05 Apr Hassle-free Performance Measurement

As a business grows and more employees are added, the use of manual methods to record, track and report time and attendance, naturally becomes cumbersome. With so many tasks vying for the attention of the human resources administrator, effective tracking tends to swing between difficult and impossible.

But why should an organization bother about ensuring that its employees are present and actively involved in what they have been employed to do in the first place?

Research shows that organizations lose more than 25% on employee ROI due to lateness and absenteeism. That is why it is pertinent to ensure that employees are actively engaged by channeling their time and energies towards optimum productivity. To do this however, would require much more than manual record keeping. It involves the use of an automated attendance tracking solution, which is simple and easy-to-use. It deploys biometric technology via fingerprints, electronic cards, passcodes, facial recognition, and so on.

Biometric time and attendance systems are now one of the most powerful applications used in organizations of all sizes and business types. With automated workflow and notifications, management can stay updated with complete information of log-ins and log-outs.

Focusing on key metrics helps to streamline assigned tasks which, in turn, enhances productivity and efficient time management, with benefits such as: tracking actual minutes worked; reduction of administrative overhead costs; equality and fairness whereby employees are paid for actual minutes worked; eliminating so-called “buddy punching” thus preventing employee time-theft. By going paperless, your organization would ensure improved productivity and flexibility, while at the same time, reduce error rate and eliminate cost.


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29 Mar SB Telecoms Tackles African Time Syndrome With TAMS Summit

summit logo

Source:- Leadership News Paper, Page 18, Sat 26th March

As part of efforts to sensitise Nigerians on the virtues of being time-consciousness and its benefits, SB Telecoms & Devices would host the inaugural edition of its high-level time management summit tagged “Time Attendance Management System (TAMS)” on May 19, 2016.

The summit was inspired by the success and acceptance of the company’s TAMS software, a robust cloud-based time and attendance management application that allows organisations to centrally monitor the attendance of their employees across multi-locations from any part of the world.

At the summit scheduled to hold in Lagos, leaders of thought from reputable global institutions of learning, as well as the public and private sectors of the economy will address a curious national devotion to the ‘African time’ syndrome. The theme of the summit which will focus on the virtue and value of efficient time-management is “From African Time to On Time”.

During the summit, leaders of thought in attendance will evaluate Nigeria’s time-keeping culture and proffer solutions to the problems identified in order to improve human capital efficiency across all sectors of the economy, thereby reducing time lost due to procrastination and boosting the national productivity level.

Chief executive officer, SB Telecoms & Devices, Mr. Afolabi Abiodun, said: “In today’s Nigeria, the ‘African Time’ syndrome has become the norm rather than the exception. It has devotees across all sectors of the economy with institutional and national inefficiency as the visible output.

“As a people we have always excused this away by blaming the unreliable public transport system, poor road networks or traffic jams.

“The goal of the TAMS summit, which was inspired by the acceptance and success of our TAMS application which has solved this same problem for over 1000 organisations, is to question the status quo. We believe this to be the significant first step required to make Nigerians more time-conscious, thereby improving our national productivity level.”

He added that the summit will bring together senior business leaders, government functionaries, eggheads from leading global institutions and other influencers, in order to provide a robust platform for them review and proffer solutions to the embarrassing ‘African Time’ malaise that is causing both the public and private sectors of the economy huge losses in revenue and productivity.

Culled from https:https://uncova.com/sb-telecoms-tackles-african-time-syndrome-with-tams-summit

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TAMS Chrome

Administering organization’s Time and Attendance should be a simple and efficient process. For many smaller businesses, however, this isn’t always the case. It may start that way, but as employees are added and the business grows, the manual methods of recording, tracking, and reporting time and attendance can rapidly become overwhelming.

The growth in every organization in terms of number makes it tedious for the admin personnel or the HRM to effectively manage her workforce due to other task assigned which he needs to closely and effectively monitor and attend to. One needs to be able to multi-switch by combining all task assigned, to effectively manage the workforce of every organization without hitch organizations needs to go auto in tracking and managing employees’ time and attendance.

