Solution Designed to Empower Your Workforce




Solution Designed to Empower Your Workforce

Staff Database Management System

TAMS provides a robust personnel management tool to manage your employees information allows storage of most information normally that would be kept in files and sheets all to be maintained and accessed from the online web portal.

Automatically handle staff deactivation, activation, and retirement of your employees from TAMS. This easily tracks down status of employees of an organization.




TAMS Database Management System Conveniences

TAMS offers you a well-made solution to handle your employee’s key information and data easily, reduces stress and time of searching through large junks of file for your employee’s next of kin, address, phone number etc.

Whilst you can easily log in to your portal, query the employee’s data and you can see the employee’s information with just a click.

Benefits of Using TAMS Database Managemet System

  • manage employee’s data.
  • Cloud based management tool.
  • Easily access employee’s data.
  • Track Active & Inactive Employee

Advanced Biometric Solution to Manage your Workforce