The security of your employees as well as your company’s equipment and data, is critical. Traditional key cards and pass codes are excellent tools to have in place, but access can be transferred. Key cards can be stolen and pass codes can be given or discovered by prying eyes. Even with excellent sec urity options in place, your security can be compromised.

What is Access Control Biometrics Devices?

Access Control Biometric Devices are advanced access control options. Biometrics involves applying statistical information to biological data. This means you use body parts, such as fingerprints or your eyes, to grant access to a secure environment. Access Control Biometric scanners are frequently used in high security areas of facilities such as labs, information storage areas and more.

Access Control Biometric scanners are becoming popular security options because unlike key cards and pass codes, access cannot be transferred. Access Control Biometric scan options are becoming excellent resources because faking a biometric scan to access a specified area is an extensive endeavor. Additionally, many companies are turning to these options as a way to avoid managing access through key cards, as these devices are often lost, forgotten or stolen. Additionally, people can forget passwords, or exchange them with unauthorized individuals.

What Are The Popular Access Control Biometric Scan Options Available?

One of the most popular biometric scanners is a fingerprint scanner. These are becoming widely popular in electronics such as laptops and smartphones. Fingerprint scanners work by determining if the image of your fingertip matches the ridges and valleys in a previously scanned image. Because no two fingertips are exactly alike, no individual can access an area using their fingertip and claim it as another’s.

Another popular option is an iris (facial) scanner. Iris scanners are much more complex than fingerprint scanners. These devices use visible and near-infrared light to take a picture of the individual’s iris. With this picture, the scanner can detect the center of the pupil, the edge of the pupil, the edge of the iris and the individual’s eyelids and eyelashes. It then determines the patterns in the iris, which, if it matches, will allow access into an area.

Just like with a fingerprint, the pattern inside the iris is unique to an individual. There are more than 200 areas in an iris that can determine the correct individual, whereas fingerprints have less than 100. Iris scanners are not used as frequently in facilities, but you may find them in high-security buildings.

There are a variety of other biometric scan options, such as handwriting recognition systems and voice recognition options. However, these devices are less popular because they are easier to bypass. For example, a voice recording can allow access into an area secured by a voice recognition system. Careful analysis of an individual’s handwriting can also allow an intruder to bypass the system.

Biometric scan options are ideal resources when you want to add an extra layer of security. There are several options available, some of them more complex than others are.

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01 Jan Happy New Year 2016


Welcome to a New Business Year and month. The beginning of a New Year is usually a period of renewed hope for businesses, it is a time to reflect from the past, a period to ascertain where you are coming from and where you are heading towards, a period to draw business plans with new targets, a period to reflect on if previous targets set were met, it is a time when all unfulfilled dreams are buried and new hopes and fantasies are set.

The year 2015 in retrospect was a very enlightened, historical and interesting year in the Country and the world as a whole. There were ups and downs, successes and other wise, security challenges, economic challenges, social challenges but to mention a few that indirectly and directly hindered the growth of businesses in the country. Some of these challenges will definitely spill through to year 2016 which the most prominent ones are the security challenges (Boko Haram etc), economic challenges (Fuel drop).

Talking of the security challenges, government and security agencies are doing their best to curb the excesses of the Boko Haram and other security challenges, on the part of the economic challenges government has also done much to see to a balanced economy by introducing austerity measures to cut excesses and unnecessary spending in other block loop holes, fully implementation of the TSA account to see to accountability.

The question as individuals, directors, business owners etc, is what are we doing to fit into the present human made predicament we are in? As business owners, individuals, directors etc the first thing that needs to come to mind is how to fit into the present scenario.

On security they are solutions that can take care of your individual needs, these solution helps cut excesses of warring employees and intruders on the other hand safe you from unnecessary loss through theft. Every organization should be keen on auditing. Account auditing is what most companies do but forget to carry out audits on physical assets of the company, if proper analysis are done by auditing all physical assets of the company, business owners will find out that loss incurred on theft from physical assets of the company is damaging and in return can ruin the company. This means that security needs to be given serious priority in other to secure all companies assets to the latter.

Due to the fall in oil price at the global market government in return introduced Austerity Measure, the austerity measure is to cut excesses and block loop holes in the economy.  Furthermore taxes has been introduced in some quarters such as on luxuries which will definitely in return have multiplier effect on every organization. The first thing that needs to come to mind of every business owner is to ask questions and consider steps to be taken to fit into the present predicament. Solutions that can help business owners block loop holes, and put all members of staff on track needs to be considered. This should not be considered as a punitive measure on the part of the staff because every organization needs to take a step to fit in, and if an organization does not consider downsizing to fit in, definitely measures needs to be put in place to survive the present scenario.

SBTel & Devices is willing to give free consultation in other to advise you on the best solutions that can help you handle your security solutions and also help you block unnecessary loop hole in the company and in return increase your return on investment. Call us today and you will be assured of safety and a well-deserved solution to sooth your need.

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