22 Mar Managing Shift



TAMS Shift Management module optimally plan and schedule the shifts of any workforce management team.  Our solutions compile a 360-degree view of each employee, including their unique skills, availability, preferences and service requirements for assets. Create scheduling rules based on your company policies or regulatory requirements, find trends and patterns due to integration with attendance management, set alerts to warn of problems, and automatically apply them to your schedules.

Our shift management module is designed to help you optimize staff scheduling by automating even the most complicated tasks. From scheduling to optimizing to mobile apps for field workers, our solution helps balance your staff with your customers’ needs and your company’s service objectives. Our shift management software puts everything at your fingertips, automatically determining who needs to be where and when, and what they need to do when they get there. The result is a cost-effective, operationally efficient scheduling system that harmoniously blends every factor impacting your operation.

Shift is an essential part in the TAMS application that helps the application to recognize the expected days and times that an employee is to clock in and out on the biometric device. Just before the attendance feature can be put into use, the administrator is supposed to appropriately configure and assign the various shifts that would be used in the organization.
Under the Shift Management module, you can find the following sub-modules:

  1. Day Shifts
  2. Night Shifts
  3. Weekly Shifts
  4. Monthly Shifts

Shift Name:  An identifier for that shift being created.
Clock Time: The expected time for employees in this shift to clock in and clock out.
Break Time: The time between for breaking in and out
Clock-In/Out Reminder:  If clock-in reminder was enabled in
Select Shift Days: Select days from Monday to Sunday (You can select multiple days by holding down the shift button and clicking the days)

Different shifts can be created depending on organization and assigned accordingly to every staff. Both day and night shifts can also be created for staffs that are involved in both shifts probably for a stipulated period of time.

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