impacts automated attendance

Impacts Automated Attendance

Attendance tracking system is a mechanical or electronic timepiece used to keep track of the total hours that employees have worked.

It is necessary to have a tracking system because attendance at the place of work is vital in every organizational setup, be it an employer, an office, school, market place, and even at events. An employer cannot but ensure that work time is not being wasted, especially since they are paying for it.

It has been shown that companies without an automated time and attendance solution overpay employees by 1.5% to 10% of gross payroll due to time theft and error-driven calculations. Depending on company size and workforce, the cost incurred is in billions of Naira each year.

Therefore, it is imperative for a business owner or manager to place a premium on an efficient attendance tracking system as it will significantly improve the business in terms of productivity and profit.

Automated attendance tracking system helps organizations with real time reporting/ statistical analytical features which enable on-the-spot decision making capabilities to easily convert data into actionable, valuable information instead of just reacting to them.

Furthermore, automated attendance tracking will help to avoid the hassle of auditing paper-based employee time cards and reduce costly manual payroll & data entry errors. It also minimizes payroll processing time as well as reduce the time required to schedule employees.

At TAMS we understand the importance of simplified and automated Time and Attendance software. As the pioneers of web-based computerized clock-in systems, our Time Attendance Management System is used by some of the country’s leading organizations across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transport, retail, health and service centers.

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