What is TAMS?

TAMS is a human resource management solution designed to manage employees of organizations of all sizes from recruitment to retirement. It is a proven system that drives overall organizational performance by aligning employee productivity and punctuality to corporate vision, goals and targets.

How effective is TAMS?

Customer experience and testimonials have attested to the positive impact of TAMS on improved employee return on investment whereby absenteeism, time theft and employee laxity are easily detected while committed employees are rewarded through the TAMS Productivity Assessment (TPA).

Is TAMS mainly a time attendance solution?

No. TAMS is a complete human resource management tool with a bouquet of services and modules that enhance employee performance and engagement. Among others, TAMS has the following: Leave and Exemption Management, Appraisal Management, KPI Management, Employee Training Management, Automated Alert System, Direct Remittance Payroll System, Job Cloud for recruitment, Verification and Identity Management, TAMS Mobile App. Others are Electronic Voting, Event Management, Asset Management, Reports & Statistics.

How do I access TAMS

You can access TAMS on your desktop, laptop, mobile phones, tablets and any smart device through www.tams.com.ng

Can I upload paper attendance to TAMS?

Yes you can through the TAMS upload attendance record. (N/B: Clients are mostly advised to get the TAMS biometrics device for more accuracy).

Is my record on the device safe in case of device damage?

Yes, your records are safe as all transactions are pulled from the device to the TAMS application. All records pulled from the device are automatically saved in the cloud (server) which can be retrieved when the device is repaired or when you get a new one.

Is my record safe from hackers?

Yes it is. TAMS is hacker-proof and is certified by comodo, the global leader in cyber security solutions.

How does the device connect to TAMS application?

Connectivity between the device and TAMS is powered by GPRS or a client’s in-house internet (LAN) provision.

Would transaction pull when I have internet downtime on the device?

All transactions remain stored on the device pending the downtime period. As soon as internet connectivity is established it pulls all records automatically to TAMS.

Can I use TAMS without the internet?

TAMS has an Enterprise version, which is installed on client’s on-premise computer and can be integrated into client’s network infrastructure or LAN. However, a network hub can be created if such infrastructure is not in place. A robust and scalable system with configurable workflows, custom reports and seamless processes, TAMS Enterprise is a direct replica of the web-based solution.

Does TAMS have limitations to number of users?

TAMS can accommodate as many users as possible.

Can TAMS be integrated with third party applications?

Yes, it can. Providers of the third party solution need to be contacted by client to enable a seamless integration.

Is it possible to host TAMS internally?

Yes, it is possible.

What does TAMS training or aftersales support look like?

Training and or support are conducted by a Certified TAMS Expert (CTE) through any of the following training options: Online via platforms like Skype, TeamViewer, etc. (free); Off-site where client visits the TAMS office (free); and On-site where CTE personnel visits client’s premise (paid).

How do I get started on TAMS?

Email info@tams-ng.com or call 0805 200 4320. You can also visit www.tams.com.ng to request a product demo and call any of these numbers 0805 453 9109 or 0808 384 6345 to take you through the functionalities while running you through the demo.

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