03 Aug Basic Fire Prevention Tips


fire prevention

       Basic Fire Prevention Tips

  • Switch off all appliances and electrical outlets when not in use or before leaving your home.
  • In the office, shut down your computer and turn off the power switch when you’re leaving for the day.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets.
  • Install smoke detectors in your home to alert you to the presence of smoke.
  • Do not overcharge your mobile devices such as hand-phones and tablets by leaving them to charge overnight.
  • Never store combustible items/materials near heat sources.
  • Check for broken wires and exposed wiring and if you find any replace them.
  • Keep matches and lighters safely stowed away from children.
  • Keep a 1-kg dry powder fire extinguisher in your bedroom in case of emergency.

If you encounter an Out Break

  • Call these emergency lines 01 6584712, 7280500, 7280501, 7280502, 7280503
  • Shut the door behind you but don’t lock it. Cover the bottom gap of the door with a blanket or rug to prevent smoke from seeping through.
  • Lay flat on the floor for more oxygen
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Time Management TAMS


Many believe the reason behind time-tracking is punitive and designed to frustrate workers; but in reality, time-tracking helps eliminate redundancy and streamline work process to successfully reduce overhead costs. It has been proved that company lose 25% on ROI due to employee not paying attention or taking time management seriously. Effective time management helps improve and increase drastically ROI.

There’s a good reason for proper time management because the hard truth is that people pay less attention to time management with the usual adage African Time which in turn brings about laxity amongst employees by arriving work late, absenteeism etc. all these drains productivity. And, as you’ve likely found, wasted time impacts the revenue for a small business with limited resources.

Smart Time Management Solutions are readily available, to allow employees to develop a pre-set plan for how they spend each work hour. The paper/spreadsheet-based time tracking system is so yesteryear and hardly serves today’s dynamic work environment.

What you need, instead, is an agile time-tracking solution that captures the number of hours an individual has worked in real time. Here are time management tools small businesses can incorporate to better utilize their time.

  1. Biometrics Time Attendance Clocking Machine
  2. TAMS Human Resources Application

1. Biometrics Time Attendance Clocking Machine

If you have been using spreadsheets for time tracking but want something more robust, a biometrics time attendance clocking machine is a great alternative. It is simple, to install and built for accuracy. This time-tracking tool allows you to accurately track clock-in and clock-out time and also eradicate buddy punch i.e staffs signing in for each other that is rampant with the attendance signing sheet. There are series of clocking devices such as:-

  • TAMS Lite
  • TAMS Chrome
  • TAMS Leo

2. TAMS Human Resources Management Application

TAMS HRM is an end-to-end HR solution that is configured to meet your company’s human resource management needs. It enables you to access and manage employee information anywhere, anytime for FREE without any Re-occurring cost, through your computer and any intelligent devices (iPad, Laptop, Phones etc.).

TAMS HRM with Core HR software provides real-time transactions, reduces administrative effort, increases data quality, and provides a seamless user experience. Our technology provides accurate, real-time data to enable decision makers with business intelligence they can use. Embedded with the solution is a payroll system that enables you first-hand harmonize hours worked with time spent. Other benefits include:

  • Salaries Remittance and Statutory Deduction Management
  • Comprehensive Appraisal Management.
  • Cadre and Staff management
  • Retirement Management.
  • Loan Manager
  • Extensive Report
  • Pensions Management and Remittance.
  • Recruitment Management
  • Payee Management and Remittance
  • Multi-User and Multi-Location Function
  • Communication (SMS and Email)
  • TAMS Mobile APP


Each of these tools serves different purposes, but all are designed to save you time and make you more productive at work. However, it is recommended that you contact a professional for advice on a proper Time Management Solution set up.

Feel free to contact us for free consultancy on Time Management Set up, call 08083846345, 08054539109 for more also visit

Culled from http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/254812

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27 Jul TAMS Reports and Statistics


Transform data and build knowledge

Your Human Resource Management software is the hub for employee data. TAMS reports help you turn that data into useful information that builds organizational knowledge and supports strategic decision making. With a wealth of pre-built, interactive reports, TAMS allows you to sort and modify so that you can zero-in on the exact information you need. And if you need to access the raw data, no problem!  Simply export the date you need to Excel or your preferred spreadsheet program.

