Business Overview

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is West Africa’s foremost examining board established by law to determine in English-speaking West African countries the examinations required in the public interest, to conduct those examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally.

However, in order to effectively and consistently deliver on this pivotal role- considering its multiple locations across the country- WAEC’s national office saw an urgent need for improved time management to enhance employee productivity.


The council could not successfully monitor staff attendance or time management, which meant that punctuality and speed of service were suffering. This situation had a negative effect on productivity, thus defeating the mission of the Council to remain Africa’s foremost examining body in laying a strong foundation for human resource development. Having realized that manual paper-based attendance logs were no longer sufficient to tackle time theft and poor turnaround time, they looked for a reliable solution to curb the unwarranted excesses.


That was how TAMS came into the picture, having been adjudged the best solution with the capacity to centrally manage and monitor employee attendance across all the Council’s locations nationwide. With a robust technology and multinational experience in boosting employee productivity in organizations of all types and sizes, TAMS deployed its Suprema biometrics attendance solution to help the Council achieve improvement in staff attendance, punctuality and service delivery.


TAMS is a complete human resource management system that helps employers manage their employees from recruitment to retirement. With its multiple locations and easy-to-use interface, it is renowned for making the job of the HR manager practically effortless. Among many benefits, organizations with multiple locations can centrally manage employee attendance and productivity in different locations without waiting for a location manager. Right at the HR manager’s finger print, reports of any location can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Contact the TAMS team right away for free consultation on what best suits your organization.

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ghost workers
The workforce in the public and private sectors constitutes the largest sector of the economy. It employs the largest population of the labour force and also controls the bulk of the financial resources of the country. What this implies is that whatever adversely affects the public and private service has a huge multiplier effect on organizations and national development. The ghost can be a real person who knowingly or not is placed on the payroll, or a fictitious person invented by the dishonest employee. Thus, it is pertinent to x-ray the menacing ill of ghost workers, by the adoption of some basic accounting procedures to ensure internal control of funds. This is because the sector is the most vulnerable to employee frauds.
Research shows that public and private sector management in most states have not lived up to expectation especially with regards to human resource management, good internal control system and good accounting procedure to reduce the act of ghost workers, amongst others. The study recommends the formulation of good human resource and recruitment policy, attractive pay package and internal control/audit department.
The best organizations are built by inspired employees who are engaged and connected. Recruiting, developing and retaining those employees are an essential part of your job. And still you have to find the time to keep employee activity tracking and personal data up-to-date and accurate to eradicate ghost workers. TAMS HRM, the multiple awards winning HR software makes all of that easier for you.
TAMS HRM develops human resource management systems with fully integrated social technology and HR best practices to create the new face of human resources: strategic, integrated, flexible and social. Discover TAMS HRM today. Get social with online human resources software that offers innovative, flexible tools for managing the HR functions end to end, not just the data!
Embedded in the application is the Employee Information Manager (EIM) which can be considered as one of the key component of the entire HRM solution due to its ability to store essential employee data ranging from basic employee personal information to work related mandatory details; The TAMS HRM have a host of FREE significant modules such as Payroll, Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Performance Management and so forth integrated into the EIM for data retrieval. The EIM is indeed a powerful tool for HR management, with a pleasant user experience and efficient data maintenance.

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There has been a recent outbreak of meningitis in Nigeria, it was first reported in the northern part of Nigerian and now PUNCH News has reported a case in the southern part of Nigeria, precisely Delta State.
It is high time we took proper pre-prevention. The below listed are pre-prevention that we should practice so as not to be a victim of Meningitis

Get Vaccinated
The most effective way to prevent meningitis is to get vaccinated against the disease.
The vaccine to prevent meningitis is also recommended if you’re entering the military, traveling, or planning to live in a country where bacterial meningitis is common.

Don’t Share Personal Items
Meningitis can be contracted when you come in contact with respiratory or throat secretions — saliva, sputum, nasal mucus — of someone who is infected, either through kissing or sharing personal items. You can prevent the spread of meningitis by not sharing items where secretions can lurk, such as drinking glasses, water bottles, straws, silverware, toothbrushes, lipsticks or lip glosses, and cigarettes.

Keep Your Distance from Infected People
The bacteria found in nose and throat secretions can also spread through coughing and sneezing. You could get meningitis if you’re close enough to an infected person to come in direct contact with these secretions. If someone you know has a respiratory infection, keep at least 3 feet away to stay out of the line of fire of any coughing, Vassallo says. Likewise, when you cough or sneeze, be kind to others.