Maintaining and effectively tracking employees time and attendance is a challenging task, the automated attendance tracking solution is simple and user friendly to use which eradicates all form of manual attendance tracking as a result of going biometrics by taking attendance via fingerprints, electronic cards, passcodes, facial recognition etc.

Biometric time and attendance systems have become one of the most powerful applications of the biometric technology and are widely used. With the automated workflow and notifications the management can stay updated with the complete information of the time approved, log-ins, log-outs and approvals. Thus focusing on this will help to streamline task assigned which in turn takes less time hence increasing productivity and efficient time management.

The auto time tracking solutions varies with different benefits which are listed below:-

  • Calculate your savings. Track actual minutes worked. Eliminate wasted labor minutes.
  • Cut administrative Over Head costs. Automate time tracking and eliminate administrative overhead cost.
  • Increase productivity. Pay employees for minutes worked only.  No late arrivals and early departures.
  • Eliminate so-called “Buddy Punching”. Prevent employee time theft.
  • Simple online editing. Log in from any workstation to easily manage data online.
  • Reduce labor costs. Dramatically reduce your cost of labor.
  • Easy setup and operation. Typical hardware can be set up in a matter of minutes.


To effectively improve and manage your workforce you need to go auto, going auto in work force management leads to total eradication of paperwork. With the aid of third party applications such as HRM and Payroll in your biometrics solution be rest assured that you are completely going paperless which will lead to improved productivity and flexibility, reduced error rate and eliminate cost while also enjoying the benefits listed above.




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24 Mar Ogbechie To Deliver Lecture On Time Management

diamond-bank-Dr-OgbechieChairman, Diamond Bank Plc, Dr. Chris Ogbechie, has confirmed his readiness to be the keynote speaker at the inaugural edition of the Time Attendance Management System (TAMS) Summit.

The summit, which will take place in May at MUSON Centre in Lagos, under the theme “From African Time To On Time:  A paradigm Shift” is a high-level time management meeting organised by SB Telecoms & Devices as part of an effort to create awareness on the need for Nigerians to become more time conscious.

Speaking on the need for the summit, Chief Executive Officer, SB Telecoms & Devices, Mr. Afolabi Abiodun, said it has become imperative to address the growing culture of lateness by African which are occasioned by the belief that there exist an African time which has led to loss of productive hours.

Abiodun said: “In today’s Nigeria, the syndrome of African time has become the norm rather than the exception. As a people, we have always used this as an excuse for late-coming. The malaise is worsened by unreliable public transport system, poor road networks or traffic jams and lack of sanction.

“The goal of the TAMS Summit is to question the status quo. We believe this to be the significant first step required to make Nigerians more time conscious thereby improving our national productivity level. It was inspired by the acceptance and success of our TAMS application which has solved this same problem for over 1,000 organisations.”

The summit is expected to attract thought leaders from reputable global institutions of learning as well as the public and private sectors of the economy. They are expected to evaluate Nigerians’ curious devotion to the African Time syndrome and proffer solutions to the problems identified in order to improve human capital efficiency across all sectors of the economy, reducing time lost to procrastination and boosting the national productivity level.

Panelists who are expected to discuss and deliberate on the theme include Managing Director, Wakanow.com; Obinna Ekezie, Chief Executive Officer, Clean Ace Dry Cleaners& Laundry, Mr. Eniibukun Adedayo,; and, Chief Executive Officer, Metro-Taxi and Metro Bus. Mr. Niyi Oguntoyinbo,  Director SEED Centre of Stanford University, Ms. Karen Bysiewicz, Director, Enterprise Development Centre, Mrs. Bukky George PAU, Mrs. Nneka  Okekearu, Chairman CIPM Lagos Branch, Reverend Olutoyin Senbore, and Founder and Chief Executive Officer, HealthPlus Nigeria Limited, will be the chairperson of the occasion.

TAMS is a robust cloud-based time and attendance management application that allows organisations to centrally monitor the attendance of their employees across multi-locations from any part of the world.

