09 Aug Ways to Empower Your Teams to Boost Productivity

Ways to Empower Your Teams to Boost ProductivityAs quoted by F. Robert Salerno, CEO Avis: “Early in my career, one of the first business lessons I learned was this: It’s impossible to win the hearts and minds of people unless you clearly establish goals and values and reward people if they act in a way that leads to the fulfillment of those objectives. It quickly became clear to me that if you want to make sure your customers are treated well, you have to make sure you treat your employees well and recognize their efforts.”

A motivated staff is a loyal staff and a motivated staff will ensure that he is timely, will complete designated task to time, will be consistent to complete task excellently, will surpass designated task, due to healthy competition as the employees build cordial relationship to achieve same goals.

Here are few tips on how to empower your teams to be more productive:

  • Give your team members ownership

When you make a team member accountable for his work, this induces a sense of responsibility in him regarding his work.

  • Set communication expectations

Communication plays a big role in helping team members to understand their job responsibilities. And, if there is any communication-gap, it can lead to multiple confusions within a team, which for sure will impact the overall productivity of a team.

  • Know your team members strengths and weaknesses

Thus, it becomes the duty of a manager or a team lead to discover those talents and keep them in mind while allocating tasks to them. Knowing their skill-set is the backbone of producing a productive team.

  • Incorporate some team building exercises

If the team members get along with each other, are aware about the strengths and weaknesses, the workplace automatically becomes a happier place. If the team members are happy from within, the team productivity and efficiency will automatically shoot up.

  • Good work environment

The work environment and infrastructure are essential contributors in improving team efficiency and productivity. According to a recent study, physical environment greatly affects how employees feel, think and perform at the workplace.

  • Give them incentives

Employees work best when they are given a reason to do so – probably a monetary one. They want their efforts to be appreciated and prefer to have a little more than a ‘virtual pat on the back’ from their bosses. That’s why many employers choose to implement incentive programs to keep their employees motivated

  • Praise a job well done

While for different employees different things work in boosting their productivity and efficiency at work. But for large number of them it is something as simple as being acknowledged for their efforts.

TAMS® is an operational tool for organizations to increase productivity for high Return on Investment (ROI). TAMS® helps organizations manage and improve workforce capabilities by assisting the management with prompt and informed decision from reliable data source that helps to promote transparency and effective communication at workplaces.

TAMS created an initiative of TAMS Ambassador (now NEYA) to encourage, and show employees from different organizations across the country that they are appreciated. This is necessary because in this era when people arrive their workplace early and also productive, these few people, through our TAMS Application Portal, will be rewarded for always being punctual and diligent at their workplaces during the course of the year.

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30 Jul Do you suffer from Acute Low Back Pain

Having Acute Low Back PainWhat can I do if I have acute low back pain?

The following advice will benefit a majority of people with back pain. If any of the following guidelines causes an increase of pain or spreading of pain to the legs, do not continue the activity and seek the advice of a physician or physical therapist.

The key to recovering from acute low back pain (abrupt, intense pain that subsides after a relatively short period) is maintaining the normal curve of the spine (hollow or lordosis). Supporting the hollow of your back will help decrease your recovery time.

Follow these guidelines for 10 to 20 days after you experience acute low back pain:


  • Sit as little as possible, and only for short periods of time (10 to 15 minutes).
  • Sit with a back support (such as a rolled-up towel) at the curve of your back.
  • Keep your hips and knees at a right angle. (Use a foot rest or stool if necessary.) Your legs should not be crossed and your feet should be flat on the floor.

Here’s how to find a good sitting position when you’re not using a back support or lumbar roll:

Correct sitting position without lumbar support.

Correct sitting position with lumbar support.

  • Sit at the end of your chair and slouch completely.
  • Draw yourself up and accentuate the curve of your back as far as possible. Hold for a few seconds.
  • Release the position slightly (about 10 degrees). This is a good sitting posture.
  • Sit in a high-back, firm chair with arm rests. Sitting in a soft couch or chair will tend to make you round your back and won’t support the curve of your back.
  • At work, adjust your chair height and work station so you can sit up close to your work and tilt it up at you. Rest your elbows and arms on your chair or desk, keeping your shoulders relaxed.
  • When sitting in a chair that rolls and pivots, don’t twist at the waist while sitting. Instead, turn your whole body.
  • When standing up from a sitting position, move to the front of the seat of your chair. Stand up by straightening your legs. Avoid bending forward at your waist. Immediately stretch your back by doing 10 standing backbends.


Culled from Cleveland Clinic

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19 Jul Employee self-service (ESS)

Employee self-service (ESS) is a human resource information system

Employee self-service (ESS) is a human resource information system (HRIS) functionality that gives employees access to their personal records, such as contact details, banking information and company benefits information- activities that were once largely paper-based or would otherwise need to be completed by HR personnel or management. Essentially, ESS has made it possible for employees to transact with the HR function remotely. 


