24 Feb Raeanna Deploys TAMS

raeanna deploys tams

Raeanna Deploys TAMS

Raeanna Nigeria Limited one of the leading wholly indigenous firm is Nigeria with expertise in the fields of Construction, Telecommunication and Power Generation aligns with TAMS to help manage its human resources from recruitment to retirement.

TAMS will remotely manage employee’s time attendance, payroll management/salary processing, shift and leave management as well as other human resources needs.

Furthermore, the salary processing enables direct remittance on salaries and other allowances, thus eliminating the burden of moving cash and facilitating compliance to the CBN’s cashless policy.

TAMS’ time-tested attendance, HRM, payroll and related functionalities enjoy acclaim across different sectors and business sizes as it saves organizations the burden of time theft, loss of productivity and

As we in TAMS, we are building our reputation on your satisfaction.

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time management

Time Management


As defined in last week’s article titled Time Management:

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

“Time management” refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities. Mindtools…

Time is essential in planning and getting things done, people always complain about time not been enough unfortunately 24hours daily is what is needed to achieve set goals and targets, how it is now best used depends on how properly the 24hours bracket is been put to use to get better results. According to Michael Altshuher, “The bad news about time is, time flies but the good news is, you and i are the pilot. We can …manage it and direct it to land at a place called “on-time”-

Siting last week’s article achievers work smart by making time a priority to get things done as against the believe that working hard get things done. Hard work without time management limits actualization of goals and set targets.

Below are few listed effects of time management:

Poor customer service that may lead to loss of potential clients

Unexceptional outputs

Decline in productivity

Poor information management

Heightened stress levels

Proper time management will assist and curb the following:

Delegate Tasks

Prioritize Work

Avoid Procrastination

Schedule Tasks

Avoid Stress

Set up Deadlines

Avoid Multitasking

Start Early

Take Some Breaks

Learn to say No

In conclusion time management is key in planning, if not well managed affects individual, corporate or government’s outcome. Example is a government official does not need to use sirens that results to noise pollution when going for a function understanding our environment, all he needs do is to manage time properly by leaving early in order to arrive at events as at when due

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Locations can either be Outlets, Branches, subsidiaries or anything which is part of the organization that has a geographical location outside of the company.

Click create location to pop up the following details

Location: A name for the location

City: City of the location

Address: Full Address of the location

State: The state where the location is situated.

Created By: Auto appended name of the administrator logged in when creating the location

Edit/Delete: Update or Delete and existing Administrator

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21 Feb TAMS Appraisal System Conveniences

tams appraisal system conveniences

Tams Appraisal System Conveniences

Whether you have tams appraisal system conveniences or 10 employees or 10,000, using a performance appraisal system put your employees on the track to increased productivity and keep them there.

With increased visibility of company goals, employees will understand what is important to the company’s bottom line and direct their efforts to be focused on what is necessary to make your company successful

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reals deploy access control


Reals Group is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Nigeria with a clear understanding of the importance of a fully secure environment has deployed our smart Access Control solution to complement their existing security apparatus to safeguard lives and property on their premises.

Reals Group started as Reals Pharmaceuticals Limited, a company that commenced its operation as the local scientific and marketing office of Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Limited, now AstraZeneca U.K. Today, the scope of our operations has extended beyond just being the local scientific and marketing office for AstraZeneca to becoming the sole Nigeria representative and distributor of a number of other first class pharmaceutical industries in the world.

Reals Group joins an array of our Access Control clientele such as GTBank (nationwide), Lagos Court of Appeal, Kimberley Clark, Nigachem, 141 WorldWide, Systems Specs, I-Fitness amongst many others.