Culled from : http://independentnig.com/2016/03/ogbechie-deliver-lecture-time-management/#sthash.huYqkiec.wxp2csPR.dpuf

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Schools, colleges and universities are places where future of the country or society as the case may be depends. The opportunity to exchange ideas and learn should never be compromised by issues of safety and security. Security is becoming a major concern for students, parents or teachers due to escalating incidents like assaulting of teachers and ransacking the exam hall, sexual assault of female students, school fire tragedy and cases of ragging in educational premises. This has increased the demand for high-tech security products in educational sector. Many establishments have taken a step ahead by installing sophisticated security systems that can safeguard its people and premises to maintain secure and dynamic learning campuses.

You can manage your school with a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of educational industry. They can be used for primary/secondary schools, colleges and universities. It helps the educational sector to meet its demand of SMS / Email notification to parents, monthly attendance of students and staff, bus route, restricted access to labs, canteen management, fire safety and digital video recording. These unique solutions support students and staff to focus on learning and assist schools in accurately monitoring and managing schools activities.

Access Control, Time-Attendance & Video Surveillance Solution for Education Industry

  • Students and Staff Attendance
  • Parent Notification
  • High Value Computer/ Research Labs
  • Flexible and Rugged System

Students and Staff Attendance

Security of students, staff or existing infrastructure like research lab, computer lab is of paramount importance in the educational sector. Simultaneously maintaining attendance records of students and staff is a must, to retain discipline within the institute. The attendance solution allows educational foundations to generate attendance reports for current date/month, last month or even for defined date. Proxy attendance can be reduced to a great extent by using the biometrics attendance system. Bus route feature allows assigning a particular bus route to unique student ID; it is very useful while calculating student’s attendance when the bus is late. Attendance reports or any other reports of the school can be transferred into various formats like excel, text, csv and xml for further actions.

Parent Notification

Security of child is always a concern for today’s working parents. However they always demand timely updates from schools about their kids, the attendance software auto-generate an SMS or Email notification to parents about their child’s attendance, child/ward reaching school safely, when child/ward is about leaving school and when child/ward gets home with the bus monitoring system. Furthermore the solution can also be used as a communication platform where messages can be passed to parents on meetings, excursions, impromptu public holidays etc.

High Value Computer/ Research Labs

Today’s new generation students are technology savvy, which has created a demand for schools and colleges to restrict access for areas like computer labs, research labs where they might go for their fun activities. Access can be restricted to such areas by blocking the student ID or access can be given for a limited period of time. VIP access can be provided to principal for these areas. Furthermore, turnstile bar can be installed at the gate post to restrict movement of intruders from having access into the school premises.

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance assists in recording every activity that is going on within the school premises. These recordings can be viewed for evidence after an event must have taken place after which necessary actions can be taken, also the surveillance system can be streams remotely with any smart device such as laptops, iPAD, iPhones, Andriod Phones etc from anywhere you are once you have internet access.

Flexible and Rugged System

Schools and colleges many times tend to have misbehaving students, and to maintain security and time discipline within that environment is also a challenge. This generates a demand for a security system which is rugged and can handle tampering.


SBTel & Devices with her array of solutions will provide a robust education management solution for schools ranging from Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary schools. Amongst the school management solutions are:-






Call us today for Free Consultation, Maintenance, Installation and Sales of any of the school management solution. You can visit https://www.tams.com.ng/ or call 08083846345, 08054539109 for more information.

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We all remember our first mobile device. The anticipation of getting that little gadget made us giddy with excitement at the mere thought of how it would make our lives easier and more productive by allowing us to be continuously connected and reachable.

The reinvention of the tablet, with enough computing power to rival our standard laptop of five years past, and with smart phones now common place, the question is no longer a matter of “Should Human Resources capitalize on this medium to better support the workforce?”

Like other aspects of a modern business, HR is increasingly going mobile to provide workers more flexibility and to maintain a competitive edge. A suite of mobile HR apps provides an always-on, always-available repository to company policies, benefits and employee programs such as employee feedback.

All employees, regardless of their role or title in an organization, can benefit from this accessibility using their own smartphone or tablet. Anywhere, anytime access to HR means higher participation rates and engagement in beneficial HR programs.

The majority of HR mobile tools currently available on the market are focused on acquiring and managing talent, though a new layer of analytics applications are cropping up allowing users to dive into data on the go. While some apps are available as standalone products on the Android Market or iTunes App Store.

