09 Dec Farm City Deploys TAMS to Boost Staff Productivity

farm city deploys tams

Farm City Deploys TAMS

Farm City, one of the leading Nigeria’s farms in Nigeria, dedicated with bringing good service delivery to her customers deploys TAMS HRM solution to enhance efficiency and productivity amongst member staff.

TAMS will remotely manage employee’s time attendance, payroll management/salary processing, shift and leave management as well as other human resources needs.

Furthermore, the salary processing enables direct remittance on salaries and other allowances, thus eliminating the burden of moving cash and facilitating compliance to the CBN’s cashless policy.

TAMS’ time-tested attendance, HRM, payroll and related functionalities enjoy acclaim across different sectors and business sizes as it saves organizations the burden of time theft, loss of productivity and increase return on investment.

As we in TAMS, we are building our reputation on your satisfaction.

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08 Dec Benefits of blood donors regularly to the vital organs

benefits of blood donors

Benefits Of Blood Donors

  1. Reduce risk of Heart Attacks

Studies have shown that benefits of Blood Donation can reduce the risk of heart attacks to 1/3 times, especially in men. Blood, especially red blood cells are the cells that contain hemoglobin which is formed of iron, which serves to bind oxygen. The iron requirement depends on gender and age. Male adults need 8.5 mg / day and adult women of childbearing age requires 18.9 mg / day. Iron requirements can be obtained from foods derived from biological sources (non-heme iron) with the bioavailability of 2-3% and animal sources (heme iron) with a bioavailability of 20-23%.

By donating blood regularly, blood regeneration will take place more quickly, the oxidation of cholesterol becomes slower. In addition, blood flow more smoothly and also can to prevent the accumulation of fat and cholesterol oxidation in the coronary arteries walls. This can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

  1. Prevent Liver Damage

The liver is important to the body. Actively, it heps the metabolism process of vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, and carbohydrates. The liver converts glucose into glycogen and help in the storage of glycogen, vitamins and minerals. The liver also important to role in the blood purification and detoxification. The liver also synthesizes plasma proteins and blood clotting agents.

With donating blood regularly, it means we have to prevent liver damage caused by excess iron in the body.

  1. Stimulate Corpuscle

After donating blood, the body works to replenish blood loss. Benefits of blood donors regularly can help stimulate the production of new blood cells. Donating blood helping the body stay healthy and work more efficiently.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Hemochromatosis

Haemochromatosis is a genetic disorder in which the body absorbs too much iron from food that our bodies undergo the course of causing excess iron.

Excess iron is then deposited in various organs, especially the liver. Excess iron can also be stored in the pancreas, liver, testis / ovary, skin and joints. The main action in overcoming Haemochromatosis is the removal of blood routine, it is done to reduce the excess iron from the body.

It can be inherited or may be caused by alcoholism, anemia or other disorders. Donating blood regularly donors can help reduce overload iron.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease

In the blood there is a component called iron. Iron is an effect on the thickness of the blood. High iron levels cause blood thicker. Besides the increase in iron levels can also accelerate the process of oxidation of cholesterol.

It can affect in blood and increase friction when blood flow in the blood vessels thus increasing the risk of the occurrence of resistance in the blood vessels. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, by donating blood you can lower the risk of heart disease by 33% and reduce the risk of heart attack by 88%.

Researchers from the American Medical Association said that by donating blood every six months can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke at the age of 43 to 61 years.

  1. Lower risk of cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that is most feared. The risk of contracting cancer is often associated with high levels of iron in the blood.

The higher iron content, the greater the potential for developing cancer. Good news for regular blood donors, in which the content of iron in the blood can be controlled by means of a blood donor. That is, the risk of cancer of the liver, intestines, lungs, throat and forth, getting lower.

  1. Lowering cholesterol

By donating blood, we not only help others, but also reduce the risk of cholesterol disease. In fact, that it’s not all cholesterol is regarded as an enemy. The proof High density lipoprotein (HDL) can be beneficial for the body because it can expedite the flow of blood. But you have to worry is Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), which can lead to clogging and blocking the flow of blood.

