from within, the team productivity and efficiency will automatically shoot up.

  • Good work environment

The work environment and infrastructure are essential contributors in improving team efficiency and productivity. According to a recent study, physical environment greatly affects how employees feel, think and perform at the workplace.

  • Give them incentives

Employees work best when they are given a reason to do so – probably a monetary one. They want their efforts to be appreciated and prefer to have a little more than a ‘virtual pat on the back’ from their bosses. That’s why many employers choose to implement incentive programs to keep their employees motivated

  • Praise a job well done

While for different employees different things work in boosting their productivity and efficiency at work. But for large number of them it is something as simple as being acknowledged for their efforts.

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