23 Feb EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE: Using an appraisal system that truly helps

Performance Appraisal

The process of appraising the performance of staff is one that most human resource managers have not found to be a walk in the park. Aspects such as reviewing individual productivity in line with organizational goals as well as determining how well employees are achieving their job descriptions sometimes attract unwanted controversy.

Clearly, the systematic evaluation of employee performance can be cumbersome, it is unavoidable because it helps determine how best to motivate and develop staff with regards to productivity on the job. It even serves as a means of evaluating the HR strategy and programmes.

Automated work tools have eased operational demands and eradicated or drastically reduced the attendant weaknesses of traditional performance review like favouritism, nepotism or other subjective factors. It is a known fact that traditional methods of appraising employees’ performance– particularly in large organizations–is fraught with complex and complicated processes, thus a systematized appraisal method offers simplicity and quick processing of the performance review.

As an integral part of the human resource management function, performance review when done properly, helps to improve job delivery and employee engagement, which ultimately lead to higher productivity. To achieve this however, it is imperative to conduct an objective and result-oriented performance review using the automated appraisal system.

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23 Feb Maybrands joins TAMS


Maybrands has joined an array of winning brands on the TAMS human resource time attendance application to manage its staff employment journey.

In its continuous effort to improve productivity, Maybrand, Nigeria’s biggest retail fashion accessory company and the only licensed store to sell fossil products in Nigeria, has incorporated the TAMS application to complement its employee management to achieve greater productivity. With stores in major Nigerian cities, Maybrand also stocks Emporio Armani, Diesel, DKNY, Adidas, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and a host of fashion accessories for both women and men.

TAMS, an award winning solution, patented by the federal government of Nigeria, is renowned for helping organizations get more focused performance from their staff while spending less. The integrated human resources solution is designed to help organisations of all sizes and in all sectors transit from manual systems and spreadsheets to a web-based, automated and customizable human resource information system. With over 1,000 clients in different parts of Nigeria and Ghana, TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use. It is interesting to note that attributes such as these have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

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16 Feb Flutterwave on TAMS


Flutterwave joins the TAMS application network to manage its employees’ journey from recruitment to retirement.

A Fintech company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Lagos, Nairobi, Accra, and Johannesburg, Flutterwave was founded in 2016 by a team of ex-bankers, entrepreneurs and engineers to “provide the underlying technology platform that allows businesses to make and accept payments anywhere in Africa.”

With a bouquet of time attendance, human resource management, payroll and complementary modules, the TAMS application is a value-add workforce management tool that is helping Flutterwave manage its array of talented developers for effective delivery on its mission to “power a new wave of prosperity across Africa by enabling global digital payments on a continent that’s been largely cut off from the digital economy, and creating the infrastructure to power Africa’s growth in the 21st Century.”

An award-winning time-management focused human resources solution, TAMS is designed to help organisations of all types and sizes transition from manual systems and spreadsheets to a web-based, automated and customizable human resource information system. With over 1,000 clients across Nigeria and Ghana, TAMS is renowned for its affordability and ease of use; attributes that have made it a workplace solution of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

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09 Feb WEB-BASED HRM SOLUTION: Five Reasons My Company Needs One Now

web hrm

In today’s work ecosystem, organisations are constantly on the lookout for human resource management tools that will enhance productivity and increase output of employed efforts.

As workplaces evolve with growing adoption of technology for easier, faster and more accurate solutions to business challenges, human resources management efforts globally continue to embrace solutions available and accessible via the web to achieve set goals. As more organizations implement Web-based HRM solutions to enhance their employee and customer relations efforts, here are some reasons to do same .

  1. Time and money: two key ‘operational’ assets that progressive businesses have used to consistently achieve their business goals are judicious use of time and cost-saving. With a Web-based HRM solution, time spent on organisational tasks gets improved in real time and resources expended on ensuring tracking of work well done are reduced.
  1. Customization: a good Web-based HRM solution offers a customizable attribute to its working system. Unlike generic HRM solutions that are designed specifically for predetermined purposes, Web-based HRM solutions provide users the capability to modify the available features to meet their organizational or industry needs.
  1. Integration: according to Paychex Work, online HR platforms offer the added benefit of seamless integration across the HR spectrum— from recruiting and benefits to payroll and time attendance. Integrating the individual components of your HR suite often yields better accuracy (due to reduced need to key data into multiple systems); offers enhanced reporting capabilities and helps to improve regulatory compliance.
  1. Accountability: web-based HRM solutions empower both employers and employees alike. With such access and empowerment, however, comes greater need for accountability. On the part of the employees, a Web-based HRM system allows more control over their working lives, while for the employers, it helps to detect employees that refuse to be accountable for their schedules and work information.
  1. Global compatibility: for organizations with locations in multiple countries or intra-country location based system, Web-based HRM solutions also work hinderless for them because most of the programmes allow selection of a relevant language within a multilingual bouquet. The system also helps centralize employee data, hence making it easy to control access from different offices of the world.