Blood contains iron, if the iron in blood is overload, cholesterol can be oxidized. This means that there will be a blockage in blood vessels. Therefore, it takes a blood donation to reduce the amount of iron in the blood.

LDL cholesterol is commonly found in animal foods such as meat, other foods are fast food and milk. If the amount of iron is not removed through blood donation, there will be fat deposition on the walls of blood vessels. And in turn can lead to other diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

  1. Accelerate the wound healing process

Your body will adjust to the reduction in red blood cells when you perform a blood donor. Adjustment of the body such as this also happens when your body wounds. The impact, these adjustments will also affect the wound healing process that you experience.

Benefits of donating blood regularly for beauty

  1. Maintain weight

For those who are overweight, it is advisable to undergo blood donor regularly. Because, each blood donation can burn fat up to 650 calories. However, blood donors cannot be regarded as an attempt to lose weight.

Its only weight control only. Due to become a blood donor, there are special conditions. For donors who weighs about 49 kilograms, must have hemoglobin levels and iron are healthy to be able to donate regularly every two months or three months.

  1. Prevent Premature Aging

By donating blood regularly, you not just getting weight loss but your mind also becomes more stable. By doing so, all the activities you are doing more focused and makes it all running smoothly. so you do not experience stress.

Stress is one of the triggers premature aging, if you can keep your mind, then by a blood donor, you can keep your skin that are not easily wrinkled. Benefits of blood donor for these women have a lot to prove. Aside from being a concern for fellow human beings, blood donor also can give more benefits which is very surprising.

Source: http://drhealthbenefits.com/lifestyle/healthy/healthy-habits/health-benefits-of-blood-donation-regularly

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08 Dec Tips to Improve Blood Circulation

improving blood circulation

Improving Blood Circulation

1. Quit Smoking

If you smoke, you’re damaging your body. The top cause of poor circulation is the nicotine found in tobacco products. Quitting can be difficult, so it is best to create a plan and consult with a physician about which smoking-cessation option would work best for you.

2. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can be a serious medical problem for several reasons, and poor circulation is one of them. Plasma, which makes up more than half of total blood volume, is about 93 percent water. We recommend that you drink at least eight glasses of water daily, although this can increase depending on your level of physical activity or the weather. Keep in mind that alcohol and caffeine can have a dehydrating effect on your body.

3. Get Plenty of Exercise

When you perform aerobic exercise, you are doing more than burning fat and building muscles. Aerobic exercises, such as running, rowing, cycling and brisk walking, will increase your heart rate and give your circulatory system a boost. With at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily, you can improve your body’s ability to move blood.

4. Take a warm bath

For temporary improvement of your circulation, taking a warm bath will cause your arteries and veins to expand, which gives more space for blood to flow. A similar effect can come from drinking hot tea or hot water.

5. Reduce your stress

It may be hard, but cutting back on the stresses in your life will lower your blood pressure and improve your circulation. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, take time off from work occasionally and avoid unhealthy foods. Finding a low-impact hobby can help you to counterbalance the stress that exists elsewhere in your life.

Source: http://johnstonhealth.org/2012/03/5-tips-to-improve-blood-circulation/

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tams change with me


A few years ago, Desmond Agbowa, a high-flying engineer returned to contribute his quota to Nigeria’s development after he had spent most of his life in the United Kingdom. He started an engineering firm and was doing very well. In a short time, his staff strength had grown to more than 30 people.

Having heard so much about the top medical personnel in the general hospitals, when he took ill he did not waste time to visit one. He got there as early as 7.30 a.m. so that he could be attended to in good time and get back to work. But the front desk officer had not arrived. To his utter shock, she strolled into the office an hour and fifteen minutes later, and didn’t even bother to apologize to the anxiously waiting patients.

As soon as she took Engr. Agbowa’s details, she discovered that the doctor meant to attend to him would not be coming in throughout that week and there was no replacement doctor to take his case. Visibly upset, Engr. Agbowa regretted his return to the country and lamented “What sort of system are they running in this place?” A few days later, after much thought he made up his mind and decided to close down his business and move back to the UK.