  • ESS helps organisations increase efficiency and productivity. 
  • Managers and HR personnel are able to save labour hours and reduce the frustration that comes with sifting through data and requests, such as tasks review, leave requests, overtime payments, and so on. 
  • Employees may be able to access scheduling and other information from home, which saves time and can boost feelings of empowerment.
  • Entry errors and other mistakes may be avoided by allowing employees to enter their own information. 
  • Recruiting and onboarding features help to limit the chances of inaccurate information by eliminating double entry and allowing employees to evaluate their own information directly.

TAMS, a homegrown human resource management system which helps its customers (SMEs and large organisations in various sectors of the economy) maximise its HRM functionalities. For instance, if there are issues that employees are not authorized to directly change using ESS, TAMS allows employees to send messages outside of regular office hours, thus saving time and administrative hassles for both employees and the human resources team.

Developed for the Nigerian (and larger African) work environment, TAMS helps employees to take more responsibility for their work development and information management. So, subscribe to TAMS today to avail your organisation of the benefits of its time and attendance and other workplace solutions.

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25 Apr A Cloud based Technology Approach to Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

A Cloud based Technology Approach to Human Resource Management System
A Cloud based Technology Approach to Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

It’s not easy to manage an organization’s most valuable ‘resource’ – your employees. HR Management might be a laborious process. An archaic HR process used to be entirely human-centric and paper-based. The evolution of cloudbase HRMS technology into the world of Human Resource has transformed the HR Management Sector with disruptive innovation. Now, legacy solutions are outdated and have been replaced by convenient cloud-based HR platforms.

Our Payroll is flexible and offers many user friendly options to tailor the system. You can define an unlimited number of deductions and designate taxability and frequency for each. The system accommodates virtually any form of employee benefit, loans and contributions plans.

Functionalities to look out for in a robust HRMS tool should comprise the following features:

  • Centralized Admin System
  • Cloud-based Documentation
  • Sophisticated Mobile Functionalities
  • Employee Self-Service Option
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Data Security and Audit Log
  • Role-Based Access and Collaboration
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22 Mar Performance Management

Performance Management

Monitoring the performance of employees when it comes to overall efficiency is vital. Organizations should have a system that carries the detailed performance data of every employee.

The Performance Management Module provides monitoring functionality and also contains the following features:

  • It helps processes like work planning, performance monitoring, recognition and reward.
  • It is focused on productivity management with a positive effect on employee motivation and satisfaction.


Shift management has always been a constant struggle for manufacturers. Poor shift management and scheduling on the factory or manufacturing floor can lead to increased operating costs, decreased sales, high worker turnover, and soaring grievances. Production managers often spend countless hours on shift scheduling, trying to get their shifts and work schedules just right – this is where the TAMS shift management solution comes in.


  • It provides data on width of productivity which can be used to evaluate the success of an organization’s recruitment and induction practices.
  • It provides arguably the best opportunity for a supervisor and subordinate to identify and agree on training and development needs.
  • It helps both the manager and employee keep productivity and performance records, which they can review to aid changes in future performance.



Join one the 1,000 companies currently using TAMS across Nigeria and West Africa. TAMS Cloud Biometric Solution is a proven system that has improved organizations return on investment through automated system of detecting time theft and curbing employee’s laxity. Services on TAMS Solution includes Time Attendance, Payroll System, JobCloud,Verification and Identity Management, Electronic Voting, Event Management, Asset Management, Reports & Statistics and Communication. Today over 1,000 thriving organizations are using TAMS to automate their workforce management and increase operational efficiency and as a result they are seeing a significant reduction in direct and indirect labor costs.

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13 Mar Nine Tips For Managing Tech Distractions In The Workplace

