08 Mar The Place: Making Shift Scheduling Easier With TAMS

The Place: Making Shift Scheduling Easier With TAMS

The Place Making Shift Scheduling Easier With TAMS

The Place is a proudly Nigerian restaurant serving great tasty meals in a friendly environment. With a modest beginning 12 years ago, it now boasts of over a dozen restaurants located in different parts of Lagos. Described as a unique place to experience quality life in Lagos, The Place offers a variety of hospitality services such as restaurant serving, local and international cuisines, catering, hotels, bars, and nightclub.

Due to the diverse nature of the business, tracking over 1500 employees rosters and attendance was a cumbersome and stressful task. Hence, their deployment of the TAMS solution to:

  • Streamline the shift scheduling process and make even the most complicated rotating shift schedule run like clockwork.
  • Make every aspect of their job – from shift scheduling and distribution to communication and tracking – easier and faster.
  • Facilitate simplicity in creating clear, easy-to-read schedules with just a few clicks through its intuitive and well-organized shift scheduling tools.

Whether you choose to use a fixed shift schedule, a rotating shift schedule, a split shift, or even a compressed workweek for your business, TAMS is reputed as the right tool to help make your scheduling system successful.

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