Wash Your Hands Vigorously
Just as with cold and flu viruses, the viruses and bacteria responsible for meningitis can get on your hands and into your mouth. You can prevent meningitis from spreading by washing your hands vigorously, especially after you use the bathroom, change a diaper, spend time in a crowded place, and cough or blow your nose. Use hot, soapy water and be sure to get both the fronts and backs of your hands and each finger

Boost Your Immune System
When you get an infection, your immune system kicks in and works to fight it off. A healthy immune system can help prevent an infection from the viruses and bacteria that cause meningitis. Keep your immune system at its fighting best by eating healthy — including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins — and by getting regular exercise. Also, be sure to get the sleep you need.

Get Prompt Treatment
If you have been in close contact with someone who has bacterial meningitis, call your doctor right away. Your health care provider can give you antibiotics to keep you from developing meningitis. They won’t help prevent meningitis from the viral type of the disease, but it’s worth seeing your health care provider and asking about your options.

Culled from http://www.everydayhealth.com/hs/understanding-meningitis/prevent-meningitis-pictures

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Business Overview

Justrite limited one of the leading retailing merchandising outfit in Nigeria. The firm has expertise and experience in managing complex procurement requirements and commodity trading. The firm with its technical partners has interests in general retailing through its super store and have her head office located at Idiroko, Sango Otta, Ogun State.


TAMS has helped Justrite to strategically and effectively manage her workforce with continued trend in its pattern of sustained growth in the retailing field. Justrite is using the rugged TAMS Lite biometric time clock attendance device with the TAMS web solution to manage employees from recruitment to retirement. 


With massive company expansions, Justrite was experiencing an issue often faced by organizations going through rapid growth and expansion. In order to plan for continued success and sustainable growth a better and more efficient process of time attendance and employee management system was needed. With over 1000 employees a necessity arose within their human resources department for a more accurate information regarding attendance reports, shift information, data management and Payroll Management amongst many others.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Convenience: Web based software
    TAMS user friendly web based software portal gives unparalleled access to managers regarding employee’s time attendance reports. This convenience reduced the strain of time attendance processes on Justrite of Companies managers allowing for the opportunity to focus their efforts elsewhere and maximizing organizational productivity.
  • Savings/ROI: Increased Efficiency to Operations
    Justrie was able to see an immediate return on their investment through the amount of hours saved by managers on payroll processes. Operational efficiency and increased productivity provides Pragmatic Technology with added time to focus on continuing their history of excellent customer service.
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05 Apr Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks


  1. Social media (boosts your posts) – give your social media business content a boost. Give your content a paid boost for a small fee on Facebook Ads and PPC. This will help get your products and services message out to thousands of unique users.
  2. In-serve video advertising–This type of digital marketing technique is nothing new for social media giants like YouTube and Facebook, the latest news is that Google is entering the fray with in-serve video advertising. This changes the whole spectrum of online advertising and provides an increasing acceptance of video ads among users.
  3. Advertising, generate new business online– one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of generating new business online is to use the bid and tender specialists. Use professional bid and tender writers especially if you haven’t tried this method of generating new business before. You can then focus on your core business while experts complete the bid or tender writing for you.
  4. E-mail marketing– trim your subject’s e-mail marketing revenue by reducing your lines to only one word. Remember to choose that word carefully. It should induce curiosity while staying relevant to your message. With the right word, your e-mail marketing success rates will increase.

Culled from https://www.digitaldoughnut.com/articles/2016/december/business-tips-tricks-to-try-in-2017

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04 Apr Employee Accountability in the Workplace

The employee accountability definition is the responsibility of employees to complete the tasks they are assigned, to perform the duties required by their job, and to be present for their proper shifts in order to fulfill or further the goals of the organization. If tasks are not completed and functions of the job are not performed properly, then that employee will also be responsible for dealing with the repercussions.
Examples of Accountability in the Workplace:

    • Employees being present for their entire required shift
    • Employees completing any tasks that have been designated to them
    • Employees being responsible for the specific duties that go along with their job
    • Employees being consistent in doing the right thing in all aspects pertaining to their job
    • Employees working together towards a common goal for the business