Nine Tips For Managing Tech Distractions In The Workplace

1. Model Good Behavior 

Workers take their cues from their leader. If the leader is multi-tasking and checking email while in meetings, so will the team. If the leader responds to email 24/7, so will the team. The leader should set the tone for a healthy, balanced relationship with technology, so the team embodies a best practice where technology is a tool, not a distraction. 
2. Be Clear On Why And When To Use Certain Technologies During Work
Technology can be a blessing and a curse. To utilize technology in its best and most useful ways, companies must discern the whys and whens of their use of technology: Why are they using a certain technology, and how often should those technologies be used? When their whys and whens are discerned, technology becomes an asset — not a liability.
3. Be Intentional About Your Time Management
Recognize time as the most precious commodity in life, and be intentional with it. Devise a time management approach that ensures the most critical items on your schedule and plan are done first and promptly. Devise a habit-nurturing approach that divides the available time into categories and ensures your focus and emphasis is on the highest value items.
4. Don’t Allow Devices In Meetings
People in meetings should be present. Devices are disrespectful and distracting. Standards should be set: no devices in meetings. Set them to silent, remove them from the table or “check” them somewhere in the room. For those taking notes on a laptop, flatten the screen to break the barrier created when the screen is at 90 degrees. This lets others know you are present and not checking Twitter. 
5. Deliberately Develop Your Ability To Focus
The average human has an eight-second attention span. We are set up to accept distractions. Deliberately develop your ability to focus like an athlete in training. Define the topic on which you will focus and for how long. Unplug from unworthy distractions, and determine what other distractions warrant your attention.
6. Disable Pop-Up And Sound Notifications
Tips for keeping technology from becoming a distraction in the workplace are to turn off pop-ups, turn down the volume, schedule response times and develop a personal emergency notification system. If there is someone who needs your attention right away, ask them to text or call you directly. This approach will allow you to manage technology instead of allowing technology to manage you. 
7. Concentrate On Goals And Expectations
There have always been distractions, and there will always be distractions. To avoid them, the best approach is to constantly concentrate on goals and expectations. People generally understand their goals, but you have to also constantly communicate what is expected as they strive to achieve those goals. As long as the expectations are being met, then all is good.
8. Set Aside Designated Technology Time
With the overload of technology in the workplace, it can easily become a distraction rather than a tool. To increase productivity and minimize ineffectiveness due to technology interruptions, schedule “technology breaks” where you can actively engage in the use of technology at specified times to stay up-to-date, then schedule “work time” where technology is silenced or hidden from view.
9. Focus On Keeping Employees Engaged Enough That They Don’t Notice Distractions
Employees get distracted when they don’t engage with their work enough. While companies can regulate the use of technology, such as social media, they cannot guarantee that their employees are happy and, hence, engaged and productive. It’s important to get employees to do meaningful work, inspire them with a compelling vision and shiny goals, and create an environment where they want to do their best.
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09 Mar Facts about Healthy Living

The facts about healthy living you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page.

  1. One can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar and the average adult drinks 500 cans of soda every year, estimating about 52 pounds of sugar consumed in soft drinks alone.
  2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it feeds your body and mind with the necessary nutrients and energy to function throughout the day. Eating breakfast regularly will also help keep weight off because it gets your metabolism going.
  3. Teens need 9+ hours of sleep per night for their bodies to function properly.
    Physical activity like aerobic exercise (walking, running), muscle-strengthening (weight-lifting), bone-strengthening (jumping rope), and balance and stretching activities (yoga, pilates, dancing) are especially beneficial to a healthy body.
  4. Foods that don’t expire contain unnatural preservatives, additives, and chemicals that deteriorate your body. Focus instead on fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, low-fat dairies, and above all, moderation in whatever you eat.
  5. The rate at which your body burns calories when you are resting is called your “resting metabolic rate.” If you cut calories below what’s needed for RMR, your body will go into survival mode because it doesn’t have the energy to perform basic functions.
  6. For teens, the recommended caloric intake is 2,100 calories, but it is important to base your diet on your level of physical activity. Depending on how active you are, you can determine how many daily calories are healthy for your weight and lifestyle.
  7. Eat more fish,Fish is a good source of protein and contains many vitamins and minerals. Aim to eat at least two portions of fish a week, including at least one portion of oily fish. Oily fish contains omega-3 fats, which may help to prevent heart disease.



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08 Mar Employee Management

MODULE: Employee Management

  1. TAMS takes paper and form-driven processes, thus making all organisational functionalities paperless.
  2. Ensuring accuracy and up-to-date employee information or data is considered one of the most significant roles of the HR department as it helps influence key organizational decisions based on collected data.
  3. TAMS has an integrated database which lets you manage and access all your employee data from a single source. With the assistance of the employee database management module, the user can efficiently track the Attendances, Exemptions, Payroll, Leaves and other features that make HR processes seamless. 


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Going Paperless With TAMS HR Solution

08 Mar Going Paperless with TAMS HR Solution

Going Paperless with TAMS HR Solution


From Paris to London, Istanbul to Karachi, Lagos to Nairobi, security consciousness has become arguably the most popular phrase in workplaces and publicly accessed sites. Keeping an organization’s premise secure by denying access to people without authorization has made facial and fingerprint detection the most useful applications of biometrics in organizations.

