Solution Designed to Empower Your Workforce




Solution Designed to Empower Your Workforce

Leave & Exemptions

TAMS leave & exemption management solution offers you the easiest way to improve absence management across your business. It comes with fully featured flexible multi-location based settings and offers companies a quick way to implement their HR and leave management system on the cloud.

It provides a more flexible way to cater for unexpected absenteeism of employees of your organizations, field workers that resumes to site and a host of others. Employees can login to their custom portal, fill in an exemption form for the corresponding date for approval by immediate supervisor



TAMS Leave & Exemption Conveniences

It allows you customize leave types and set up complex leave policies for any type of industry. By automating your leave approval process you can curtail unexcused absences and contain HR overheads.

It benefits both employers and employees by giving a fair and transparent leave approval workflow. Employees can view current leave balances, request leaves, view past leave history, and managers can review and approve leave applications on the dashboard.

Benefits of Using TAMS Leave & Exemptios

  • Save time and money
  • Increase efficiency
  • Manage multiple leave policies
  • Real time calendar view of leave roaster.
  • Flexible and customizable approval level.
  • View leave request
  • View Exemption request
  • View leave reports
  • View Exemption reports
  • View report statistics

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