Generate dynamic date-effective reports

TAMS stores your data in your own secure database with bank-quality encryption, so that you can feel confident that your information and historical data is safe today, and tomorrow. No need to sift through storage boxes for old employee records—choose any date range to generate a snapshot of the information you need at any point in time.

TAMS Reports: What it does

  1. Generates dynamic reports for identified date ranges, using date-effective records.
  2. Makes it easy to sort and modify report content for increased focus and relevance.
  3. Allows managers to easily review and analyze long-term and emerging trends in employee data.
  4. Provides substantive evidence to support strategic human resource decisions.
  5. Exports data directly to Excel or in CSV format.
  6. Draws on employee data stored in a secure, encrypted database.
  7. Includes a growing inventory of built-in reports in various categories, including:
    • Time & Attendance which manages timeliness and absenteeism
    • Payroll which manage salaries & statutory deductions
    • Demographics which shows the distribution of staff and departments
    • Recruiting which manages selection and sorting in recruitment processes
    • Development and Growth
    • General Reports
    • TAMS MOBILE which enables you to see your reports on the go.

Start your day and experience TAMS yourself. Visit www.tams.com.ng

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It was a warm Sunday afternoon on 22nd January 2017. As I scrolled up and down on my phone to check trending gist and news updates, I stumbled upon an alarming headline from the twitter handle of Leadership newspaper: Bayelsa government declares “No work, No Pay” for civil servants. Apparently, employees’ notorious absenteeism had crippled the operations of the state, one of the country’s oil producing areas.

I shook my head in frustration as I reflected on the future of our country. This monster has been ravaging the Nigerian workplace for ages and employers- in both public and private sectors- seem helpless to curb it. It is quite shocking that in this 21st century where artificial intelligence prepares meals, check guests in at a hotel, drive a car or control traffic across the globe, our workplace is grappling with controlling employees who are draining the public coffers.

Research has shown that agencies and MDAs loose a whopping 25% on employee absenteeism. Recurrent expenditure- mostly on salaries and wages- takes a chunk of the yearly budget due to a bulging civil service, thus leaving little or no fund for health facilities, fire service, schools, roads, drainages and other infrastructure.

Of critical importance to any responsible government- federal, state and local- especially during this period when every penny counts, is the search for solutions or strategies to curb absenteeism. In reality, absenteeism goes beyond absence from work. It  includes late arrival, leaving early, extended breaks, attending to private business, feigned illness, to mention a few. Just like the ghost worker syndrome is a monster that must be dealt with, our civil service today had degenerated due to lack of attention to and proper monitoring by immediate supervisors. It is a fact that employees miss a certain number of workdays each year, hence provision is made for casual leave. However, excessive absences lead to decreased productivity.

The search for a lasting solution is no longer a mystery. The government of Bayelsa state and other organizations have a variety of options to tackle this menace, one of which is TAMS, an award-winning easy-to-use biometric attendance and human resource management system that is helping over 1,000 companies saving 30%-40% on their annual payroll cost.

Contact us at TAMS Nigeria for free consultation on best biometrics solution, human resources application and payroll system that best meets your needs. Visit https://www.tams.com.ng/ for more information. Also visit https://tams.com.ng/portal/newcompany.php to register for a demo to test its functionality. Call 0808 384 6345 or 0805 453 9109 for more information. 

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tams billing
TAMS Billing System is your one stop recurring billing and subscription management solution. TAMS Subscriptions automates the entire recurring billing process in few minutes. It runs in-depth subscription metrics and assesses your account in no time.

TAMS billing provides online invoicing it is made easy for service improvement. It is accessible from anywhere, and provides the simple, smart, and flexible Consumption-based Plan solution to monitor your monthly subscriptions and service charge.

TAMS BILLING helps you to have comprehensively familiarity with the process bill are been paid and deducted on your account. This part also allows you to view
• Payment History
• Bills
• Customer ledger

TAMS SUBSCRIPTION: Allows you to view your subscription details with respect to the TAMS Application. Transaction history on all Subscriptions such as Job posts, Attendance reports etc.
To see how this work, kindly click on the below demo link http://demo.tamsportal.com/admin.php… you can also read more on our TAMS website www.tams.com.ng for more information call 08113898227 or 08083846345

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19 Jul Incorporating Technology to Enhance Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

A major part of managing personnel in today’s work environment involves not just managing but inspiring employees. Indeed, human resource practitioners “believe that employees are customers, too. In fact, they are HR’s key customers. Your employees are the ones interacting with your customers day-in and day-out and their experiences and engagement at work affect the way they service your customers.”

