Going Paperless With TAMS HR Solution

08 Mar Going Paperless with TAMS HR Solution

Going Paperless with TAMS HR Solution


From Paris to London, Istanbul to Karachi, Lagos to Nairobi, security consciousness has become arguably the most popular phrase in workplaces and publicly accessed sites. Keeping an organization’s premise secure by denying access to people without authorization has made facial and fingerprint detection the most useful applications of biometrics in organizations.

TAMS HR Solution is a leading identification and authentication system that also facilitates seamless document management, thus eliminating administrative drudgery and storage challenges of paperwork. Here are some reasons you should consider going paperless:


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  • Verification, Identity Management, and Security

Every person has a unique set of fingerprints and facial recognition, so falsifying identity on a fingerprint and facial scanner is totally impossible. Keeping an attendance device using fingerprint/facial access control systems such as a biometric door lock at the entry point ensures that access is not granted to unauthorized people such as exited staff or non-staff.

  • Eliminating Buddy Punching

Business owners experience huge payroll losses due to employee lateness and absenteeism, especially when such employees are covered up by co-workers through “buddy punching”. But by using a facial or fingerprint time and attendance system, organizations can cut down on such losses, thus increasing organizational efficiency and performance.

  • Tracking Remote Attendance

Organizations with field workers may not be able to install fingerprint time and attendance devices to monitor such workers. Therein lies the benefit of TAMS Mobile, which enables employees in such locations to register attendance using their mobile devices. It helps the employer to monitor staff attendance and tardiness in remote locations.

  • Monitoring working hours

Organizations can use attendance systems for workforce management. Using a biometric system such as TAMS HR Solution for attendance instead of pen and paper can help the company efficiently monitor and record the hours put in by each employee and the number of tasks completed. With the collection of analytics and reports, it helps human resource managers and supervisors to identify both indolent staffs in the team and recognize diligent workers.

  • Eco-friendly

Most small and medium enterprises use paper attendance systems or log books for signing in and out. Mass production of paper and ink consumes a lot of energy and utilization of resources.

With the world going green, TAMS HR Solution cuts down on paper usage (i.e. devices replace the use of paper), reports are also generated and can be sent via email for further analysis.

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Tracking time and attendance



As technology continues to revolutionize the way we do business, small business owners time and again neglect a vital aspect of their business: their employee time tracking system. Time and attendance systems based on paper time cards or sheets, memory recall of the past week’s schedule and “buddy punching” lead to hundreds of hours and millions of naira lost each year. A paradigm shift towards an automated time and attendance software that employs the use of a biometric system like TAMS HR Solution will help you track your employees’ time, leading to a more productive, efficient and happy workplace for all involved.

Towards the end of each month, HR Managers spend long hours preparing payroll for organisation’s employees – a time-consuming task that can be carried out effectively with an automated payroll management software in little time.

The advantages of upgrading from a manual time tracking system to a dedicated time and attendance system are always obvious and are neither farfetched. Here are benefits of tracking time accurately:


The most basic benefit to your business is that less time will be spent; both by employees and HR, tracking, recording and processing their time spent working each day, week and month. By upgrading, some businesses cut their time calculating payroll each month by up to 70%. Employees can focus on their respective jobs, rather than the additional task of accounting for themselves.


Time theft can include everything from taking a longer lunch than allotted or clocking in for a friend when they are late to work, otherwise known as “buddy punching.” The American Payroll Association estimates that over 75% of businesses lose money from buddy punching. Whether intentional or innocuous, time theft can be costly and automated time and attendance systems like TAMS HR Solution prevent it altogether.


Nobody is perfect, not even if they have a calculator, spreadsheet or other computation devices handy. Even the most accurate typist makes one mistake for every 300 keystrokes.  One misplaced digit or decimal can lead to accounting errors that need to be corrected, or worse, are left uncorrected and can affect your bottom line negatively.


An all-too-common question for those working in HR is how much time off an employee has left this year, or whether they have any sick days remaining. Rather than letting discrepancies cut into work, quality time and attendance software will allow employees to access that information on their own at any time.

