Going Paperless With TAMS HR Solution

08 Mar Going Paperless with TAMS HR Solution

Going Paperless with TAMS HR Solution


From Paris to London, Istanbul to Karachi, Lagos to Nairobi, security consciousness has become arguably the most popular phrase in workplaces and publicly accessed sites. Keeping an organization’s premise secure by denying access to people without authorization has made facial and fingerprint detection the most useful applications of biometrics in organizations.

TAMS HR Solution is a leading identification and authentication system that also facilitates seamless document management, thus eliminating administrative drudgery and storage challenges of paperwork. Here are some reasons you should consider going paperless:


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  • Verification, Identity Management, and Security

Every person has a unique set of fingerprints and facial recognition, so falsifying identity on a fingerprint and facial scanner is totally impossible. Keeping an attendance device using fingerprint/facial access control systems such as a biometric door lock at the entry point ensures that access is not granted to unauthorized people such as exited staff or non-staff.

  • Eliminating Buddy Punching

Business owners experience huge payroll losses due to employee lateness and absenteeism, especially when such employees are covered up by co-workers through “buddy punching”. But by using a facial or fingerprint time and attendance system, organizations can cut down on such losses, thus increasing organizational efficiency and performance.

  • Tracking Remote Attendance

Organizations with field workers may not be able to install fingerprint time and attendance devices to monitor such workers. Therein lies the benefit of TAMS Mobile, which enables employees in such locations to register attendance using their mobile devices. It helps the employer to monitor staff attendance and tardiness in remote locations.

  • Monitoring working hours

Organizations can use attendance systems for workforce management. Using a biometric system such as TAMS HR Solution for attendance instead of pen and paper can help the company efficiently monitor and record the hours put in by each employee and the number of tasks completed. With the collection of analytics and reports, it helps human resource managers and supervisors to identify both indolent staffs in the team and recognize diligent workers.

  • Eco-friendly

Most small and medium enterprises use paper attendance systems or log books for signing in and out. Mass production of paper and ink consumes a lot of energy and utilization of resources.

With the world going green, TAMS HR Solution cuts down on paper usage (i.e. devices replace the use of paper), reports are also generated and can be sent via email for further analysis.

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