To ensure that your business does not merely survive but succeed, employee engagement strategy should be at the centre of your business agenda and must be reflected in your words, communications and actions. Critically, employee engagement should start as soon as the employee is hired and run through their entire tenure with the business; a situation that gives them confidence and security.

Essentially, you need to engage everyone in your workplace by sharing your vision, talking about the business goals and translating the broader organizational strategy into personally meaningful concepts. In turn, this helps improve your employee retention rate and customer loyalty. This is because engaged employees who embrace an organization’s culture and values are likely to be more productive, innovative and loyal to the business, thus providing a veritable platform to cultivate and deliver better customer experiences.

Since the human resources department has the responsibility to cater to staff welfare, the job has been made less complicated by a wide variety of HR technology applications that enhance employee engagement. Such technologies allow employers to view employees’ attendance status and objectively gauge performance on a daily basis.

Also, they are embedded with flexible functionalities that enable staff to easily apply for perks like leave or exemption as well as firsthand information on payroll activities such as having direct access to pay slip and statement of account amongst many others.

Call us today on 0808 384 6345, 0805 453 9109 for more information.

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Devoted mother helping girl do homework on computer

Parenting in the 21st century presents a new set of challenges that require new solutions. Like their parents before them, today’s parents have to help their kids navigate school, friends, crushes, extracurricular activities and sexuality, but they also face a bewildering new world, driven by technology and media. Do you know what your children are doing on the internet? The following summarizes some of the exposures our children are subjected to;

Dangers of the Internet to children

  • Access to Sexually Explicit Material
  • Disclosure of Confidential Information
  • Cyberbullying
  • Cyber cultist
  • Excessive use of internet results in weak family bond, poor grades and sleepless nights.
  • Persecuting Messages
  • Physical Harm

Recommendations to Parent

  • Know the social media platform common among your children age group
  • Have an Idea of how it works
  • Discuss about Internet safety
  • Monitor Smartphone Activity
  • Be Their Internet Guardian Angels
  • Keep your computer in an open area
  • Set rules and warn about dangers
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Ghost Workers

The civil service plays a vital role in any economy as they execute the policies and strategies of the government. As technocrats who have a much longer tenure of service to the country, civil servants are perceived as the real custodians of the public realm, unlike politicians who have a limited time in office.

Ironically, the Nigerian civil service system is hamstrung by unwholesome practices like lateness to duty posts, absenteeism, lack of professionalism and the ubiquitous ghost workers syndrome.

The newspapers reported on March 10, 2016, that the finance minister, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, disclosed that the Federal Government is probing how 11,000 ghost workers got on its payroll. This is in addition to the honorable minister’s previous revelation at her ministry’s budget defence to the senate committee that the Federal Government had discovered and expunged 23,000 ghost workers from its payroll. That singular act successfully saved the country a whopping N2.3 billion. Now, that is music to the ears of a government that needs every available means to save money in this harsh economic climate.

It has been suggested in some circles- and unfortunately so- that the ghost worker syndrome has become part and parcel of the Nigerian fabric. However, fingers have been pointed at some elements in government who, with the aid of civil servants, have used it as a conduit to siphon government funds. Interestingly, it is an open secret that this treasonable practice transcends the civil servants and politicians, to include bank officials at different levels of the hierarchy.

In addition to such widespread corruption, behavioural weaknesses such as lateness, absenteeism, truancy, and idleness are common in the civil service. These clogs in the wheel of national progress have dented the image of the public service within and outside the country.

In one instance, the media reported that the Ekiti State governor caught some civil servants who strolled into their offices way past resumption time. Quoting the governor; “If a labourer is worth his wages, the employer also is worth his services. I have warned workers in the state repeatedly about coming late to work or taking their jobs with laxity. Despite the paucity of funds, we have been regularly paying workers’ salaries”.

Although previous governments had taken commendable steps to bring an end to this menace, the Nigerian civil service appears to have defied logic due to the obsolete conception and implementation of solutions.

In this twenty-first century, manual and physical monitoring of employees by an individual irrespective of his/her position and status is not only archaic and energy sapping but also counterintuitive. It is virtually impossible to track and monitor employees manually. Thus it is incomprehensible to hope for a better result on an issue while using the same failed method to solve the issue. That is why the need for a change of tactics has become even more urgent.