Why is Workplace Accountability Important?
Accountability at work is important to a business’s success as a whole. Every employee, no matter what level of seniority is equally responsible for aiding in the success of the company. In order to achieve the goals of the company, long and short term, it is important that all people within the company work together and share accountability. Employees who work together towards the same overall goal help their workplace to become more accountable, in turn make the business more productive and efficient.
How to Increase Employee Accountability at Work
Biometric Devices – such as fingerprint and retinal scanners, allow an employee to clock-in and out for their shifts at work through one of their physical traits. For an employee to be held accountable for his/her shift, he/she will have to be present at work in order to sign in/out. Since these devices require the use of an individual’s physical characteristics, it ensures that each employee that is present will be accounted for. Biometric devices also help to eliminate employee time theft or “buddy punching”.
Time and Attendance Software – When you pair biometric devices with a time and attendance software, it allows for much more efficient attendance processing. Once an employee clocks-in for a shift, the information is recorded into the device, and can then be uploaded onto the time and attendance software allowing for accurate tracking of employee attendance. More employees will be accountable for their shifts with more accurate tracking and fewer attendance errors.
SMART Goals – A great way to foster accountability in the workplace is to have your employees set SMART goals for themselves. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-bound. Having goals that meet these criteria will allow your employees to feel more able in the work they are doing. It is a way for them to measure their own productivity.
Team Incentive Programs: Team incentive programs will allow employees to motivate themselves to reach their highest accountability and potential. Your employees will work together towards completing common goals, and will be compensated for going above and beyond the goals set out for them.
Prioritization: One reason why employee accountability dwindles, is because employees struggle to balance tasks and goals and eventually become overwhelmed and unable to complete their tasks on time. As a manager of a business, it is important to help your employees prioritize their responsibilities in relation to your company’s overall goals. Helping to prioritize will allow your employees to feel more organized and competent in the tasks they are assigned.
Monitor Progress: Monitoring your employees’ progress will help motivate them to be more productive and accountable. It is only natural that when we know someone is watching our progress that we will try to perform to our best abilities. Along with monitoring employee progress, it is equally important to share progress reports with them so they may learn what areas need more attention and what areas they are excelling in.
Culled from https://timewellscheduled.com/employee-accountability-in-the-workplace/

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31 Mar MRS Launches TAMS in her Operation


The Problem

MRS Oil Nigeria PLC, one of the fastest growing oil marketing firm in Nigeria, is a fully integrated and efficient downstream player with leading positions in the Nigeria Oil Industry. With 416 retail service stations strategically spread all over the country MRS has a rising workforce of over 700 employees with its head office located in the upscale Lagos Business District, Macarthy Street, Lagos Island, the company was grappling with staff attendance management.

Like most multi-location organizations, the management needed a solution to centrally manage and monitor from its head office, employee attendance in all its locations. Mr. Oluwole Oderinde, a member of the human resources team disclosed that, “We were having issues with a biometrics system we were using, it wasn’t user friendly, and we were not getting the needed support from the company that deployed the system, we had to look elsewhere, we contacted TAMS from their presentation we discovered they don’t just deploy but they run a service that they support end to end since they developed the solution. TAMS unlike most solution providers have not disappointed us, their customer eccentric nature is superb.”


A homegrown solution that is affordable and easy-to-use, TAMS is built on the value proposition of customer satisfaction. We listen to our customer’s identified and unidentified needs before recommending and deploying solutions. Thus, at the client meeting, we recognized that with the quality of technical people they have in their operation knew exactly what they wanted and upon further analysis that time management alone would not lead to productivity as they envisioned it, we offered them a robust human resource solution to manage their employees from recruitment to retirement, without the burden of paper records. 


The management of the company, was delighted with the outcome. “The strongest selling point of TAMS is that they offer a service, they listen to you and deploy the solution the exact way you want it, their customer support service is out of this world, they monitor you from their end and they will contact you even before you are aware there is an issue, I will surely spread the gospel of TAMS any day anywhere because it has met and surpassed my expectation.”


TAMS is a complete human resource management system designed for both growing and established companies. With its multiple location and easy-to-use interface, it has been a source of comfort for the HR manager and business owner alike. By making provision for central management of employee attendance and productivity across diverse locations, the HR manager can pull reports of any location right at his/her fingertip without waiting for the branch or location manager.

So, contact us today for free consultation on what best suits your organization and experience the TAMS effect on your organization’s productivity and ROI.

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The TAMS SMS Alert template is a module that automatically sends alert messages to active employee of the organization. Alerts such as notification and ceremonial messages are configured to be sent making the job schedule of the HR light. On every employee birth or public holiday the system automatically sends greeting sms to active employee which in turn reduce the burden of the HR to send greeting messages to employees on their birthdays or for public holidays.