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15 Feb Top 10 Health Tips to Stay Healthy

 Top 10 Health Tips to Stay Healthy


  1. Embrace nutrition basics. Eating right doesn’t have to be complicated. Forget the fad diets and adopt a healthy eating plan including a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and low-fat dairy.
  2. Move more. Aim to get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity, such as walking, each week to assist in weight maintenance and overall health.
  3. Be smoke free. Make a plan for the challenges you will face and keep trying your best. Seek support and talk to your doctor about medications that can double your chances of quitting for good.
  4. Schedule sleep. Make sleep a priority to enjoy a more focused, energy-filled lifestyle. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Create a relaxing bed-time routine and change your electronic device settings to the “night-shift” mode.
  5. Prioritize preventive screenings. Many medical conditions can be recognized in the early stages by getting preventive screenings and immunizations. Ask your doctor about what screenings are recommended for you.
  6. Connect with others. Building a community of people who can help you through life’s ups and downs is a vital step towards happiness and good health. Invest in relationships that provide encouragement and accountability to both parties.
  7. Stress Less. Gratitude has been shown to lower stress, which prevents many other physical and mental consequences. Instead of focusing on what your body can’t do or how you wish your body looked, try expressing gratitude for where you are now and the opportunity to make improvements.
  8. Work toward or maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, work toward losing 5-7% of your weight to significantly reduce your health risks. Studies show that individuals who track their intake using an app, such as myfitnesspal, lose more weight and keep it off compared to those who don’t track.
  9. Set SMART goals. General goals such as “exercise more” are not effective. A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timely. “I will walk 20 minutes over my lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays” is a SMART goal.
  10. Stay positive. Health goals don’t always go as planned. When you face challenges, focus on all of the positive changes you have made, no matter how small they seem. Treat yourself with kindness, like you would a good friend.
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device manager

Device Manager

This is where the information of all the devices are stated for an organization.

With an add new device button to add new devices.

Alias: A random name you can use to identify each device

Serial Number: This is the serial number embedded from the OEM.

Status: this is to signify if the device is Offline or Online

Last transaction: This will show the date and time the device pulled last

Device Type: this will state is the device is a Mobile or Fixed device

Edit: Click edit button in a device row to modify its details.


This walks you through tabs/forms for you to successfully add a device

  • It gives you access to select the type of device you wish to add
  • Step two will further allow your proceed to adding the model of the biometrics installed for attendance.
  • Step three enables you to add the device serial number for configuration.
  • Step four is where device license and identification name(alias) is added alongside the time zone which is varies due to location/region for Nigeria GMT + 1

Finally click submit and robot your device by restarting to get started.


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14 Feb Cyber Security Tips to Prevent Hacking

cyber security

Cyber Security Tips to Prevent Hacking

While there are no guarantees that malicious actors won’t get to your information, the following cyber security tips will decrease the probability of getting your personal information hacked.

1. Have Complicated, Unique, Difficult-To-Crack Passwords

Hate changing your passwords for your social media, online banking, Amazon.com and other online accounts? So do I. But having someone invade your privacy, social channels, or even financials is a lot worse.


A good solution to create strong passwords (and track them at the same time) is to sign up for a password storage tool. Personally, I use 1Password which carries a yearly fee. I’ve also heard good things about a free tool called LastPass.

ll you need to do, once you have such a tool, is to create one really complex password and remember it. Then you can let the tool auto-generate all your other long and tricky passwords, which you won’t need to remember.

2. Never Reuse a Password

Don’t use the same password or slightly modify it to use it on multiple accounts. Make each password unique, with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters – at least 9 characters, ideally more.

3. Update Your Passwords Regularly

Change your passwords periodically (at least every 6-12 months). While having a really difficult password is the number one way to protect your accounts, changing your password cannot hurt.


4. Prevent “Dictionary Attacks”

Don’t use dictionary words, your pet’s name, your college or any other words that have an obvious correlation to you as a person. These are easy to find, even just via Google, and so-called “dictionary attacks” – that are extremely common and simple – can crack those passwords in no time.

NOTE: Personally, I also discourage publishing your birthday on LinkedIn or Facebook as this date is a crucial detail to cracking and taking over your (online) identity; especially in the USA where birth date and social security number ARE your identity.


