Safety and Health at Work

28 Jan Employee and Supervisor Roles in Ensuring Safety and Health at Work

Employee and Supervisor Roles in Ensuring Safety and Health at Work

Adequate safety and health at work cannot exist on best practice guidelines and policies alone. A safe and healthy working environment is based on how well employees and supervisors adhere to and communicate about safe and healthy standards.


Itemised below are employee and supervisor roles in ensuring safety and health at Work.

Employees’ Health and Safety at Work

  • All employees must know their rights and responsibilities regarding their safety and health at work.
  • They should be aware of the general laws applicable to them.
  • All employees have an entitlement to rest breaks and vacations.
  • In the case of corporations that produce large items, the health and safety at work for their staff may involve the right foot gear, shades, ear protectors and other protecting apparel.
  • Safety and health at work for those employed by a legal company or accounting company would involve confidentiality and cover against pissed off clients.
  • Health and safety at work for those in the medical field involves proper disposal of dangerous waste, ensuring to sterilize areas after patients have used them and consistent private cleanliness to avoid spreading contagions.


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Supervisor’s Role in Employee Safety

Supervisors Must:

  • Monitor their workplaces frequently to identify unsafe or unhealthful conditions
  • Take prompt action to correct hazardous conditions
  • If a serious hazard is detected take immediate interim action to safeguard employees
  • Encourage employees to report unsafe or unhealthful conditions
  • Seek suggestions from employees for improvement of workplace conditions Investigate workplace accidents:
  • Investigate workplace mishaps and take prompt corrective action necessary to ensure the safety and health of employees
  • Institute actions to prevent recurrence of accidents Ensure employees are adequately trained to perform the work safely
  • Inform employees of the procedures to follow in the event of an emergency
  • Inform employees of any unique hazards in the workplace and how to identify them
  • Inform employees of how to report unsafe or unhealthful conditions
  • Inform employees of actions to take in the event of a work-related injury
  • Take prompt action to correct any unsafe or unhealthful actions or behavior.
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