19 Jul Employee self-service (ESS)

Employee self-service (ESS) is a human resource information system

Employee self-service (ESS) is a human resource information system (HRIS) functionality that gives employees access to their personal records, such as contact details, banking information and company benefits information- activities that were once largely paper-based or would otherwise need to be completed by HR personnel or management. Essentially, ESS has made it possible for employees to transact with the HR function remotely. 


  • ESS helps organisations increase efficiency and productivity. 
  • Managers and HR personnel are able to save labour hours and reduce the frustration that comes with sifting through data and requests, such as tasks review, leave requests, overtime payments, and so on. 
  • Employees may be able to access scheduling and other information from home, which saves time and can boost feelings of empowerment.
  • Entry errors and other mistakes may be avoided by allowing employees to enter their own information. 
  • Recruiting and onboarding features help to limit the chances of inaccurate information by eliminating double entry and allowing employees to evaluate their own information directly.

TAMS, a homegrown human resource management system which helps its customers (SMEs and large organisations in various sectors of the economy) maximise its HRM functionalities. For instance, if there are issues that employees are not authorized to directly change using ESS, TAMS allows employees to send messages outside of regular office hours, thus saving time and administrative hassles for both employees and the human resources team.

Developed for the Nigerian (and larger African) work environment, TAMS helps employees to take more responsibility for their work development and information management. So, subscribe to TAMS today to avail your organisation of the benefits of its time and attendance and other workplace solutions.

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