What is TPA?

TPA is an acronym for TAMS Productivity Assessment: a metric to measure employees’ on-
the-job productivity.

How do we participate?

To participate, new users should click on  https://www.tams.com.ng/portal  to sign up and update employees’ information before proceeding on the assessment; and existing users are expected to sign in with their details before carrying out the assessment on TAMS Ambassador Section on the TAMS portal.

Does TPA integrate with the Time & Attendance report?

Yes, the TPA and Time & Attendance report are aggregated to provide the TAMS Ambassador report. However, for non-users of TAMS hardware, manual attendance can be inputted as annual attendance record.

What year should we select for the TPA?

2018 should be selected as this is the assessment year. The assessment is scheduled to start on October 15, 2018 till February 22, 2019

What are the requirements for the TAMS Ambassador award?

Employee is to carry out self-evaluation on TAMS Productivity Assessment (TPA) in TAMS Ambassador Module on the TAMS portal. This is followed by his/her supervisor’s evaluation.The TPA Score is added to the employee’s Time & Attendance report. At year-end, the top 20 employees across the nation will emerge as the TAMS Ambassadors.

What are the requirements for the Productivity Managers’ award?

The top 20 Productivity Managers (i.e. HR Managers, Business administrators/owners)- and by extension the top 3- will emerge based on number of employees who complete the TAMS Productivity Assessment (TPA) vis-à-vis total number of employees in the organisation.

How can I view the scores of my employees?

In the TAMS Ambassador module, go to ‘Generate TPA Report’ to view reports. Employees can also view reports on the page when they log on to TAMS.

Some staff do not have access to a computer. How would they fill the TAMS Productivity Assessment (TPA)?

For employees that do not have access to a computer, the TPA form can be generated and printed for them to complete and submit to the HR officer in charge, who then inputs the data in the TPA module on the TAMS portal.

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