As familiar as the scenario at the hospital was, the real cost of that experience is that the country lost a sound professional and his contribution to growth of the economy. More so, it has rendered 30 people jobless and countless dependents without support due to the lackadaisical attitude of a few people.

Recently, President Muhammadu Buhari launched the ‘Change Begins with Me’ campaign, where he said that “The reorientation must start from the top of governance and leadership as an example for citizens to follow”. As a vital component of the executive arm of government responsible for implementing public policies and strategies, the civil service is the cynosure of all eyes in the actualization of this national reorientation campaign.

To be continued.

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30 Nov Nordica Deploys TAMS to Boost Productivity

nordica deploys tams

Nordica Deploys tams

Nordica Fertility Centre, is one of the leading Nigeria’s centre for world class assisted reproductive services with centres in Lagos, Abuja & Asaba, dedicated with bringing good service delivery to her customers deploys TAMS HRM solution to enhance efficiency and productivity amongst member staff.

TAMS will remotely manage employee’s time attendance, payroll management/salary processing, shift and leave management as well as other human resources needs.

Furthermore, the salary processing enables direct remittance on salaries and other allowances, thus eliminating the burden of moving cash and facilitating compliance to the CBN’s cashless policy.

TAMS’ time-tested attendance, HRM, payroll and related functionalities enjoy acclaim across different sectors and business sizes as it saves organizations the burden of time theft, loss of productivity and

As we in TAMS, we are building our reputation on your satisfaction.

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30 Nov Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

online marketing tips












     Online Marketing Tips

  • Leverage social media.
  • Create a facebook business page and use Facebook advertising
  • Post to Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Leverage email marketing and email reminders
  • Try PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising/Google AdWords.
  • Conduct webinars.
  • Don’t forget about press releases.
  1. Use a social media management tool. Social media management tools can help you streamline all your day to day activity on social media. With the right tool, you’ll not only save time but also get better results over time and maximize your social media ROI.
    Ideally, you’ll find a tool that allows you to manage all your social accounts from a single dashboard. Agorapulse is an excellent management tool that supports a broad range of platforms with a lot of great functionality, including in-depth analytics, scheduling, and reporting.
  2. Optimize your website content for sharing on social media. When people share your content from your website to social platforms, you need to make sure that it’s shared in the best possible way. Use know.em social media optimization tool to check how well your website is optimized for sharing via social media. You’ll get a rating out of 100% for each social network with recommendations on how to fix the issues.
  3. Automate sharing of evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that is always relevant to your audience and never goes out of date. When you have valuable content with no expiration date, why not share it continually? Use Agorapulse or a similar tool to set this up.
  4. Use automated Twitter DM’s strategically. Last year I ran a content marketing conference with my buddy Mark Schaefer and over 25% of the ticket sales were from Twitter. I targeted a very relevant group of followers on Twitter and sent a personalized DM. DM’s are only useful if they are personalized and highly targeted. You can use a tool such as Audiense to run automated DM campaigns.

Source: http://www.cio.com/article/2376444/online-marketing/8-expert-online-marketing-tips-for-small-businesses.html

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30 Nov Steps to Avoid Your Triggers

avoid your triggers







     Avoid Your Triggers

  1. Watch what you eat and drink. If you get a headache, write down the foods and drinks you had before it started. If you see a pattern over time, stay away from that item.
  2. Eat regularly. Don’t skip meals.
  3. Curb the caffeine. Too much, in any food or drink, can cause migraines. But cutting back suddenly may also cause them. So try to slowly ease off caffeine.
  4. Be careful with exercise. Everyone needs regular physical activity. It’s a key part of being healthy. But it can trigger headaches for some people. If you’re one of them, you can still work out. Ask your doctor what would help.
  5. Get regular shut-eye. If your sleep habits get thrown off, or if you’re very tired, that can make a migraine more likely.
  6. Downsize your stress. There are many ways to do it. You could exercise, meditate, pray, spend time with people you love, and do things you enjoy. If you can change some of the things that make you tense, set up a plan for that. Counseling and stress management classes are great to try, too. You can also look into biofeedback, in which you learn how to influence certain things (like your heart rate and breathing) to calm down stress.
  7. Keep up your energy. Eat on a regular schedule, and don’t let yourself get dehydrated.
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29 Nov Employee Survival during Recession

Survival during Recession

survival during recession

Recently a survey was carried out by a Time Factor reporter on employee survival during this recession period. One Mr. Adebayo Musa who works as a senior security officer in a reputable company had the most touching story.