TAMS HR Solution is a leading identification and authentication system that also facilitates seamless document management, thus eliminating administrative drudgery and storage challenges of paperwork. Here are some reasons you should consider going paperless:


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  • Verification, Identity Management, and Security

Every person has a unique set of fingerprints and facial recognition, so falsifying identity on a fingerprint and facial scanner is totally impossible. Keeping an attendance device using fingerprint/facial access control systems such as a biometric door lock at the entry point ensures that access is not granted to unauthorized people such as exited staff or non-staff.

  • Eliminating Buddy Punching

Business owners experience huge payroll losses due to employee lateness and absenteeism, especially when such employees are covered up by co-workers through “buddy punching”. But by using a facial or fingerprint time and attendance system, organizations can cut down on such losses, thus increasing organizational efficiency and performance.

  • Tracking Remote Attendance

Organizations with field workers may not be able to install fingerprint time and attendance devices to monitor such workers. Therein lies the benefit of TAMS Mobile, which enables employees in such locations to register attendance using their mobile devices. It helps the employer to monitor staff attendance and tardiness in remote locations.

  • Monitoring working hours

Organizations can use attendance systems for workforce management. Using a biometric system such as TAMS HR Solution for attendance instead of pen and paper can help the company efficiently monitor and record the hours put in by each employee and the number of tasks completed. With the collection of analytics and reports, it helps human resource managers and supervisors to identify both indolent staffs in the team and recognize diligent workers.

  • Eco-friendly

Most small and medium enterprises use paper attendance systems or log books for signing in and out. Mass production of paper and ink consumes a lot of energy and utilization of resources.

With the world going green, TAMS HR Solution cuts down on paper usage (i.e. devices replace the use of paper), reports are also generated and can be sent via email for further analysis.

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26 Feb Curb African Time with the Tams Human Resource Solution

Curb African Time with the Tams Human Resource Solution


For every nation on earth, the process of nation-building is an ongoing journey. And to remain politically stable and economically viable, there must be a culture of doing the right things at the right time.

This is where the path to development has hit a brick wall among developing countries, especially in Africa. Hamstrung by the menace known as ‘African time’, Africans are infamous for their blatant and almost collective disregard for time. Lateness to work and appointments are commonplace while timely completion of tasks and infrastructure projects require a miracle.

Africa is yet to scratch the surface in terms of competing with other nations of the world. In fact, countries like India, Mexico, Singapore, etc. have outpaced at least three-quarters of the countries on the continent in development indicators. But development does not just come out of a hat like a rabbit in a magic show. It is only when certain attitudes and mindsets are changed that the task of nation-building and development is set right, otherwise, growth imperatives will remain a pipedream.

The culture of time management has got to change from African time to Right on time. This is a reality that a growing number of big and small-scale organizations in Nigeria and Africa have embraced; a fact that has made them productive and profitable. This change is being driven by the award-winning and highly acclaimed TAMS Human Resource Solution.

About TAMS Human Resource Solution

A cloud-based biometric Human Resource Solution with a bouquet of automated services to manage the workforce in the most efficient and effective way to increase productivity and profitability, TAMS HR Software is an easy-to-use tool that seamlessly demystifies African time and promotes right on time through its unique features.

TAMS Human Resource Solution is the brainchild of SB Telecoms and Devices Limited, a trailblazer in Nigeria’s biometrics and human resource management solutions market. Renowned for its unique and cutting-edge solutions, SB Telecoms and Devices Limited is ahead of the curve in developing innovative homegrown solutions, applications, and software to enhance productivity in both formal workplaces as well as everyday businesses.

Having said that, let’s take a journey into the world of the TAMS HR Software to get acquainted with its value-adding offerings, features, and functionalities which are designed to change African time to right on time in its quest to build a nation that thrives on punctuality, timely delivery, and excellent performance.


TIME & ATTENDANCEOne way to ensure you’re getting the most from your staff – and to discover better ways to manage your team’s working hours
PAYROLL MANAGEMENTflexible and offers many user friendly options to tailor the system. You can define an unlimited number of deductions and designate taxability and frequency for each. The system accommodates virtually any form of employee benefit, loans and contributions plans.
LEAVE & EXEMPTIONTAMS leave & exemption management solution offers you the easiest way to improve absence management across your business
SHIFT MANAGEMENTTAMS offers shift management solution to optimally plan and schedule the shifts of any workforce management team. Our solutions compile a 360-degree view of each employee
APPRAISAL SYSTEMTAMS Performance appraisal systems solve the review process problem—normally a formidable and cumbersome task—by making it both efficient and effective for managers and employees
STAFF DATABASE MGTTAMS provides a robust personnel management tool to manage your employees information centrally.it allows storage of most information normally that would be kept in files and sheets all to be maintained and accessed from the online web portal.
COMMUNICATIONTAMS Comunication portal its a simple tool that allows you easily get in touch with colleagues, family and friends on th GO! via SMS, Emails & Chat.
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