There are several benefits to going paperless, so many companies have decided to joing the bandwagon. Tech companies have also wis ened up and begun offering many products and services that can help companies to go paperless. Siting staff attendance, visitor attendance, contractor’s attendance and client’s attendance as a case study, going paperless in this regards assist organizations in cutting cost, get accuracy and help save data for future use and referencing.

Why Go Paperless?

Going paperless can benefit companies, employees, and visitors. The company saves money on paper, instill discipline, accuracy and in turn sees gains such as high return on investment, better organization and improved processes as a result. Less paper use for attendance eradicates paddy punch-in, lateness to work, absenteeism, keeps records for future referencing etc.

Invest in a Biometrics Scanner for Attendance

Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Among the features measured are face, fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice. Biometric data are separate and distinct from personal information. Biometric templates cannot be reverse-engineered to recreate personal information and they cannot be stolen and used to access personal information.

Using a unique, physical attribute of your body, such as your fingerprint or iris, to effortlessly identify and verify that you are who you claim to be, is the best and easiest solution in the market today. That is the simple truth and power of Biometrics Technology today. Although biometric technology has been around for many years, modern advances in this emerging technology, coupled with big reductions in cost, now make biometrics readily available and affordable to consumers, small business owner, larger corporations and public sector agencies alike.

If there are historical documents or manuals that are currently on paper, investing in a scanner can help you to keep it paperless and clean. The biometrics attendance scanner eradicate any form of paper attendance, reduce absenteeism, prevent buddy punch and in turn increase Return on Investment (ROI).

Implement TAMS

The attendance biometrics scanner is synchronized with a software called TAMS, Time Attendance Management Solution. TAMS® solution is a Comprehensive Human Resource Software Solutions with complete HR Management designed specifically to enable organization receive high Return On Investment (ROI). TAMS®provides CEO and Human Resource Managers with advanced methodology to easily collect, track and manage employee time and attendance with automated payroll system.

TAMS manages and improves workforce capabilities with strong impact on the operations of the organization.

Encourage Paperless Leave/Exemption Request

Workflow system is closely integrated with time attendance and payroll software. This module helps to facilitates online leave application, and approval with notifications which supports monthly and yearly leave balances

Opt for Paperless Payroll Management

The payroll software designed for enterprises from simple to complex payroll needs, closely integrated with attendance to automate payroll processing. Customizable, flexible, yet easy to use solution that solves all your payroll issues such as IOU, Loan request etc

Automated Employee Self-Management

A fully automated overtime calculations with reference to work plans and punches. Option to define different overtime rules for different groups of employees. Closely integrated with payroll to automate overtime payment

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