18 Aug Intercellular Nigeria Deploys TAMS Verify

intIntercellular, a leading telecommunication firm in Nigeria with her customer centric nature has deployed TAMS verify for effective customer satisfaction delivery.

TAMS VERIFY is a web-based biometric technology that makes it easy to manage organization’s background screening and verification process across multiple locations. TAMS Verify (is an application) that runs on a Server/Client Architecture.

The solution utilizes a GPRS-enabled mobile/handheld biometrics device (BioSmart-G2). TAMS Verify uses biometric technology to register, verify, identify and manages customers, staff and/or employees.

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  • Drink coffee to have a better nap. Napping clears out adenosine which is a byproduct of wakefulness and, when combined with caffeine, an adenosine blocker, reduces the effect and amplifies the effect of the nap.
  • For healthy teeth, don’t brush immediately after eating. Acidic foods softens the enamel and brushing speeds up the process. Always wait 30min before brushing after meals.
  • To wear a smaller size, gain muscle weight. Cut back on calories and add weights to workouts to lose inches.
  • To eat less, eat more of proteins and fat as they help you get and stay full longer than carbohydrates.
  • Skip energy drinks when you’re tired as it spikes your blood sugar temporarily, only to crash soon after leaving you sluggish and foggy-headed.
  • Drink water when you’re bloated as this affects the mobility if the gut and reduces the symptoms of bloating.
  • Ditch diet soda to lose weight as it’s been proven that people who drank diet soda had a greater increase in waist circumference than people who didn’t.
  • Drink a hot beverage to cool off. Once your body sense a change in temperature and increases sweat production but as soon as the sweat dries off, your body cools off naturally.
  • Exercise when you’re tired. When you do, it helps you work more efficiently and you don’t tire as easily.
  • Ditch antibacterial soap to prevent illness as long term of ingredients in these products such as triclosan may pose health risks.
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In modern business practice there are many kinds of leave available to employees; sick, annual, casual etc. Tied together with the different leave structures of companies and the requirements to request and grant leave we can often allocate too much time and resources to manage it. With business practice in the world, minimal time should be spent on managing leave. A leave management system, also known as LMS, is a platform that enables a company to easily and correctly allocate, track and grant leave as well as allow for employees to request and track their own leave. This is beneficial to organizations on a whole to allow for more time to streamline all other business aspects.

Today’s leave management system is more often found in the form of a web based application due to its easy accessibility and ability to run on almost any device and operating system that has a web browser. TAMS Leave management systems make it easy for an employee to request leave from their own desk or even from home if sick.

The request for leave will then reflect to the relevant superior for approval, if the leave request is denied, a reason must be entered into the leave management system and the applicant will be notified. This is particularly beneficial to companies with branches positioned around different locations. If the leave application requires a second superior to approve it the leave management system will notify and request their approval before notifying the applicant. The leave management system can also notify other parties that are required to be notified about an employee’s leave but not required to approve the leave.

TAMS leave management system provides an easy way for human resources or management to administer leave, granting the ability to setup a standard leave scheme or customizes it per employee. The leave management system will automatically deduct leave, take and add leave accumulated according to number of days giving within a determined period in accordance with the company’s leave policy.

Contact us today for a robust leave management system, call 08083846345, 08054539109 also click https://www.tams.com.ng/leave-exemptions/, https://www.tams.com.ng/

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  • Before driving a car, do a simple safety check. Turn on the lights and walk around the vehicle to ensure that all lights are in working order.
  • When you get into the car, adjust all mirrors and seats before placing the key in the ignition.
  • Always wear your seatbelts and never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Always use your turn signals and pay attention to all signs.
  • Keep your eyes moving. Notice what is happening on the sides of the road and check behind you through your mirrors every 6-8 seconds.
  • Expect the other drivers to make mistakes and think what you would do if a mistake does happen.
  • If your car stalls on the road, do not leave your car. Put on your hazard lights to allow others to see you better.
  • When traveling behind other vehicles, there should be at least a four second space between your vehicles.
  • Don’t talk on a cell phone while driving. Phones detract from your ability to concentrate on the road and increase your chance of a collision by nearly 400%.
  • Remember as your speed increases so does your braking distance. If you double your speed, you quadruple your braking distance. If you double the weight of your vehicle, you double the stopping distance.
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15 Aug Third Quiz In August


  1. According to the previous article of the week
    • What is the topic of the Article ……..?
    • With the recent global economy, how do you think time & attendance can help to increase income and productivity of organizations?
  2. What was posted as Security Tip for last week?
    • Mention 3 from the tips that was useful to you.
  3. What was posted as Technology Tip for last week?
    • Mention two steps from the tips.


Kindly note that all questions are from our previous posts.

