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TAMS Ambassador

The TAMS Ambassador programme is a social impact initiative that promotes accountability of time and resources in workplaces throughout Nigeria. It was informed by the need to change employees’ apparent disregard for timeliness and resourcefulness on their job. Powered by TAMS, a time management-focused human resource management system, the programme has rewarded 10 employees with all-expense paid trips to Dubai and Obudu Resort since 2015.


For the 2018/19 business year, we are taking it a step further by also celebrating those whom we’ve called Productivity Managers (i.e. HR Managers, Business administrators/owners) in recognition of their dedication to transforming Nigeria’s workplaces through punctuality, accountability and productivity.


In that regard, the 2018/19 selection process will recognize and reward 20 Productivity Managers along with 20 TAMS Ambassadors from over 1,200
organizations using TAMS with an assortment of gifts. The top 3 TAMS Ambassadors and the top 3 Productivity Managers will win the star prize of an all-expense paid trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Photo Session & Prize award for Ambassadors


How it Works

The selection process involves completion of the TAMS Productivity Assessment (TPA); a productivity and punctuality evaluation administered by the Productivity Manager (i.e. HR Manager, Business administrator/owner) as follows:


  • Step 1: Employees carry out self-assessment on evaluation metrics and set goals.
  • Step 2: Direct Supervisor evaluates the employees on same metrics and set goals.
  • Step 3: Aggregated productivity score is added to average annual attendance- which can be done manually or fetched from the TAMS application.


To participate, log on to  www.tams.com.ng/portal  and go to TAMS Ambassador (click on TAMS Productivity Assessment tab) to fill in the required details within the entry window starting October 15, 2018 and ending February 22, 2019.

Benefits of TAMS Ambassador

The TPA has a range of benefits to both employers and employees.

  1. It helps processes like work planning, performance monitoring, recognition and reward.
  2. It is focused on productivity management with a positive effect on employee motivation and satisfaction.
  3. It provides data on width of productivity which can be used to evaluate the success of an organization’s recruitment and induction practices.
  4. It provides arguably the best opportunity for a supervisor and subordinate to identify and agree on training and development needs.
  5. It complements an organization’s appraisal system.
  6. It helps both the manager and employee keep productivity and performance records, which they can review to aid changes in future performance.


*At the end of the exercise, 20 TAMS Ambassadors and 20 Productivity Managers will win exciting gifts, awards, Leadership Masterclasses at Pan-Atlantic University, while the top 3 TAMS Ambassadors and the top 3 Productivity Managers will win the star prize of an all-expense paid trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


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