Ultimately, deciding to incorporate a Web-based HRM system into your operations gives you more bang for your bucks. The time is now to improve productivity while saving cost.

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08 Feb WIFI Scam Security Tips

WiFi scams are enabling hackers to access personal information, emails, usernames, passwords and credit card numbers. This can happen anywhere you try to connect to the internet while on the go, but it is especially prevalent at airports.

The problem occurs when you think you are connecting to an actual hot spot but it is really a peer-to-peer or computer-to-computer network. The only reason you have access to the internet is because the attacker has set up their PC to allow people to browse the Internet through their connection. Since you’re using their internet connection, all your traffic goes through their computer, which means he/she can see everything you do online. And, the worst part of it is you can’t actually see what’s happening – the hacker can steal information or plant a virus, leaving you completely unaware.

This is especially dangerous for business travelers whose laptops may be attacked by a virus when they unknowingly connect to a peer-to-peer network while on the road. When they return to the office and connect to their company’s network, that virus can then affect others.

Computer hackers are motivated by a variety of reasons. Some want to interfere with networks to do damage, commit fraud or steal data, or view breaking security as a challenge.
The truth is no one connected to any computer network is ever safe from these attacks. But you can try to limit your risk by following these security tips:

  • Do not connect to unfamiliar networks.
  • Never connect to a network identified as computer-to-computer.
  • Make sure your computer is not set up to automatically connect to networks.
  • Turn off file sharing while on the road.
  • Use antivirus software and keep it updated.
  • Install security patches.
  • Use a firewall.
  • Use your browser’s security settings.
  • Avoid opening email attachments.
  • Treat Instant Messaging suspiciously.


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Recruitment has come a very long way over the time, from years of newspaper ads, where companies have spent a fortune over these ads, all the way to modern day advanced recruitment.

The newspaper advertisement might look like the most basic form of recruitment technique but it has been a very effective method. The major drawback with this technique is the huge expense related and its lack of directing it to a certain set of audience in a specific age group that might be interested in taking up the job.

Another popular method is hiring through the agencies, that shortlist the candidates on your behalf and find the professionals as per your requirements. The shortfall to this is the additional commissions and fee required and also candidates are prone to fraud.

Modern times demand drastic measures and all the techniques described previously don’t work too well in these times. To land candidates best suited for your most critical positions in the company, more advanced recruitment methods are required. Organizations all over the world  are moving to more dynamic and convenient solutions for hiring, an All-in-One software, that doesn’t only meet the HRs needs but also helps them with their hiring process.

The power of the World Wide Web (www) has completely thrown away the ancient techniques of hiring, out of the window, creating an immense opportunity for companies like TAMS (https://www.tams.com.ng) to jump in and serve. Hiring with TAMS Job cloud is effective, efficient and fast. It links to third party hiring channels for the purpose of hiring the right candidate. Hiring sites such as jobberman, career 24 are directly linked to TAMS job cloud module, hence, finding the right candidate for your company is a very simple task now.

TAMS provides a well-structured ATS (applicant tracking system), with a strong back-end support. The more evolved interface allows increased flexibility and the expandable nature, allowing room for all sorts of modifications to cater to individual needs and demand.

TAMS Job cloud already helps over 1000 companies across Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea to effectively automate the process of recruitment, being cost and time effective. TAMS builds the DNA of your organization, helping you create highly engaged and connected team. This All-in-one HR application is bound to break the market by providing cost-effective solution for all sizes and structures of organizations.