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11 Aug Barlen Projects Places a Premium on Time Management


It is a known fact that time management is a critical part of project management. This is so because of the premium placed on time to ensure delivery of tasks or sub-tasks involved in a project. Thus, it is not an overkill to appropriately monitor allocation and productive use of time to the successive stages of a project from start to completion.

To eliminate time-theft and redundancy, Barlen Projects Limited, an export based company with a vast employee population, has signed on to the award-winning TAMS HRM solution to properly monitor and manage employee attendance in order to maximize employee performance and productivity.

Thus, Barlen joins over one thousand organizations using the TAMS HRM solution to monitor attendance as well as to manage its human resources management needs using the remittance payroll system to pay salaries directly amongst others. So, call the hotlines on 08083846345, 08054539109 for further information. Also, visit https://www.tams.com.ng/ for more information

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10 Aug Configure Your PC to Use HDMI

HDMFor reasons I don’t really understand, Windows* seems to ignore the HDMI* port when you plug something in, so we’ll have to power it up and tell the computer it’s fine to send a signal out on the line.

That’s done by going into Control Panels and selecting “Adjust screen resolution”. On that window you’ll see that it shows there are two different displays, but one of them will be disabled.

To remedy this, click on the second monitor, then choose “Extend the desktop onto this monitor” and click “Apply”.

The HDTV screen should come to life and show you a Windows desktop background photograph.

If it doesn’t, try again.

Sometimes you have to select this more than once.

It is recommend that you now tweak the resolution on the second screen to be at least 1100 x 650, depending on what options you have. It mostly works out with 1184 x 666.

The goal is to have the background photo spread across the entire TV screen. Now make sure you have the sound unmuted and at a reasonable volume on your computer and on the TV and let’s get some content on the screen!

Sources: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/tech-tips-and-tricks/dave-taylor-hdmi-article.html

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  • Keep emergency numbers with you at all times. You can create speed dial numbers in your mobile phone just in case you find yourself in a very compromising situation.
  • Do not give away any personal information such as our phone numbers and home address, especially on social networking websites or to persons unknown to you.
  • Watch what and where you speak, especially on the phone. A lot of people have no sense of security while speaking, and could end up bragging yourself into being kidnapped and asked to pay a ransom.
  • Be alert to suspicious and unusual behaviour around you.
  • Be discrete in your philanthropic gestures as this could make you a target.
  • Do not discuss financial matters in open places and not even in the car or within the hearing of your domestic staff.
  • Do not leave your children in a car unattended, particularly while shopping, refueling or on social outings.
  • Schools should install CCTV in the school surroundings to monitor activities in and around the premises especially at opening and closing times.
  • Avoid going out alone.
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09 Aug Eliminate Salary Padding and Time-theft in Your Organization

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQRAAAAJDViNTk4NmNhLWY5MDktNDhmYy1hODE2LWQyNzcwYzdhNDExOAThe current global economic environment has forced many businesses in virtually every industry to cut workforce costs through layoffs. Still, a few companies are striving to increase employee productivity to remain afloat, even though payroll and workforce management consume as much as 50 percent of their total budget.

Unfortunately, companies that rely on outdated and laborious manual methods of payroll calculation stand the risk of computation errors apart from vulnerability to unethical practices like padding. Hence, the urgent need for biometric attendance systems which are error-free, highly accurate, quick to install and easy to use.

Biometric time and attendance systems record precisely the time of day that employees start and stop work. They also track overtime, absenteeism, employee absconding from work, lunch breaks and so on. Due to their secure nature, biometric time and attendance terminals are becoming increasingly popular in today’s workplace as a growing number of organizations are deploying these systems to improve workforce accountability, efficiency and productivity.

Without a doubt, biometric time and attendance solutions have a direct impact on employee performance by eliminating time-theft and encouraging a sense of responsibility, since it can be synchronized with third party platforms such as payroll software, remittance systems and other human resource management applications.

Reach us today at TAMS Nigeria for free consultation on best attendance system that suits your organization. Call 08054539109, 08155140577 also click https://www.tams.com.ng/

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04 Aug Top Companies Deploy TAMS for Effective Management

P&G1Do you know that putting adequate security in place is both affordable and available? Without a doubt, a secure environment enables productivity. That is why you need to consult with experts in the field of security solutions for advice that best suits your organizational needs.

A lot of organizations in different sectors across the country have taken this route by using TAMS multi-functional modules with Access Control solution for their security needs and human resources management to effectively manage their workforce. GenieNg, a leading communications company with offices in Lagos and Abuja has deployed TAMS to manage its workforce with TAMS HRM/Payroll solution module and Access control to restrict non-authorized movements.

Similarly, Peniel Apartments, a notable player in the estate management business in Abuja, in its unflinching effort to delight its customers, employed the services of SBTel & Devices to put in place a best-in-class CCTV solution to secure and monitor its environment. The solutions capture first-hand, happenings which can be played back to get facts and figures or viewed remotely on smart devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

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