21 Feb Innovectives Deploys Tams Human Resource Solution

Innovectives Deploys Tams Human Resource Solution


Innovectives Inc, one of the top leading fintech Companies in Nigeria, and a trailblazer in the Pan-African Payment Gateway recently deploys the TAMS Human Resource Solution. Founded in 2012, Innovectives Inc is a provider of online and mobile payments, cross-border payments, prepaid card payments, and financial technology solutions (Business-to-Business [B2B], Business-to-customer [B2C], Customer-to-Business [C2B], Business-to-Government [B2G], Government-to-Citizen [G2C]) across Africa.

As a financial inclusion advocate, Innovectives Inc leverages on the prevalence of mobile networks/mobile devices in Africa & employs agent banking business model to serve Africans in the following areas; mobile financial services, bill payment solutions, a point of sale solutions, & international remittance services.

Innovectives Inc now joins over 1,000 TAMS clients across Nigeria and West Africa. TAMS Human Resource Solution is renowned for its affordability and ease of use- attributes such as these have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

TAMS Human Resource Solution is a proven biometric human resources management solution that has improved organizations return on investment through an automated system of detecting time theft and curbing employee’s laxity. The features or services on the TAMS Solution includes Time Attendance, Payroll System, Job Cloud, Verification and Identity Management, Electronic Voting, Event Management, Asset Management, Reports & Statistics, and Communication

Today over 1,000 thriving organizations are using TAMS to automate their workforce management and increase operational efficiency and as a result, they are seeing a significant reduction in direct and indirect labour costs.

Find out why more than 1000 companies and organisations in different sectors of the economy are using the TAMS Workplace solution as a workplace panacea to improve workforce productivity.

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