24 Jan Prevent Kidnapping Security Tips List

prevent kidnapping

Prevent Kidnapping

Professor Robert G. Picard has given a list of security tips to follow in order to avoid kidnapping, these tips have been taken from detailed security and safety training briefings & they are as below.

  1. Ensure your social media profile does not compromise your personal security and safety.
  2. Go along with clean laptops, mobile phones, etc.; think about using aliases for contacts.
  3. Enroll for hostile environment/safety training.
  4. Be cognizant of potential dangers in your place of assignment.
  5. Plan your journey, activities discreetly or carefully.
  6. Carry out a risk assessment and factor in contingency plans (both of your own and your media establishment).
  7. Bear in mind details that could be of help in the event that proof of life needs to be determined.
  8. Ensure your employer, family or loved ones are aware of where you are at every point in time and who you are meeting.
  9. Make arrangements for emergency communications; avail your employers and colleagues with contact details or phone numbers of numbers and Next of Kin (NOK).
  10. Be very wary of your supposed contacts or sources – do as much due diligence as possible and bear in mind that persons and groups may switch allegiances without warning.
  11. Avoid making yourself a target. Blend in so that you are not easily identifiable as a journalist when travelling.
  12. Victims or survivors of kidnapping need recovery time and must seek counseling against post-traumatic stress. it will help prevent kidnapping.

sourced from security1656.com

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20 Jan Expand Global Deploys TAMS to Boost Productivity

expand global

Expand Global Deploys TAMS

Located in the ancient city of Ibadan, Expand Global Industries is a leading engineering company dedicated to bringing good service delivery to its customers.

Following a comprehensive review of the benefits of TAMS HRM, the firm was delighted to deploy the solution to enhance staff efficiency and productivity. TAMS will remotely manage time attendance, payroll/ salary remittance, shift and leave management, canteen management as well as other human resources needs.

Furthermore, the salary processing enables direct remittance on salaries and other allowances, thus eliminating the burden of moving cash and facilitating compliance with the CBN’s cashless policy.

TAMS’ time-tested attendance, HRM, payroll and related functionalities enjoy acclaim across different sectors and sizes as it saves organizations the burden of time theft, loss of productivity and absenteeism.

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19 Jan Appreciation is a Business Word


Appreciation is a Business Word

“Don’t forget a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated” H. Jackson Brown.

Employees are recruited to use their skills, talents, experience and even relationships to deliver on an organization’s promise to its market. To give anything less than expected performance is a betrayal of the trust reposed in the employee. The question then arises as to why some employees do more than others.

While so many reasons have been put forward, including employees’ personality, background, worldview, emotional intelligence, and so on, one thing that is common to all human beings is captured in H. Jackson Brown’s admonition not to forget that a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.

Definitions of appreciation on the free dictionary website include:

  1. Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.
  2. A judgment or opinion, especially a favorable one.
  3. 3An expression of gratitude.

Amalgamating the aforementioned definitions for the purpose of this article could read thus: <Expressing gratitude to an employee in recognition of his/her quality, value, significance or magnitude of contributions to the success of the organization, based on favourable judgement or opinion of their work>

While I do not lay claim to being lettered, I like the definition I just conjured because it reminds me of the TAMS Ambassador Award that the TAMS Nigeria team initiated two years ago- giving out gifts like electronic appliances, satellite dishes and holiday trips to Obudu and Dubai to celebrate Nigeria’s most productive and punctual employees.

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18 Jan Tech Tips Every Technology Professional Should Know

technology professional

Technology Professional

Productivity and technology are interrelated. They are the driving force behind global competition and economic performance. Check out a few list of tech tips to help your business remain profitable, relevant, and technologically advanced.

  1. Generate strong, easy-to-remember passwords.
  2. Keep your passwords safe.
  3. Quickly and easily speed up your computer.
  4. Take advantage of free Windows admin utilities.
  5. Shop around before purchasing your cell phone and other tech devices.
  6. Avoid paying extra for 4G on your laptop or tablet by enabling the hotspot on your smartphone.
  7. Avoid extended warranties.
  8. Be a loyal and daily reader of tech websites and blogs.


culled from http://technologyschools.org/10-tech-tips-for-professionals/

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17 Jan Preventing Office Crime

office crime

Office Crime

When you go to work, don’t leave your crime prevention sense at home. Almost any crime that can happen at home or in your neighborhood can happen in the workplace Office Crime

  • Keep your purse, wallet, keys, or other valuable items with your at all times or locked in a drawer or closet.
  • Check the identity of any strangers who are in your office—ask whom they are visiting and if you can help them find that person. Don’t forget to request identification from service or utility workers as well. If this makes you uncomfortable, inform security or management about your suspicions.
  • Do not allow visitors to be alone in your office space. Be sure to provide an escort at all times.
  • Be discreet. Don’t advertise your social life or vacation plans and those of your co-workers to people visiting or calling your place of work.
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12 Jan TAMS Productivity Assessment

tams productivity assessment

Tams Productivity Assessment

Compliments of the season,

In our quest to continue to inspire Nigerian employees to be star performers in their organizations, we are pleased to bring you the latest development on TAMS, the widely acclaimed human resource management solution.