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19 Jan Tips for Medication Safety

banner-drugsKnow your medications and ask questions if you’re not sure how, when, or why to take any drug.
Many people uses drug without follow doctors prescription. If you fall in the group such people kindly follow the tips and adjust your perception on drug taking.
1. Participate. Safe medication use is a shared responsibility between you, your doctor, the pharmacist, and other healthcare providers. Know your medications and ask questions if you’re not sure how, when, or why to take any drug.
2. Follow directions. Always follow your doctor’s directions about taking medications. There are often important reasons to take a medication at a specific dose and time.
3. Keep a list. A current list of your medications, including the times and reasons you take each one, will help your providers adjust your medications and identify potential interactions. Don’t leave out over-the-counter drugs, herbal medications, and supplements.
4. Read prescriptions and labels. Read new prescriptions before leaving the doctor’s office and ask questions if the instructions are unclear. Do the same with labels when you receive the medication.
5. Avoid others’ medications. Taking other people’s drugs may cause adverse reactions or interactions. Never take prescription medications your doctor has not prescribed for you.
6. Store medications properly. Most should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and out of children’s reach; others may require refrigeration. Throw away expired medications, which may be ineffective or even toxic.
7. When in doubt, ask. Your doctor and pharmacist are valuable resources for drug information. Your questions help them know what additional information to provide you. (Source)

Also Note:
Before medication is prescribed, tell your doctor if:
You are allergic to any medications.
You are currently taking any other medications (including over-the-counter medications).
You are pregnant or think you might be pregnant.
You have problems taking any medications.

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19 Jan Habits that Improves Your IT Safety


Technology continues to advance offering increased mobility, productivity and ROI at low cost. But this advance also present growing security concerns. Following are safety tips to help you guard against common threats and protect your business from hackers, crooks and identity thieves.

Habits which can improve your IT Security

  1. Get a safer password: Don’t use real words. Try the first letter of each word in a phrase you’ll remember, plus numbers and non-alphanumeric. e.g !Tfu2_g3Yung
  2. Check the URL: Once you’re on a website, check that the URL displayed is EXACTLY the same as the one you keyed in – not a phishing fake.
  3. Lock that laptop! Remember to lock your system when you are not leaving your sit.– Windows+L takes you there in a micro- second.
  4. Don’t hit that cancel button when another update comes in: These include security fixes – if you don’t run them, you’re vulnerable.
  5. Encrypt first: Downloading data to a USB stick? Play safe – we all know how easy it is to lose a thumb drive.
  6. Unexpected attachment? Check the sender, and the file extension. GIF, JPG, TIF, MPG, MP3 and WAV are safest. Watch out for .EXE files and double extensions eg. filename.gif.exe.
  7. Don’t over- socialise: Keep your professional and your social lives separate, and don’t give away ANY company information on social networking sites.
  8. Lost your smartphone? Activate remote lock/wipe, and promptly intimate your IT Department, even if it’s your personal phone but you sometimes use it for work.

While the threats to IT security are out there, these habits can help you stay protected and also keep your computer running more smoothly and reliably without costing you additional money.


While the threats to IT security are out there, these habits can help you stay protected and also keep your computer running more smoothly and reliably without costing you additional money.

To ensure maximum IT security, you should work with an IT partner that offers a variety of IT security solutions that can help improve your overall  security.


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19 Jan Time is not a Respecter of Persons

Time Respecter Banner
David Émile Durkheim, a French sociologist who formally established the academic discipline- and is commonly cited as the principal architect- of modern social science once said “While it is almost certain that time punctuality will affect economic forces such as efficiency and productivity, it may also be socially important, as one of the factors that unites a modern society, a society, when compared to tribal society, composed essentially of strangers, together”. Thus, time is cardinal to economic and social activities that bring diverse peoples, ideas and resources together.

In his speech at the maiden edition of the TAMS Summit in 2016, the creator of TAMS, a time management-focused human resources management solution, Afolabi Abiodun (nicknamed Nigeria’s timekeeper), observed that “For the past three decades, various Nigerian governments have touted Vision 2020 to take us to the Promised Land of prosperity and development. Four years to expected delivery date, we are yet to scratch the surface of this laudable target. Why? In my honest opinion, the real culprit is a lack of commitment to doing things in a timely manner although it is easy to blame political will and socio-economic factors.”

Wikipedia states that “Time is of the essence” is a term used in contract law to express “the need for timely completion” indicating that one or more parties to the agreement must perform by the time to which the parties have agreed, especially if a delay will cause material harm. It is used in the United States, England and Commonwealth countries including Nigeria. A key lesson from this is that any serious entity, be it a nation, organisation or even individual that desires success and sustainable development must pay attention to timeliness. A common attribute of successful individuals, organizations and countries is the setting of clear timelines for their goals and objectives and following through to the last detail.

