• Be very conscious of any commercial bus you enter especially at night.
  • Minimise the number of ATM cards you carry. Carry just one preferably with low cash balance.
  • Delete or disable all bank SMS or email alerts in your phones.
  • Make sure all mobile money apps on your phones are well hidden. Robbers could go through your phones and force you to transfer all your money to theirs via your mobile money app.
  • Withdrawal via ATMs should be done latest Friday afternoon when banks are still open. Also have the phone number of at least one staff member in your bank.
  • Avoid withdrawing cash on weekends especially in lonely and relatively less secure environments.
  • If unfortunately you fall victim, please don’t give them a fake ATM PIN. People have been shot because of this. Your life is more valuable than money.
  • Cover your password with your hand. Hidden cameras are disguised so they can pick up your password. By protecting it, ATM thieves can’t access your account.
  • Going to an ATM with another person can dramatically improve your odds of avoiding being robbed. It is not always practical to do so, but, especially if you cannot avoid other risk factors – e.g., you must go to an ATM at night – consider going with at least one more person. Robbers prefer to target people who are alone.
  • When using a drive-through ATM, keep your car running, with all windows and sunroofs fully closed except for the driver’s window. If you are in a convertible, close the roof. Watch your rearview and side mirrors – robbers intending to rob someone in a car often approach from the back of the vehicle in order to leverage the element of surprise, and they typically approach on the driver’s side.
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