Still Stuck in Yesterday?
If in a room full of CEOs and Senior managers you ask if their [individual company] processes are optimized for maximization of human resources, every one of them is likely to say yes!! But, really, are they?
Let me tell you an interesting story.
Before the 1400s in England, wars were just what they were—a conglomeration of medieval knights [some on foot and others on horseback] maiming and killing each other with swords, axes, and war hammers. It was a primarily a game of numbers and castles were impenetrable fortresses behind which all was safe and knights would spend decades perfecting their mastery of the sword.

But then, something interesting—that would forever change the course of warfare—happened.

Someone had figured out that instead of going about wars the way everybody else did, why can’t they just develop huge metallic balls that will be shot into breaking through the walls of castles so soldiers—who are much unlike the knights would go in and conquer. Warfare had become siege warfare and were now fought with projectile weapons such as crossbows, cannons, and muskets.

Unfortunately, medieval knights couldn’t keep up. The result was that Knights and castles that were once impenetrable were now vulnerable to armies of
barely-trained peasants with cannons and guns. The knights—their territories, expertise and all they stood for—had become obsolete as the grounds of
warfare shifted beneath their feet. The very things that once made them powerful were now their greatest handicaps.

So, I ask again, in the face of technological advancements and automation of human resources management [which has proven to raise efficiency by over 30%] are your processes optimized for the management of your human resources?

Are you using medieval HRM tools hoping to solve the problems of an ever-evolving, complex 21st century. We have simplified and automated staff
database management, appraisal system, leave and exemptions, time attendance management, workplace communications and payroll management
systems that help make your workforce efficient.

You can also nominate your best staff for an all-expense paid trip to Dubai, on our bill.

Till we come your way again. Keep soaring.

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