Managing Leave & Holiday Requests with TAMS Human Resource Solution

14 Feb Managing Leave & Holiday Requests with TAMS Human Resource Solution

Managing Leave & Holiday Requests with TAMS Human Resource Solution

Imagine an organisation with more than 50 employees, managing leave requests manually for such an amount of employee would be a source of constant worry, especially during peak holiday seasons and busy business spells. On the one hand, if you get work scheduling wrong you could find yourself short-staffed, and that could ultimately hurt your business, while on the other hand, managing holiday requests unfairly could give rise to disgruntled staffs or worse still, lose valuable members of your team. This is why more than 1000 Companies in Nigeria are using TAMS Human Resource Solution to effectively manage their workforce for productivity.

Here are some general rules and simple strategies you can put in place to ensure the system of booking and taking leave is operated consistently and fairly.

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Statutory Leave Entitlement

Almost all workers have the statutory right to annual paid leaves and others alike based on the company’s policies. Managing such request effectively requires just more than a manual process.

Implement a Leave Policy and Communicate it Clearly from the Start

It is really important to create a level playing field and that starts with making the leave policy clear as soon as a new employee start’s work. It is worth reminding existing staffs on a regular basis of the company policy as regards to holiday leave too. This is especially important if there are designated times when the business is closed (i.e. on public holidays declared by the government), or times when no leave is allowed. Clarity will avoid disappointment and misunderstanding.

Many companies operate a method of getting people in the same department/unit to present when they would be going on leave in order to avoid clashes.

Explain in your Policy the Method for Handling Conflicting Requests

Lay out clearly if there are any priorities, such as seniority, or how long the employee has been with the company. Also, be clear if there is a deadline for leave requests. Explain clearly in the policy how leave clashes will be dealt with.

Automate your Leave Request Process with TAMS Human Resource Solution

Automating your leave request process means you can view all leave applications monthly. You will have a convenient record of all leave activity, making it easy to analyse and spot arrangements. TAMS Human Resource Solution makes leave request easy and seamless. With TAMS Human Resource Solution, Staffs are constantly aware of their leave periods and can easily prepare for a hand-over.

 Reward Employees who don’t get the Leave they want

Consider rewarding your employees who sacrifice leave and work during peak times instead. A reward, such as allowances, could act as an incentive for someone who hasn’t been given priority. Letting your faithful employee leave early on a less busy day is a great way to say thank you for their commitment.

Track Patterns

If you are serious about managing leave fairly, you will need to track leave requests and look for patterns. If one staff member always gets the Christmas holidays off, you will need to be mindful to make other requests at that time a priority next year. Having TAMS HR Software to manage leave requests and track patterns will also help you identify problems, such as too many ‘emergency’ days off (casual leaves). It will give you the information you need to nip things in the bud.

Be Aware of Employees who don’t want Time Off

It’s easy to pay little attention to those who aren’t rattling your cage about time off. Get towards the end of the leave year, however, and you could have a holiday dispute on your hands. Employees may assume they can take all of their leave late in the year if annual leave policy is not clearly communicated. Avoid disgruntled employees losing their leave because they have not bothered to take it.

TAMS Human Resource Solution is designed to effectively manage leaves and vacation with a simple workflow for approvals and the ability to support complex multi-branch organizations.

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