29 Mar Quiz four for the month of april



  1. List 3 benefits of access Control. Hint? Security Tip
  2. List the types of shift that can be schedule on TAMS Software. Hint?
  3. TAMS shift management module is designed to ……………………. Hint?
  4. List the time management tools that business can implement to utilized their time Hint?

Kindly note that all questions are from our previous posts.

  • Ella baby
    Posted at 22:15h, 29 March Reply

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  • Osayomi Tosin Grace
    Posted at 07:39h, 30 March Reply

    1, Cisco Provides Basic Traffic Filtering Capabilities With Access Control (also Referred To As Access Lists) ii, Access Lists Can Be Configured For All Routed Network Protocols ( Ip, Appletalk, And So On) To Filter The Packets Of Those Protocols As The Packets Pass Through A Router, iii, You Can Configure Access Lists At Your Router To Control Access To A Network Access Lists Can Prevent Certain Traffic From Entering Or Exiting A Network, 2, It Compile A 360 – Degree View Of Each Employee, Including Their Unique Skils, Availability, Preferences And Service Requirements For Assests, Create Scheduling Rules Based On Your Company Policies Or Regulatory Requirements, Find Trends And Patterns Due To Integration With Attendance Management, Set Alerts To Warn Of Problem And Automatically Apply Them To Your Schedule, 3, Tams Shift Management Module Is Designed To Help You Optimize Staff Scheduling By Automating Even The Most Complicated Tasks. From Scheduling To Optimizing To Mobile Apps For Field Workers, Our

  • Osayomi Tosin Grace
    Posted at 07:52h, 30 March Reply

    Solution Helps Balance Your Staff With Your Customer’s Need And Your Company’s Service Objectives. Our Shift Management Software Puts Everything At Your Fingertips, Automatically Determing Who Needs To Be Where And When, And What They Need To Do When They Get There. The Result Is A Cost-efective, Operationally Efficient Scheduling System That Harmoniously Blends Every Factor Impacting Your Operation, 4, i, Day Shifts, ii, Night Shifts, iii, Weekly Shifts, iv, Monthly Shifts

  • Eze Joshua N.
    Posted at 08:24h, 30 March Reply

    1a. Eliminate Key Problems
    1b. Create an Audit Trail
    1c. Restrict Unauthorized Access

    2a. Day Shifts
    2b. Night Shifts
    2c. Weekly Shifts
    2d. Monthly Shifts

    3. TAMS Shift Management module is designed to optimize staff scheduling by automating even the most complicated tasks.

    4a. Biometrics Time Attendance Clocking Machine.
    4b. TAMS Human Resources Management Application.

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