The mobile HR technology market is growing rapidly, so there are new solutions emerging all the time. But based on functionality, ease of use, and downright coolness, TAMS Mobile stand out with its easy to use modules which are listed below.

  • Dash Board
  • Profile
  • Colleague
  • Reports
  • Exemption Request
  • Leave Request
  • Loan Manager
  • Payroll System
  • TAMS Track

Dash Board:- The dashboard display first hand statistics and information of employee at a glance such as employee statistics ( number of users), Employee Attendance (present, absent, late, punctual employee etc.), Employee Exemption and Leave request etc.

Profile: – The profile has the key personal information of all users.

TAMS Ambassador: – The TAMS ambassador displays at a glance the most punctual employee for the month or for the year in your organization.

Reports: – This module allows you generate all attendance report on the TAMS HRM Application such as:-

  • The simple attendance
  • Attendance Summary
  • Weekly attendance
  • Lateness report
  • Punctuality report
  • Absentee report
  • Attendance log attendance deduction etc.

Exemption Request: – The exemption request allows employees to state reasons why they were not at the office at a particular point e.g a field employee who had to attend to an assignment on field and could not make it back to the office would use the module to state the reason why he/she could not make it back to the office.

Leave Request: – TAMS as an HRM application is tend towards reducing paper work to the barest minimum for organizations to see to accuracy and accountability. The leave modules enable employees apply for leave with the mobile leave module as against the traditional paper way of application.

Loan Manager: – The loan manager enables employee apply for loan, which goes directly to the necessary authority to authorize when due. TAMS Loan Manager enables company to set bench mark on amount of loan every employee is entitled to base on cadre.

Payroll System: – This module allows employee few their pay slip.

TAMS Track: – This module is designed for field workers, the module enables member staff sign-in and sign-out remotely on the biometrics time attendance device. When a sign-in or out is done, the system takes the coordinate of the area the user is at that particular point in time to actualize if  truly he/she is ought to be at the right place at the right time.

Check google play store for TAMS Mobile and use the App for free, you can also visit https://www.tams.com.ng/ for more. Call 08083846345 for further information.

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27 Jan Setting the Right Time and Attendance Rules from the inception.


Having been running a company for years or are making your first foray into the business world, how you deal with a regularly tardy or absent employee will go a long way in determining your company’s success.

Inevitably, you or one of your managers will at some point deal with someone who makes it a habit of being late for work or calling in sick on a regular basis, creating time and attendance issues for your business.

While there are excusable absences, taking advantage of being more than a few minutes late once every now and then or using a sick day and heading to the beach do not fall under the excusable definition.

As the head of the company or as a manager, how will you address such individuals who try and work the system, putting other employees at a disadvantage?

The reasons for such actions can include:

  • You don’t have a properly set attendance time and policies in place, meaning certain employees are “pushing the envelope” to see what they can and can’t get away with;
  • The Manager in charge of the department where the time and attendance issues are emanating from is not enforcing the rules;
  • The business owner and top managers can go at your own leisure, thereby abusing the business rules;
  • Office Ethics are suffering when employees wear an “I don’t care” attitude to the workplace.

Consider tams as a simultaneous equation to fix your office attendance & office rules problem

In the event employee’s truancy in the office where they are coming and going as they please, then you need to wrap your arms around the problem quickly. Have you lost control as the business owner or as a department manager? Have you turned off the very people you’ve tried to turn on to doing what is best for the company?

Either way, employee tardiness and unusual absences should lead you to review your office time and attendance policy.

The TAMS web base Application is best solution for this purpose. Setting up a flexible business rules is very easy. Just follow the steps on your goal to have a fair and clear time, and attendance policy resolved.

  1. On your TAMS Application (tams.com.ng/tamsportal)
  2. Go to organization
  3. Click on company details and Edit company details
  4. Go to Attendance deduction
  5. No of Lateness to ignore: This is overlooking a certain number of lateness that could be ignored depending on organization. This may be as a result of traffic or other exigencies.
  6. Number of NO-CLOCK to ignore: This is overlooking a certain number of NO-CLOCK by employee depending on organization. This might be due to forgetfulness of employee to CLOCK-IN
  • Compute Lateness By: The employee lateness time can be computed based on minute, hour and Daily
  1. Number of Hour Work for NO-CLOCK: This is the equivalent hour to be put together for employee NO-CLOCK.