Enter the award-winning time attendance management system (TAMS); a proactive, reliable, easy-to-use and result-oriented solution with robust digital and biometric features to resolve this menace once and for all. TAMS is a web based solution that has been designed to address the challenges of lateness, absenteeism, truancy, ghost worker syndrome and other related vices. TAMS has two flagship modules- Time Attendance and HR management- to address those problems.

In summary, the TAMS solution seamlessly performs the following:

  • Real time tracking of attendance in single & multiple location
  • Continuous Staff verification
  • Employee Database management
  • Mobile attendance tracking
  • Eradicate paddy punching
  • Tracking total number of hours and daily worked which can be synchronized with existing payroll
  • Tracking lateness, absenteeism, and punctuality
  • Punctuality tracking mechanism to reward punctual employees amongst others

Without a doubt, shoddy and inept implementation of developmental policies reflect the state of the Nigerian workforce. But the solution to this problem goes beyond warnings and spontaneous visitations by governors, ministers or directors. In fact, it is mere chasing shadows because valuable time, energy and resources will be wasted. TAMS is a veritable technology-based solution that would provide governments at all levels- federal, state and local- the power to eradicate unproductive practices in the public service.


By Afolabi Abiodun

SBTel & Devices Limited

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06 Jul Istabaraqim Joins TAMS


Istabaraqim Nigeria Limited now on TAMS

Istabaraqim Nigeria Limited, a one-stop-shop for all industrial and process chemical trading company, offering a wide array of high quality, competitively priced products has deployed the TAMS brand of workplace technologies.

With twenty years of experience in the sector, the Company has emerged as a leading player in the Chemical Production segment. Istabaraqim has services and products for all sectors such as construction, manufacturers etc including dealers and end-users.

With over 1,000 clients in different parts of Nigeria and West Africa, TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use. It is interesting to note that attributes such as these have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

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With the specialization of labor today, human resources managers can no longer afford to do things manually. Thankfully, adopting TAMS® (Time Attendance Management Solution) means they don’t have to.

TAMS® is an operational tool for organizations to increase productivity for high Return on Investment (ROI). TAMS® helps organizations manage and improve workforce capabilities by assisting the management with prompt and informed decision from reliable data source that helps to promote transparency, effective communication at workplaces.

TAMS® solution is a Comprehensive Human Resource Software Solutions with complete HR Management designed specifically to enable organization receive high Return on Investment (ROI). TAMS® provides CEO and Human Resource Managers with advanced methodology to easily collect, track and manage employee time and attendance with automated payroll system.

TAMS® is a proven system that has improved organization’s returns on investment through automated system of detecting time theft and curbing employees’ laxity. Embedded in this technology are auditing and reporting tools that give managers direct access to their employees’ data anywhere in the world at any point in time. TAMS® is embedded with the following:-

  • Time Attendance
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Overtime Management
  • Shift Management
  • Task Scheduler

Please note that the solution is robust and can be developed to suit your present need i.e it can be developed to suit your present company rule.


TAMS® is not designed as a solution to penalize erring staff, rather its purpose is to instill in employees the respect for organizationl values such as the essence of time management for personal effectiveness. TAMS is a complete range of HR software solutions, all integrated, to meet your HR Management requirements. According to research, companies without an automated time and attendance solution tend to overpay employees by 1.5% to 10% of gross payroll due to time theft and error driven calculations, costing Nigerian-Businesses, billions of naira each year. For a company with 10 employees, that can amount to more than N10, 000 a year. TAMS® will assist you to do the following:-

  • Control labor cost & start saving money today
  • Simplify your time tracking
  • Eliminate employee time theft
  • Browser based interface
  • Powerful payroll export capabilities
  • Powerful reporting and analytics


TAMS® solution will assist you in the following ways:

  • Streamline HR processes
  • Stimulates employee productivity
  • Delivers significant cost saving
  • Configurable to your need
  • Powerful management reporting
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • To improve operational efficiency
  • To help you establish a defined attendance monitoring system
  • Empowering directors and permanent secretaries to check and report inefficiency
  • Reducing operating expenses by controlling incidental labor costs

Visit https://www.tams.com.ng/tams-web/ for further information, you can also call 08083846345, 08054539109 for further information.

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