Consequently, we have redesigned the TAMS Ambassadors Initiative to include productivity metrics called TAMS Productivity Assessment or TPA. The metrics are aimed at challenging employees to be self-motivated and committed to self-development in order to deliver exceptional performances on a consistent basis.


 The TPA has a range of benefits to employers and employees alike.

  • It helps processes like work planning, performance monitoring, recognition and reward.
  • It is focused on productivity management thus giving it a profound effect on employee motivation and satisfaction.
  • It provides data on width of productivity which can be used to evaluate the success of an organization’s recruitment and induction practices.
  • It provides arguably the best opportunity for a supervisor and subordinate to identify and agree on training and development.
  • It complements an organization’s appraisal system.

 How it Works

(a)  Employee carries out self-evaluation on the stated metrics.

(b)  Afterwards, the supervisor evaluates the employee on the same metrics.

(c)  The aggregate performance score will be added to the average annual attendance.

(d)  While the TPA is used for the annual TAMS Ambassador selection, organisations can use it for evaluating employee productivity as they desire.

 Punctuality + Productivity = PROFITABILITY

TAMS Ambassador Award

  • At the end of the year, 15 employees with the best TPA scores are selected. The top 3 win an all-expense paid trip to Dubai and 12 other winners are rewarded with consolation prizes.
  • For the 2016 edition, Employee Assessment Scores are to be recorded on or before 30th of January, 2017 to qualify. Hence, we urge you to execute the TPA so that your employees will be eligible for the 2016 TAMS Ambassador award.


What is TPA?

TPA is TAMS Productivity Assessment, a metric to measure employees’ on-the-job productivity.

Does TPA integrate with the Time & Attendance report?

Yes, the TPA and Time & Attendance report are aggregated to provide the total TAMS Ambassador report.

What are the requirements for the TAMS Ambassador award?

Employee is to carry out self-evaluation on TPA (in Appraisal Module) on TAMS. This is followed by his/her supervisor’s evaluation. The TPA Score is added to the employee Time & Attendance report. At year-end, the top 15 employees across the nation will emerge as the TAMS Ambassadors.

Some staff do not have access to a computer. So, how would they do the productivity assessment?

For employees that do not have access to a computer, the TPA form can be generated and printed. They would thereafter fill and submit to the HR officer in charge, who then inputs the data on the TPA module.

How can I view the scores of my employees?

In the Appraisal module, go to ‘Generate TPA Report’ to view reports. Employees can also view reports on the page when they log on to TAMS.



  • Log on to TAMS as employee using Company ID, PIN and Password (Default is password)
  • Click on manage Appraisal (if appraisal is not there, tell the administrator to activate the appraisal module from dashboard)
  • Select TPA
  • Click on add TAMS productivity assessment
  • If employee is filling it online, select various options such as name, department, year (select 2016), as the assessment is for 2016. It is a cumulative of attendance record for the year 2016 and the TPA score by staff and supervisor
  • If employee does not have access to the computer, click on Download TPA form for the employee to score him/herself.
  • It will be submitted to the supervisor who will help in inputting the sores.
  • Once it is filled, click on submit


  • Log on to TAMS as employee using Company ID, PIN and Password (Default is password)
  • Click on manage Appraisal (if appraisal is not there, tell the administrator to activate the appraisal module from dashboard)
  • Select TPA
  • Click on add TAMS productivity assessment
  • If employee has filled TPA online, or the form has been downloaded. Supervisor should help in inputting the scores
  • Concurrently , the supervisor should also score the employees attached to him (in his department)
  • Once it is filled, click on submit

AS Human Resource Manager

To have an efficient grading system, the following should be done.

  • Activate appraisal on dashboard (via module pane) using the admin log in information
  • On organisation, go to approval level
  • Select one approval
  • Select the supervisor of a department as approving authority
  • Select the HR if he/she would be approving for all, and select all employee
  • Select department to pull down all staff in such department
  • Select all employees and Choose TPA as approval type
  • Then save.
  • Do same for all departments if it involves supervisor.
  • Go to Manage Users and give privilege of HR


  • Log on to TAMS as employee using Company ID, PIN and Password (Default is password)
  • Click on manage Appraisal (if appraisal is not there, tell the administrator to activate the appraisal module from dashboard)
  • Select TPA
  • Click on add TAMS productivity assessment
  • If employee has filled TPA online, or the form has been downloaded. Supervisor should input the scores on employee’s behalf.
  • Concurrently , the supervisor should also score the employees attached to him (in his department)
  • Once it is filled, click on submit

THE TPA SCORES and infograph CAN BE CHECKED ON TAMS AMBASSADOR MODULE, Contact: For further details and clarification, please call Ibrahim- 0805 453 9019 or Odunsi- 0815 514 0577.