5. Tighten Your Security and Privacy Settings

Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels occasionally change their privacy options, which is easy to miss (or dismiss) as those changes are generally not very interesting. For a safe 2017, visit your social channels and review your privacy and notification settings. While you are there, disconnect access for apps you no longer use.


6. Enable Two-Factor-Authentication

Something often dismissed as too complicated is two-step-verification. Most social platforms, banks and other accounts let you enable it. Here is how it works:

  • In addition to your password, every time you sign in, you get a text message or app notification with a code that you need to enter before you get access to your account.
  • You’ll be asked to specify your trusted device(s) to receive the code, e.g. your iPhone or iPad, so only you have access.

7. Don’t Store Passwords in Your Browser

I know, it seems convenient but hackers feel the same way. Browser attacks are very common.

  1. Have a Security Program Installed

You need a virus protection program at a minimum. And many now come with privacy packages to help you in case you do get hacked. Also consider a service that alerts you to invasions into your personal information, like changes in your credit report.

9. Always Install Updates

Don’t dally when it comes to installing updates to your applications, Operation System or website. While I admit that I sometimes wait a few days when a new OS update comes out so that some main bugs can be fixed first, I never wait for more than a week. If the new release is specifically designed to plug security holes in the software, don’t delay.


  1. Don’t Simply Click On Any Link

Phishing is generally an attempt to get users to click on a malicious URL that will upload a virus if you do. Never click on a URL sent by your bank, PayPal or other account that requires you to sign in. Often, malicious actors will steal your password that way or upload a virus. Instead, go to the site directly and log in from there to check on a message.

Also, be suspicious about the senders of any message you receive via email or social media. Sometimes when I see a shortened link I ask the sender to give me the URL to look it up myself.


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13 Feb TAMS Changing the Face of HRM Technology


With the specialization of labor today, human resources managers can no longer afford to do things manually. Thankfully, adopting TAMS® (Time Attendance Management Solution) means they don’t have to.

TAMS® is an operational tool for organizations to increase productivity for high Return on Investment (ROI). TAMS® helps organizations manage and improve workforce capabilities by assisting the management with prompt and informed decision from reliable data source that helps to promote transparency and effective communication at workplaces.

TAMS® provides CEO and Human Resource Managers with advanced methodology to easily collect, track and manage employee productivity, time and attendance with automated payroll system.

TAMS® is a proven system that has improved organization’s returns on investment through automated system of detecting time theft and curbing employees’ laxity. Embedded in this technology are auditing and reporting tools that give managers direct access to their employees’ data anywhere in the world at any point in time. TAMS® software application comprises of the following:-

  • Employee Database Management
  • Time Attendance
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee self Service
  • Shift Management
  • Task Scheduler

Please note that the solution is robust and can be developed to suit your present need i.e it can be developed to suit your present company rule.


TAMS® is not designed as a solution to penalize erring staff, rather its purpose is to instill in employees the respect for organizational values such as the essence of time management for personal effectiveness. TAMS is a complete range of HR software solutions, all integrated, to meet your HR Management requirements. According to research, companies without an automated time and attendance solution tend to overpay employees by 5% to 10% of gross payroll due to time theft and error driven calculations, costing Nigerian-Businesses, billions of Naira each year. For a company with 10 employees, that can amount to more than N10, 000 a year. TAMS® will assist you to do the following:-

  • Control labor cost & start saving money today
  • Simplify your time tracking
  • Eliminate employee time theft
  • Browser based interface
  • Powerful payroll export capabilities
  • Powerful reporting and analytics



TAMS® solution will assist you in the following ways:

  • Streamline HR processes
  • Stimulates employee productivity
  • Delivers significant cost saving
  • Configurable to your need
  • Powerful management reporting
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • To improve operational efficiency
  • To help you establish a defined attendance monitoring system
  • Empowering directors and permanent secretaries to check and report inefficiency
  • Reducing operating expenses by controlling incidental labor costs

Visit https://tams.com.ng/tams-web/ for further information, you can also call 08113677777, 08112677777 for further information.