For example, Number of Hour for NO-CLOCK is 4 Hours (Out of the 8 Hours Expected working Hour. Invariably, the Employee will be paid half day pay for that day.

The corresponding payment expected to be paid by employee is synchronized with attendance report; and can be viewed in the Attendance Deduction Report.


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There are several benefits to going paperless, so many companies have decided to joing the bandwagon. Tech companies have also wis ened up and begun offering many products and services that can help companies to go paperless. Siting staff attendance, visitor attendance, contractor’s attendance and client’s attendance as a case study, going paperless in this regards assist organizations in cutting cost, get accuracy and help save data for future use and referencing.

Why Go Paperless?

Going paperless can benefit companies, employees, and visitors. The company saves money on paper, instill discipline, accuracy and in turn sees gains such as high return on investment, better organization and improved processes as a result. Less paper use for attendance eradicates paddy punch-in, lateness to work, absenteeism, keeps records for future referencing etc.

Invest in a Biometrics Scanner for Attendance

Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Among the features measured are face, fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice. Biometric data are separate and distinct from personal information. Biometric templates cannot be reverse-engineered to recreate personal information and they cannot be stolen and used to access personal information.

Using a unique, physical attribute of your body, such as your fingerprint or iris, to effortlessly identify and verify that you are who you claim to be, is the best and easiest solution in the market today. That is the simple truth and power of Biometrics Technology today. Although biometric technology has been around for many years, modern advances in this emerging technology, coupled with big reductions in cost, now make biometrics readily available and affordable to consumers, small business owner, larger corporations and public sector agencies alike.

If there are historical documents or manuals that are currently on paper, investing in a scanner can help you to keep it paperless and clean. The biometrics attendance scanner eradicate any form of paper attendance, reduce absenteeism, prevent buddy punch and in turn increase Return on Investment (ROI).

Implement TAMS

The attendance biometrics scanner is synchronized with a software called TAMS, Time Attendance Management Solution. TAMS® solution is a Comprehensive Human Resource Software Solutions with complete HR Management designed specifically to enable organization receive high Return On Investment (ROI). TAMS®provides CEO and Human Resource Managers with advanced methodology to easily collect, track and manage employee time and attendance with automated payroll system.

TAMS manages and improves workforce capabilities with strong impact on the operations of the organization.

Encourage Paperless Leave/Exemption Request

Workflow system is closely integrated with time attendance and payroll software. This module helps to facilitates online leave application, and approval with notifications which supports monthly and yearly leave balances

Opt for Paperless Payroll Management

The payroll software designed for enterprises from simple to complex payroll needs, closely integrated with attendance to automate payroll processing. Customizable, flexible, yet easy to use solution that solves all your payroll issues such as IOU, Loan request etc

Automated Employee Self-Management

A fully automated overtime calculations with reference to work plans and punches. Option to define different overtime rules for different groups of employees. Closely integrated with payroll to automate overtime payment

Culled from:- http://www.hrpayrollsystems.net/hris/

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20 Jan Rewarding Your Employees for Punctuality to work


Discovering a way to accord recognition for an employee’s commitment to work is becoming important in the modern day workspace. Pins, plaques and certificates of awards displaying commitment to service will often cover employees’ cubicle walls.

However, shortly after receiving such awards, they generally lose their magic and have somewhat of a “cheesy” factor. While the rewards should be unique, it also has to be realistic and conscious of business budget.

Ascertaining the right rewards system—that acknowledges employee level of commitment while also maintaining a healthy bottom line—can be tricky. Consider one of these employee bonuses the next time you want to recognize their effort and punctuality with the aid of TAMS AMBASSADOR – this is a novelty competition that uses an attendance solution to compensate most punctual staff of a company without any cost to the company.