He was quoted as saying, “Before this recession wahala, I was living in a 3 bedroom apartment with my family. We had enough to eat and even some to give out. But since this recession, my brother, things have been hard. Two months ago, I had to relocate my family to the village. As I am speaking to you, I have no house to stay in Lagos and have been managing to lay my head in the company’s security room.”

Mr. Musa’s experience begs the question as to what employers should do to get the best out of their employees during this tough recession period, as research shows that happy employees are usually highly productive. However, with salaries being reduced or at best remaining at the same level while purchasing power is dropping by the day, how can one expect employees to give their best during this period?

To find some creative answers to this dilemma, TAMS Nigeria recently hosted human resource managers across the country at the TAMS HRM Workshop in Lagos with the theme ‘Optimizing Employee Performance During a Recession’. The keynote speaker was a highly acclaimed HR consultant and strategist, Fela Durotoye.

Mr. Durotoye emphasized the need for HR managers to put the issue of employee engagement in the front burner of corporate culture. While stating that opportunities abound even in harsh economic environments, Durotoye encouraged HR managers to have a growth mindset and not a survival outlook, noting that “The market never shrinks. It’s the players that do.”

It is becoming increasingly clear that effectively engaging employees is of great significance at this time, even beyond adding to wages, the value of which has been weakened by the recession anyway. Thus, as organizations of all sizes and types work to promote employee wellbeing, the human resources function must continue to champion this as a critical element of corporate culture and practices beyond the recession.

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24 Nov Lagos SUBEB Enhances Communication Network

subeb enhances comm

Subeb Enhances Comm

It is no longer news that Lagos is Africa’s most populous city with over 20 million inhabitants. As the population continues to grow at a rapid rate, the state caters for millions of school children; a situation that calls for more teachers and other staff to ensure quality service delivery.

Without a doubt, service delivery or getting things done involves more than simply “asking” or “telling”. It requires clear, prompt and purposeful exchange of information. It has been said that communication is a process of reaching mutual understanding in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. That is why prompt information dissemination and feedbacks are essential.

It is in recognition of the critical role of communication in the delivery of excellent service that the Lagos State Government Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) has engaged the services of SB Telecoms to deploy one of its award-winning communication technologies, the PABX telecommunication system, to enable the free flow of communication within it workforce and with other stakeholders such as parents and policy makers.

As the number of children in Lagos that require education, especially in the public school system, soars the pressure on the system to deliver without compromising quality can only be assuaged with technology. So, it does not come as a surprise that SUBEB has joined the likes of NAHCO and other numerous clients on SB Telecoms’ PABX platform, because, as they say, “Communication is the thread by which you tie yourself to the world and the world to you.”

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cutting costs biometrics


Buddy punching, where a colleague (or accomplice) punches the time card of their friend who is running late or leaving a bit early can ruin your effort at tracking time and attendance, thereby  adding up to hundreds of thousands of Naira in overpayment each year.

Employees do it because they do not realize or simply do not care about the real cost involved and most department managers are so overworked that tracking time and attendance is the last thing they think about.

The most obvious way that tracking time and attendance helps to improve profits is by ensuring that employees are only getting paid for what they do. Merely assuming that each employee is working a full day or allowing each employee to turn in attendance records that they’ve entered without scrutiny is a recipe for business failure.

Even a simple act of habitually coming to work five minutes late can add up quickly when you are not tracking time and attendance correctly. Those five (inexcusable) minutes you’re paying for adds up to about twenty one hours every year.

So, Mr. Ibeneme got a respite with TAMS…

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