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10 Feb 9 Things to cut out to be more Healthy


It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, and we know many of you are planning on cutting back on the unhealthy things in your life. But that doesn’t always mean junk food or sweets — we’ve got some habits that might be holding you back from your healthy goals that you should definitely consider eliminating this year.

Here’s what we’re cutting out in 2017 to have our healthiest year yet.

  1. Negative self-talk: Stop being mean to yourself. Just stop. You are enough! You ARE strong! You’re capable. Start giving yourself more compliments, and make this year about no negative self-talk — ever. The more you berate and degrade yourself, the harder your year will be; you’ll also have a much harder time reaching your healthy goals.
  2. Your scale: Look, quantifiable goals are great, but the scale can be an evil enemy, and doctors agree! If you’ve been obsessed with the scale and every decimal point on your weight, it’s time for that thing to go. In the trash. Forever. Remember that a number on a scale doesn’t reflect the hard work you’re putting in, and the numbers absolutely do not define you.
  3. Workouts you hate: Not everyone likes running, and that’s OK. Forcing yourself into a workout that you hate definitely won’t encourage you to keep working out. There are alternatives to running — and so many other kinds of cardio exercises. If you hate bootcamp classes, try barre. Hate barre? Stop doing it! Try yoga. If something’s not working, try a new studio or new instructor. Keep going until you find something that clicks, but absolutely do not keep going to a class or attempting a workout you don’t like.
  4. Exercising to “fix” or change a part of your body: Working out because you “hate” your body is the worst thing you can do. Exercise makes you feel good — it celebrates your body, makes you feel empowered, and sends a rush of feel-good endorphins through your body. Working out will boost your energy, improve your health, and can change your mood for the better, alongside so many other benefits. Celebrate your body, don’t try to “fix” it.
  5. Kale (or that one food you just can’t stand): A lot of you hate kale. So stop forcing it! You don’t need kale to be healthy! Maybe it’s not kale, but it’s another healthy food you’ve been forcing yourself to eat under the pretense that it’s healthy and you “need it” to be healthy yourself. This just isn’t true, and if your diet consists of things you don’t love, you’re not going to stay on that diet for very long. For a more sustainable diet, experiment more with other healthy foods to find out what you dolove. You’ll be eating healthier all the time!
  6. Perfectionism: Striving for a goal is great; striving for perfection is unhealthy. Giving yourself unrealistic or unattainable goals is detrimental to your mental and your physical health. That desire for perfectionism can often be a defense mechanism, when you’re either consciously or subconsciously protecting yourself from the judgment of others. Focus that energy on progress, not perfection, and you’ll have a much better year.
  7. Calorie counting: This year, stop obsessing over calories — especially if it has created a negative relationship with food. Food is fuel, and we need calories to have strong muscles, bones, and a functioning body! There are so many ways to track your food and eat healthy without calorie counting. If you need the data and numbers to stay in control of your healthy eating, try looking into counting macros — you’ll have a healthy balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates each day.
  8. Stress: Whether you have clinical anxiety or you’ve been stressing way too much in 2016, your compromised mental health can have a seriously negative impact on your health. Stress can cause weight gain, bloating, physical pain, skin problems, and more. Quite a setback for your healthiest year yet, right? To relax and cut out stress in 2017, get yourself a great therapist, or try a self-care practice like diffusing essential oils.
  9. Everything that is holding you back: What is keeping you from being your best self and living your best life? Is it an unhealthy relationship, a terrible job that drains you of your energy, or a deep-seated fear? Let. It. Go. Cut the people out who don’t support you. Say goodbye to work that doesn’t make you feel good — or worse, makes you feel bad. Remove unnecessary obligations that keep you from reaching your physical, mental, and personal goals. This is YOUR time! Replace these things with activities that help you reach your goals, a job that fosters your creativity and empowers you, and relationships with people who build you up.
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