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10 Jan Healthy Brain Food for Kids

brain food

Brain Food For Kids

Eating well is good for your mental as well as your physical health. The brain requires nutrients just like your heart, lungs or muscles do. But which foods are particularly important to keep our grey matter happy and healthy?

Fish and Fish Oils
High in omega 3 fatty acids
Improves brain function and memory
Lessens the effects of attention deficits

Brown Rice
Helps with sleep
Prevents constipation
Eases asthma
Prevents cancer, heart disease,
diabetes and obesity

Sweet Potato
Prevents obesity and diabetes
Prevents constipation
Helps eye sight
Great for a sweet tooth

Helps eyesight
Boost immunity
Aids healthy lungs

Helps prevent cancer
Eases asthma
Sun protection

Chicken (organic, free range)
Great for cell growth and repair
Boost immunity
Promotes sleep and eases stress

1. Opt for wholegrains

Like everything else in your body, the brain cannot work without energy. The ability to concentrate and focus comes from an adequate, steady supply of energy – in the form of glucose in our blood to the brain. Achieve this by choosing wholegrains with a low-GI, which release glucose slowly into the bloodstream, keeping you mentally alert throughout the day. Opt for ‘brown’ wholegrain cereals, granary bread, rice and pasta.


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10 Jan Security Tips for Students Safety

students safety

Students Safety

If you have your ward in any school, aside from the expectations that your ward should be properly taught, you will also be concern about the security of your ward. Security in recent times is becoming a major concern to the average man or woman on the street simple because of the high rate of crimes in various parts of the world.

If you run a school, it is important to take security very seriously. If as a proprietor or proprietress of a school and you do not place security of the lives of your students and employees as a top priority, then you will struggle to get parents to enroll their children in

  1. Install CCTV in all nooks and crannies of the school premises
  2. The school compound should be fenced and gated
  3. There should be security personal stationed at the school gate
  4. Visitors Management System (VMS) should be used for visitor’s clearance
  5. Students and workers should always be in possession of their ID card
  6. Proper security check must be conducted before employing teachers and other employees
  7. Students should be trained on security related subjects
  8. A security club should be formed in the school
  9. Only the parents of students or someone duly assigned should be allowed to pick up Students from the School
  10. Central security alarm should be installed in the school premises
  11. Students bags should be searched from time to time to prevent them from bringing in dangerous weapons into the school
  12. Students should be encouraged to report any suspicious moves or person within the school premises to the school management
  13. Students should only be allowed to leave the school premises only when they have a pass from the security post
  14. Students should be issued access cards
  15. Kids should be taught not to talk to strangers
  16. Teach teachers to be vigilant


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09 Jan Harmattan Safety Tips

Harmattan Safety Tips

       Harmattan Safety tips

  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration
  • Wash your eyes regularly to avoid red eyes which is common in during harmattan
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a mask or towel when it is dusty
  • Avoid or reduce outdoor activities, especially if you have allergies
  • Stay indoors to avoid dust inhalation of harmful particles coming with the wind
  • Wear clothes that keep your body warm
  • Visit the clinic if you have red, itchy, and watery eyes.
  • Get medical help if you have running, itchy, sneezing, and stuffy nose
  • Keep the doors and windows closed
  • Always use moisturizers to prevent dry skin and dry palms
  • Use lip balm to prevent cracked lips


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09 Jan Getting Workplace Productivity Right in 2017


There could not have been a more fitting quote to open this article than that of famous talk queen, Oprah Winfrey. “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right” is a simple yet profound statement with an underlying message that life seems to give us an opportunity to find answers to questions we could not tackle last year.

At a seminar for human resource professionals in November 2016, a major concern for practitioners was their inability to find the right process to ensure that employees are punctual at duty posts and deliver promptly on their tasks. In our 21st century world where there is an app for practically everything, technology has provided answers to human resource process challenges.

One technology that has taken the corporate world by storm due to its ability to drive overall organizational performance by aligning employee productivity and punctuality to corporate goals and targets is TAMS. Whatever the size of the organization, the TAMS human resource management solution helps to manage employees from recruitment to retirement

TAMS is a proven system deployed by over 1000 organizations in Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea. Testimonies of customers in various industries attest to is effectiveness and convenience. Therefore, shouldn’t the TAMS solution rank high in the corporate New Year resolution list?

“The kind of operations we run in VON (Volkswagen of Nigeria) is about productivity and then we have been able to increase productivity by at least 30% because staff are cautious of their time, the statistics I have show’s that they come in early and otherward I have been able to manage especially the timing.” – Mr. Adebiyi Idowu, Human Resources Manager, VON Nigeria.

“I think their strongest selling point is the ability to develop software that suits and best works for your organization. TAMS has been able to help us capture the attendance of our staff which in turn improves productivity”- Mr. Oluwole Oderinde, Human Resources, MRS Oil Nigeria PLC.

“TAMS has enabled me organize my staff database so well that now to get information is just a click away, I will surely recommend TAMS any day any time.”– Mrs. Elizabeth King, (former) Human Resources Manager, Nett Pharmacy.

From TAMS Nigeria and SB Tel & Devices Limited, we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017.

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