In Africa, and Nigeria in particular, time does not appear to be of the essence as government at all levels ‘while away’ productive time that is paid for by the labours of taxpayers. Negligent and indifferent to its value and consequences, millions of billable hours are lost daily and human capital rendered ineffectual because energies are not directed towards productive outputs.

While our leaders, past and present, tout support for the fight to eradicate the ‘ghost worker’ syndrome and laxity in the public workforce, they themselves have been found wanting, as recently published by an online news portal, Premium Times, on the disposition of Nigerian senators to timeliness. Source

Premium Times conducted a three-week investigation at the National Assembly in Abuja and discovered the unfortunate scenario where the Senate, Nigeria’s upper legislative arm, starts plenary about one hour later than resumption time. What this means is that little or no time is committed to deliberations and debates on matters that affect almost 200 million people. The investigation also revealed that even though most arrive late to the chamber, it takes the Chief Whip several more minutes to get them started. The reasons for this situation include principal officers arriving late for plenary, other Senators strolling in as if going for a cocktail and failure to maintain decorum. It is quite shocking and unfortunate for a potentially prosperous country like Nigeria, because a nursery school teacher would not- and does not- have such luxury of time to get three year old kids ready for class.

Further investigation revealed that apart from the whopping undisclosed amount that Senators receive as salaries and allowances, citizens are indirectly robbed of legislative time for important debates, consideration and passage of bills. It is quite an injustice therefore, that regardless of such abuse of time and the ethics of work, Senators receive full pay. Wouldn’t it be fair to move the motion that our legislators, governors, judges, civil servants and executives be paid for the quantity and quality of work done?

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12 Jan Sow Time, Reap Result

sow time

Just like a farmer who schedules and plans to harvest well, failure to plan and schedule properly from the beginning lead to a awful harvest year. Time is of essence to a farmer, he needs to identify when and what seed to plant at a particular weather circle as every seedling grows at a particular weather circle, example is African cherry popularly known as Agbalumo, is always harvested during the harmathan season. This means that the agbalumo seedling must be planted at the beginning of the previous harmathan season to be harvested at the present harmathan season, failure to plan along this circle leads to profit loss to the farmer.

Same goes for business owners, especially in the New Year, they need to plan properly for their new businesses to have a fruitful profit harvest year. A business owner needs to look backward and identify where he got it wrong to re-gig for the new business year, he needs to factor in tools that will aid success for the year. One area of importance a business owner needs to really pay attention to is punctuality, as absenteeism indirectly ruins a business.

As identified above punctuality is key in running a business especially at this critical period when the economic crunch is biting so hard, this article will focus on workplace time management, its importances and gains to the growth of an organization.

One key ingredient to success in the workplace is putting mechanism in place to ensure that staff consistently attend work. Attendance management is important to every single organization, it can determine whether or not a business will be successful in the future. Every organization can positively and proactively encourage attendance by communicating with staff, keep records to identify trends or trouble spots, and promote health and wellness with your staff.

Managing attendance can also be a factor in which a business can manage absences. Absences in a business can cause it to lose a huge amount of money as well as productivity, because when one person is missing it has a huge impact on the rest of the business. If a business can manage or measure attendance the employer will be able to tell how much time is being lost/delayed. Proper time management drastically improves productivity, performance and high rate on investment (ROI). Different mechanism can be put in place for proper time management such as:

  • Putting in place proper time management policy
  • Eradicate paper attendance by installing time attendance biometrics machine at your location
  • Deploy easy to use Human Resources Management (HRM) Application to manage your employees
  • Synchronize payroll application with the HRM and attendance system
  • Design a reward mechanism among employees to reward those that come to work on time .

Organizations are set up particularly not for charity but to make profit, a serious organization will take into cognizance proper time management as punctuality boosts profitability.

Contact us today @ TAMS Nigeria for free consultation on having a proper time management tool in place to improve productivity, performance, to erradicate laxity and above all improve drastically Return on Investment.

Visit https://www.tams.com.ng/ for further information, you can also click https://www.tams.com.ng/#demo to request for a demo to test the functionality of the TAMS Application. Call 08083846345 or 08054539109

Source: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attendance_management

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