26 Feb Curb African Time with the Tams Human Resource Solution

Curb African Time with the Tams Human Resource Solution


For every nation on earth, the process of nation-building is an ongoing journey. And to remain politically stable and economically viable, there must be a culture of doing the right things at the right time.

This is where the path to development has hit a brick wall among developing countries, especially in Africa. Hamstrung by the menace known as ‘African time’, Africans are infamous for their blatant and almost collective disregard for time. Lateness to work and appointments are commonplace while timely completion of tasks and infrastructure projects require a miracle.

Africa is yet to scratch the surface in terms of competing with other nations of the world. In fact, countries like India, Mexico, Singapore, etc. have outpaced at least three-quarters of the countries on the continent in development indicators. But development does not just come out of a hat like a rabbit in a magic show. It is only when certain attitudes and mindsets are changed that the task of nation-building and development is set right, otherwise, growth imperatives will remain a pipedream.

The culture of time management has got to change from African time to Right on time. This is a reality that a growing number of big and small-scale organizations in Nigeria and Africa have embraced; a fact that has made them productive and profitable. This change is being driven by the award-winning and highly acclaimed TAMS Human Resource Solution.

About TAMS Human Resource Solution

A cloud-based biometric Human Resource Solution with a bouquet of automated services to manage the workforce in the most efficient and effective way to increase productivity and profitability, TAMS HR Software is an easy-to-use tool that seamlessly demystifies African time and promotes right on time through its unique features.

TAMS Human Resource Solution is the brainchild of SB Telecoms and Devices Limited, a trailblazer in Nigeria’s biometrics and human resource management solutions market. Renowned for its unique and cutting-edge solutions, SB Telecoms and Devices Limited is ahead of the curve in developing innovative homegrown solutions, applications, and software to enhance productivity in both formal workplaces as well as everyday businesses.

Having said that, let’s take a journey into the world of the TAMS HR Software to get acquainted with its value-adding offerings, features, and functionalities which are designed to change African time to right on time in its quest to build a nation that thrives on punctuality, timely delivery, and excellent performance.


TIME & ATTENDANCEOne way to ensure you’re getting the most from your staff – and to discover better ways to manage your team’s working hours
PAYROLL MANAGEMENTflexible and offers many user friendly options to tailor the system. You can define an unlimited number of deductions and designate taxability and frequency for each. The system accommodates virtually any form of employee benefit, loans and contributions plans.
LEAVE & EXEMPTIONTAMS leave & exemption management solution offers you the easiest way to improve absence management across your business
SHIFT MANAGEMENTTAMS offers shift management solution to optimally plan and schedule the shifts of any workforce management team. Our solutions compile a 360-degree view of each employee
APPRAISAL SYSTEMTAMS Performance appraisal systems solve the review process problem—normally a formidable and cumbersome task—by making it both efficient and effective for managers and employees
STAFF DATABASE MGTTAMS provides a robust personnel management tool to manage your employees information allows storage of most information normally that would be kept in files and sheets all to be maintained and accessed from the online web portal.
COMMUNICATIONTAMS Comunication portal its a simple tool that allows you easily get in touch with colleagues, family and friends on th GO! via SMS, Emails & Chat.
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