Allowing employees to see their time records on demand will help them see how well they’re utilizing their time at work. The insight gained from seeing how much time is spent on particular projects or at certain sites can be invaluable and will help them eliminate inefficiencies.


Merely sorting through, organizing and processing paperwork can be time-consuming. Additionally, the cost of replenishing the items needed to maintain an old-time and attendance system, paper, pens/pencils, printer ink, and toner, etc. can be prohibitive in the long run.


State and federal labour laws regulate things like overtime pay and record keeping, both of which can be problematic to track if you have a manual time and attendance system. Rather than opening your business up to future lawsuits, which can result in millions of dollars awarded in back wages, stay on the right side of the law with accurate time tracking.


A paper-based system may work, in some respects, for your small business now. If you expect your business to grow, and who doesn’t hope for the best in that regard, you’ll want a system that can grow with you as you hire more employees and have more information to track.

Rather than beginning the search for an upgrade before it’s too late, get out ahead of the curve and upgrade while your timekeeping needs are still manageable.


If your company is spread out across multiple offices or sites, it’s much easier to calculate payroll via a system that is standardized for all employees. This creates a central database, with guaranteed practices, that can be accessed from anywhere, including on the go.

The disadvantages of relying on time-consuming and outdated methods of employee time-tracking are numerous, it costs time and money; it can get you in legal trouble; it can lead to stress-related illnesses for those who have to spend hours each week collecting, correcting and calculating timesheets; it distracts employees from completing the tasks they were hired to tackle each week. Rather than staying in the past, embrace the future by switching to quality time and attendance system, and let your company enjoy the benefits of accurately tracked time.


You can also use the time-tracking software to find out how well some projects and duties are being carried out. For instance, if you recognize that normally a particular task takes two to three hours to complete, but a worker took five hours this will be a sign indicating that there is a problem. You can engage the employee and discover if they require further training to make the project easier. You can realize if somebody else had delayed part of the project or the material that was necessary to accomplish the task. Utilizing the records from the system will alert the employer about potential setbacks that need to be resolved. You can identify these issues at the initial stages of the project and thus wind up using time more resourcefully to attain the company goals.

How would adding an automated time and attendance system save your company money each month? Contact Us today and let’s hear from you.


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Tams Hr Solution

18 Jan Primera Africa Legal Deploy’s TAMS HR Solution


Primera Africa Legal, an award-winning full-service law firm is now on TAMS. Their Law firm is proudly Nigerian with a global reach and they serve their clients from their offices in Lagos and Abuja in which they recently deployed the TAMS HR Solution to strengthen workplace efficiency, as part of the many steps to improve good service delivery in Nigeria.

Primera Africa Legal applies in-depth understanding of the Nigerian, regional and global markets to provide accurate and ethically sound legal advice to their clients, this guarantee’s trust and support from their complex local and cross-border transactions with businesses in both established and emerging markets instinctively.

With the TAMS HR Solution, achieving great strides by delivering competitive rates for legal advisory and support services, and providing adequate advisory services tailored to suit their client’s mandate will become much easier.

Primera Africa Legal now joins over 1,000 TAMS clients across Nigeria and West Africa. TAMS HR Solution is renowned for its affordability and ease of use- attributes such as these have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.


TAMS HR Solution is a proven biometric human resources management solution that has improved organizations return on investment through an automated system of detecting time theft and curbing employee’s laxity. The features or services on the TAMS Solution includes Time Attendance, Payroll System, Job Cloud, Verification and Identity Management, Electronic Voting, Event Management, Asset Management, Reports & Statistics, and Communication

Today over 1,000 thriving organizations are using TAMS HR Solution to automate their workforce management and increase operational efficiency, as a result, they are seeing a significant reduction in direct and indirect labour costs.

Find out why more than 1000 companies and organisations in different sectors of the economy are using the TAMS HR Solution as a workplace panacea to improve workforce productivity.

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