The SMS alert template is configured with ready made messages which can be activated to be sent, organizations can also create customized alert messages that suits them which also needs to be activated to make it usable.

The module can allow you set notification for clocking In/Out reminder, notification to employers on daily late and absent employee, notification on employee leave, employee greeting messages and greeting for all public form of public holidays.

Below is the process of setting alert on TAMS

Create Alert

Click create alert to pop up the following fields to complete the form

Alert ID: Select a category of alert template

Message: The content of the message to be sent to individuals.

  • Click Submit button to complete the process

Note: Sending of SMS notifications is subject to Alert Notifications in Organization


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29 Mar Cyber Security Tips

Cyber Security Tips

cyber security tips

Do Not Share Your Password

Passwords are a major defense and developing good password practices will help keep your sensitive personal information and identity more secure.

Protect Your Children Online

By taking some simple steps below, you can reduce security risks to your child:

  • Keep your computer in a central and open location in your home and be aware of other computers your child may be using.
  • Discuss and set guidelines and rules for computer use with your child. Post these rules by the computer as a reminder.
  • Use the Internet with your child. Familiarize yourself with your child’s online activities and maintain a dialogue with your child about what applications they are using.
  • Implement parental control tools that are provided by some Internet Service Providers and available for purchase as separate software packages.
  • Consider using software that allows you to monitor your child’s e-mail and Web traffic.


Is That App Giving Away Your Privacy?

Be careful when you install apps on your mobile device. Many apps want more permissions than actually needed for their function. For example, some flashlight apps want access to your contacts. Why? Usually for marketing purposes to build a better profile on you and your friends. Don’t install apps that require excessive permissions.

Also, always install apps from a trusted source. This helps ensure the app isn’t fake or malicious.


Don’t Be a Victim of Cyber Crime!

The term “cybercrime” is usually referred to as any criminal offense committed against or with the use of a computer or computer network. A cyber crime incident can lead to loss of business and consumer confidence, financial loss, productivity loss, and even loss of intellectual property. For something to be considered a crime, however, requires a law to denote it as such, and the laws have, to this point, lagged behind technology.


Managing your Digital Footprint

Map your digital footprint. Look at all the social networking sites and forums that you belong to and search what information about you is available.

  • Clean up your digital footprint. Remove any photos, content and links that may be inappropriate or reveal too much information.
  • Be selective about who you authorize to access your information.
  • Use the privacy features of your browser and of the various websites you frequent to reduce the visibility of your information.
  • Since many comments on public websites can be publicly seen, monitor and moderate comments associated with you to maintain a positive digital footprint.
  • Consider using the “block comments” features or setting your social networking profile to “private” so only designated individuals can view it.
  • Think before you post.


Safely Dispose of Old Computers

It is important to erase your personal information from old computers before you dispose of them.

Simply reformatting a hard drive or reinstalling the operating system does not guarantee the old data is unreadable. Physically destroy the hard drive or use a special “wipe” program. These programs, such as Active@ KillDisk and Softpedia DP Wiper, are free and meet government security standards.


Don’t be a Cyberbully

Cyberbullying refers to the new, and growing, practice of using technology to harass, or bully, someone else. Cyberbullying can range in severity from cruel or embarrassing rumors to threats, harassment, or stalking. It can affect any age group; however, teenagers and young adults are common victims.

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28 Mar Workout Tips & Body Building Tips to stay Healthy



Eat more Protein

working out, ensuring you start to experience muscle mass gains. it is also filling, so it will help you feel full without the extra calories. this tip is so important that i have added it again. 30% of your daily calorie consumption should be from protein

Eat Leafy Greens

These are full of essential nutrients but not the calories. Klae and Bok Choy are good examples.

Save Starchy Food for Post-Workout

For most of your time your carb intake should be made of low-glycemic foods like green vegetables, fruit and beans Post-workout should involve other simple-carbs as they can aid recovery and muscle growth.

Drink Lots of Water

When you are dehydrated you will likely experience physical & mental exhaustion.

Don’t Drastically Cut Fats

Fat provides your body with energy so don’t cut drastically even when trying to become leaner Essential fats include those in whole grains.

Prepare Meals in Advance

If you lead a busy life it can be easy to miss important meals. By preparing in advance this wont become such an issue.

Remove Unhealthy Snack Temptations

if you are easily tempted by those unhealthy snacks throw them away. if its not there you cant eat it

Take Caffeine before Workouts

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can give you that extra boost while working out.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is free of calories yet contains both antioxidants and caffeine that can promote fat loss.

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