  1. Compensatory Time Off: Time is money, for businesses and for individuals. The best reward is giving time off to employees who go above and beyond the expected work hour
  2. Personal Communications: Sometimes, quiet, focused acknowledgments work the best. For many, a heartfelt handwritten note acknowledging the good work they have done is the best reward of all. Personal communications from immediate supervisors is great. However, notes from the “big bosses” that praise a staff efforts show that their actions are valued not only at their departmental level, but also appreciated by management.
  3. Donut Socials: One twist on this idea is to have the donuts delivered to the individual’s desk or office. Then, send out an email inviting everyone to stop in to the honoree’s desk and say hello. The email body should make mention of the individual’s service to the company. Everyone loves donuts, after all.
  4. Freebies: Everyone loves getting something for free. Arguably, giving out gifts, certificates to employees as an acknowledgment of hard work hardly qualifies as a freebie. After all, their hard work earned the reward. Nonetheless, a generic gift card to the movies or a local coffee shop is great way to show appreciation and which are well received by employee.
  5. Have Some Fun: Work is serious business. However, there is nothing wrong with inserting some fun, especially when it comes to rewarding an employee by highlighting their work. Decorating an employee’s desk and cubicle space with bright, colorful streamers and balloons is a surefire way to give an employee the recognition they deserve.

Of course, one of the most effective methods of rewarding employees is a promotion. In the economics of the real world, however, promotions are not always possible. When one individual receives a promotion, take the time to communicate with their peers regarding why they did not move up as well, encouraging improvement in limited areas.

culled from business.com



The tams Ambassador compensation takes care of all the above ways of rewarding a committed staff and it’s adjudging to be the most effective method reward. The TAMS Application allows you to view, monitor, and calculate all your staff timeliness to work at the end every month. The TAMS Ambassador (a sub module of attendance report) will allow you to see the monthly average earliest time of all employees. This in turn will make it easy to select the staff that falls in this category on a monthly and annual basis.



How to view Tams Ambassador Report on your TAMS Application



  1. TAMS Ambassador: This is the serial arrangement of early comers in an organization. This is calculated based on shift, punctuality and average clock-in in a month.
  2. General TAMS Ambassador: This is the serial arrangement of early comers with respect to all TAMS clients. This is calculated based on shift, punctuality and average clock-in in a month.

TAMS rewards 1st three most Punctual & Committed three employees every month and at the end of the year.


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Multiracial Hands Making a Circle





What is TAMS?

TAMS, which is a complete human resource management system, is basically an intersection of human resources and information technology through HR software. This allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically.

TAMS is a web based human resources software that allows you view and generate your attendance report from anywhere in the world once you have internet connection in place. Your report can be viewed from any of your smart devices such as Laptops, Tablet, Android phone etc. TAMS has a combination of different features for big and small businesses to take care of a number of activities, including those related to human resources, accounting, management, and payroll. TAMS allows a company to plan its HR costs more effectively, as well as to manage them and control them without needing to allocate too many resources toward them.

TAMS lead to increases in efficiency when it comes to making decisions in HR. The decisions leads to increase in quality—and as a result, the productivity of both employees and managers increase and become more effective.

Solutions offered by TAMS

There are a number of solutions offered to a company that adopts TAMS solution. Some of these include Payroll, HR, Appraisal, Compliance, Attendance Module, Shift, recruiting, Leave Application, Mobile Application etc.

Through TAMS efficiency, an HR administrator can obtain many hours of his or her day back instead of spending these hours dealing with non-strategic, mundane tasks required to run the administrative-side of HR.

Similarly, TAMS allows employees manage their individual portal, TAMS is set up to eradicate to the barest minimum the use of paper attendance, to this effect, individual employees have their portals where they can monitor their attendance, apply for leave/exemption etc. As a result, less paperwork occurs with less approvals, which can be achieved efficiently and in less time.

TAMS Modules

A range of modules are available on TAMS such as attendance, payroll, shift management, appraisal, communication, recruitment, organizational charts etc.


TAMS Summary

In conclusion, TAMS with its multiple human resources feature helps you increase your return on investment and optimally assist you in eradicating paper work to the barest minimum. You can request for a demo to see TAMS functionality. Contact us for free consultation on your HRM need, call 08083846345 or 08054539109, click https://www.tams.com.ng/ to request for demo and further information.

Reference:- hrpayrollsystems

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